Best Pickleball Paddles Under $75

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Pickleball requires you to strike the ball with a racquet known as a pickleball paddle. To have a better serving and returning experience when playing pickleball, you must have the greatest pickleball paddle in your hand. That is why I have created a review of pickleball paddles priced between $75.

USAPA Niupipu Pickleball Paddle The finest paddle among these paddles is the Approved Graphite Pickleball Racket, which is made of modern materials and has a premium grip and is precisely proportioned handle, as well as an edge guard for protection. Continue reading this article to learn more about this product and the other goods listed below.

However, a cheap and sub-par paddle may hinder and hold you back, so in this post, we’ll look at paddles that are both inexpensive (usually aiming for a pickleball paddle around $75) AND good quality for the price.

Essentially, we want you to get the most bang for your money when it comes to pickleball. A big sweet spot with a polymer core is another feature to look for in a high-quality pickleball paddle. In general, wooden paddles should be avoided.

As a result, we’ve created this guide to provide you with all the information you need to buy the finest inexpensive pickleball paddles.

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Top Best pickleball paddles under $75


  1. Niupipu Pickleball Paddle – USAPA Approved Graphite Pickleball Racket

  2. Fusion 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

  3. Onix Composite Stryker Pickleball Paddle with Nomex

  4. Uteeqe Pickleball Paddles Graphite Pickleball Paddle

  5. HEAD Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle

  6. Rally Flare Graphite Pickleball Paddle

  7. Champion Spark Pickleball Paddle

  8. Rally Tyro 2 Composite Paddle

  9. Amazin’ Aces Graphite Pickleball Paddle

  10. Rally Meister Beginner Pickleball Paddle

  11. Upstreet Wood Pickleball Paddle

  12. Flybold Pickleball Paddle Graphite

  13. Paddletek Ranger Pickleball Paddle

  14. Diller Pickleball Paddle (Paddle & Sets)

  15. Westop Sports Pickleball Paddle Set

  16. Pickle Pro Composite Paddle

1. Niupipu Pickleball Paddle – USAPA Approved Graphite Pickleball Racket

The Niupipu pickleball paddle has a graphite carbon fiber face and a honeycomb composite polymer core, which produces a great bounce, increases the strength of your strike, and reduces ball deflection. It is an excellent starting paddle due to its better texture, balance, and manufacturing.

This racquet’s grip length is 4.5 inches and its diameter is 4.25 inches. It’s a sweat-wicking, cushioned racquet. It has a corner shield and an interlocking neck guard to increase strength and longevity. This lightweight 8-ounce paddle is protected by a zippered neoprene cover.

The Niupipo pickleball set has passed USAPA testing and is sanctioned for tournament play. When you choose niupipo pickleball paddles, you get a lot of love for your champion. The Niupipo pickleball paddle is designed to resist all obstacles on the court. Having a high-quality graphite pickleball paddle may drastically improve your playing.

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The Honeycomb Core provides increased strength. The interior of our USAPA Pro pickleball paddle set is made of polymer honeycomb and sandwiched between two sheets of strong carbon fiber; the USAPA Pro pickleball paddle set provides a lot of energy to spin the balls.

The USAPA Pro pickleball paddles are an excellent choice for increased control and power striking. Your strokes will be more precise, and you will have far more control over how much power you apply to the pickleball. Premium Grip, Perfect Handle Size; The Niupipo pickleball paddle is easy to use and pleasant to hold. The USAPA Pro pickleball set is perforated, perspiration absorbent, and cushioned for a better paddle grip and long-term play without fatigue.

Key Features:

  • High-tech materials.
  • High-quality grip.
  • Edge guard for maximum protection.
  • Sweat-wicking and cushioned.

Perks of this using this Paddle:

  • By decreasing ball deflection and creating excellent bounce, the paddle improves the strength of the hit.
  • A pleasant grip is provided by the ideal-sized, perforated, padded handle.
  • The paddle’s edges are shielded by low-profile edge protectors.
  • In comparison to most other wooden paddles, it is a lot lighter.
  • Strength and durability are improved by the interlocking neck guard with a corner shield.

2. Fusion 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

Gamma Sports’ Fusion 2.0 pickleball paddle has a textured fiberglass face and a robust edge guard. It has a sweat-absorbing soft grip that will let you strike the ball confidently.

The grip is 4 inches in length and is honeycomb padded. With a weight of only 8 ounces, it is unquestionably a light product. This paddle may help you enhance your abilities regardless of whether you are a novice or a seasoned player.

For enhanced control, power, and touch, the GAMMA Fusion 2.0 Pickleball paddle includes a textured fiberglass face and a composite score. This is an excellent composite paddle for paddlers of all skill levels.

Fusion 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

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The Aarmid’s honeycomb core provides superb touch with just the right amount of power.

Extends the width of the paddle to provide the largest sweet spot.

Ege is a long-lived Ege guard. The striking surface and core of the paddle are shielded against court damage.

The GAMMA Honeycomb Grip’s surface is very sticky and solid. This provides you with a lot of traction as well as grip feedback and control. For a secure grip, the perforated honeycomb surface absorbs moisture.

Key Features:

  • Materials of the highest quality.
  • Exceptional grip.
  • For the best protection, use an edge guard.
  • Cushioned and sweat-absorbent.

Perks of using this paddle:

  • The paddle has a softer feel and more power and control.
  • Comfortable handling is provided by the smooth, sweat-absorbing grip.
  • The paddle’s edges are protected with a tough edge protector.
  • It’s a pickleball paddle that’s simple to use.

3. Onix Composite Stryker Pickleball Paddle with Nomex

It’s an Onix composite paddle with a fiberglass face. It also features a larger paddle for a greater sweet spot and a bigger hitting surface.

This is the paddle for you if you want to strike the ball with more force while still desiring a light paddle. Thanks to the Nomex core, it only weighs less than 8 ounces. The length of the grip is 4.13 inches.

Onix Composite Stryker Pickleball Paddle with Nomex

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The Onix Composite paddle offers the greater playability of a composite paddle at a great price. The Onix Composite features a fiberglass face, yet it is still relatively light at 7.4–7.6 ounces because of its Nomex core. Because of its shape, this paddle has a lot of power and pop behind the ball. This paddle offers a larger sweet spot and striking area due to the expanded paddle design. Players who desire more power but want a lighter paddle than the fiberglass variants will love this paddle.

Key Features:

  • The face is made of fiberglass.
  • The core of the Nomex.
  • The shape is oversized.
  • Take a step behind the ball.

Perks of using this paddle:

  • The paddle generates a lot of power and pops the ball behind it.
  • It is a paddle that is rather light.
  • The bigger paddle has a wider striking surface and a larger sweet spot.
  • Depending on the characteristics, the paddle is reasonably priced.

4. Uteeqe Pickleball Paddles Graphite Pickleball Paddle

This pickleball paddle has a polymer honeycomb core and a graphite face with a rough feel. It has a sweat-absorbing grip for maximum traction and comfort while playing.

It includes a low-profile edge guard and a specific bottom design to minimize damage from ground impact. The item has a grip size of 4.25 inches and weighs about 8 ounces. It is suitable for players of all ages, with the option of a quicker paddle swing during a strike.

Although the Uteeqe Pickleball Paddle is from a new company, early consumer feedback has been quite positive. The rough surface is popular among players because it helps you to create a difficult-to-return spin on your strokes.

Uteeqe Pickleball Paddles Graphite Pickleball Paddle

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Pickleball Paddles by Uteeqe Pickleball Paddle Made of Graphite Pickleball Racket Cushion Comfort Contour Grip Lightweight Texture Surface Polymer Honeycomb Core (1-Pack).

[Perfectly Combining Power and Control] Some people have power, while others have control. Lightweight, well-balanced, and texturized for a maximum spin] You’ll notice that you’re moving more quickly. Keep your grasp solid in the most crucial situations with the Performance Stitched Comfort Contour Grip. Overall this paddle is very durable and comes within the budget.

Key Features:

  • Design with a rough roughness.
  • The honeycomb core is made of polymer.
  • The grip that absorbs sweat.
  • Edge guard with a low profile.

Perks of using this paddle:

  • The paddle gives the user more force while maintaining accurate control.
  • The rough surface gives the shot a great spin.
  • It has a well-balanced and lightweight design.
  • The cushioned and perforated contour grip provides additional comfort and mobility to the user.
  • The ultra-lightweight edge guard adds protection without adding weight.

5. HEAD Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle

This pickleball paddle includes HEAD’s fiberglass striking surface, which gives experienced players a terrific feel and allows them to make strong strokes. This paddle is designed for intermediate pickle ballplayers.

A polypropylene honeycomb core is combined with a redesigned Ergo grip to ensure optimum grip throughout the play. The paddle has a 4.25-inch grip and weighs around 10 ounces.

HEAD Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle

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With a world-class, award-winning tennis history, HEAD has expanded into Pickleball with a new range of paddles. The Radical and Xtreme lines are their two major paddle lines. Despite their differences in form, they share core and edge guard components.

These paddles were created in collaboration with USA Pickleball National Champion and Gold Medalist Sarah Ansboury, and they play just as well as they look!

Key Features:

  • The finish is made of fiberglass.
  • Ergo grip made of polypropylene honeycomb.
  • The grip is 4.25 inches long.

Perks of using this paddle:

  • It consistently produces excellent touch and significantly decreases vibration.
  • The paddle’s striking surface generates more forceful strikes.
  • The ergo grip handles provide a secure grip while also providing a lot of conveniences.
  • The playability is increased by the upgraded core structure.

6. Rally Flare Graphite Pickleball Paddle

This pickleball paddle’s high-end polymer honeycomb core and carbon graphite face packs minimize wear and dead spots. There’s also a universal cushioned comfort grip. For a natural feel, it has a smooth flared end cap, a slightly expanded handle, and a standard-size head.

Of course, it’s a little paddle, weighing around 7.5 ounces and about 4 inches across the grip circle on average. You may have quicker responses to incoming shots and better defense with this paddle.

Picklers can reply fast with the Rally Flare Graphite Paddle and grasp opportunities for put-away shots. The Flare is simple to manage because of its lightweight and sensitive graphite face, which is supported by a robust polymer core. Its balanced dimensions make it feel right at home in the hands of just about every player. The combination of high-quality materials and craftsmanship creates an all-around performer that can withstand regular usage.

Rally Flare Graphite Pickleball Paddle

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The Rally Flare Graphite was developed and manufactured with durability and adaptability in mind, giving it a versatile paddle that can accommodate a variety of play styles. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the paddle will help you improve your response time.

With lightly head biassed weighting for an elongated sweet spot that extends higher up the face, perform well at the net on dink strokes, and provide sufficient power from the baseline.

The Rally Flare paddle weighs between 7.3 and 7.8 ounces. It has a 5-star rating “The combination of a long handle and a narrow grip diameter provides for rapid wrist motion and increased mobility. The face measures 7-3/4 inches across “wide, with a thin edge guard to highlight the sweet spot. The honeycomb pattern on this USAPA-approved paddle is accented with Rally stripes running diagonally across the face. The term “Rally Flare” is prominently displayed in the center of a light flare image.

Key Features:

  • Honeycomb core is made of high-end polymer.
  • Comfort grip that is universally padded.
  • Head of average size.
  • The handle is somewhat elongated.

Perks of using this paddle:

  • The paddle can easily endure frequent hard and rough play.
  • It is quick to the balls to have a quicker response time.
  • The universal cushioned grip offers the user more than adequate comfort.
  • Wear and dead spots aren’t a problem with the honeycomb core.
  • It has a protective edge that is extremely long-lasting.

7. Champion Spark Pickleball Paddle

The paddle is made of polypropylene with a fiberglass face. These materials are more controllable but less precise. The handle measures five inches long, but the paddle surface measures 15.625 inches, giving you a little additional reach.

Some players dislike using paddles with edge guards because they add a tiny lip around the edge of the paddle surface. When striking toward the outside of the paddle, this lip may deflect the ball.

Fortunately, the edge guard on this paddle does not protrude too much. It merely shields the paddle from regular wear and tears.

The paddle also has a thick core, which gives it more bounce, which translates to greater power.

Champion Spark Pickleball Paddle

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The four-inch grip size is one possible disadvantage. The tiny grip is best suited for little hands, such as those of youngsters. Adults, on the other hand, can add an overwrap to create a stronger grip. If you search for cushion grips, you should be able to locate a few low-cost solutions to assist thicken the grip.

Remember that a smaller grip makes the paddle more agile, allowing you to employ more wrist movement for higher accuracy.

The smaller paddle’s speed and agility assist to balance off the increased power provided by the thick core and fiberglass surface.

In this pricing range, the Spark Paddle and the Ranger Paddle are the two lightest alternatives. The weight, size, and grip size are all comparable. The Spark, on the other hand, has a fiberglass surface rather than a vinyl top and a somewhat thicker core.

More power is translated by the fiberglass surface and thicker core. Finally, the Ranger is more flexible, but the Spark Paddle has more pop.

Another advantage is the bundled insurance. It is a neoprene cover with a zipper that lowers the danger of your paddle being damaged when storing or transporting it to your next competition.

Overall, the Pickleball Champion Spark Paddle is a fantastic option for youngsters and young adults. Smaller players will like the four-inch grip size and lightweight construction. It also provides greater power than the Ranger Paddle.

Adults may also appreciate these low-cost pickleball paddles. With a seven-ounce paddle and a smaller grip, players have more control over the paddle, resulting in more agility and improved ball control.

Key Features:

  • The weight is 7.0 ounces.
  • 625 inches in length
  • 75-inch width
  • Handle measures 5 inches long.
  • The grip size is 4 inches.
  • The core is made of polypropylene.
  • The surface is made of fiberglass.

Perks of using this paddle:

  • A neoprene zipped paddle cover is included.
  • A quality edge guard is included in the durable construction.
  • More bounce is provided by the thick polypropylene core.
  • A one-year manufacturer’s guarantee is included.

8. Rally Tyro 2 Composite Paddle

The Rally Tyro 2 is an improved version of the first Rally Tyro. It features a thicker core than the previous edition, which adds weight and bounce. The Rally Tyro 2 provides a strong but nimble paddle.

This paddle is medium in weight and has conventional paddle proportions. It is also a less expensive choice for people who do not want to spend a lot of money on a paddle.

The Rally Tyro 2 is constructed for power, with a poly-core and a polycarbonate surface. The grip is medium, and the handle is a bit short in comparison to other choices.

The Tyro 2, like other inexpensive pickleball paddles, has a mix of advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, it is a versatile paddle that beginners can use.

It is also a USAPA-approved paddle for individuals who wish to participate in official matches. However, if you only plan to play for fun, this is not a must.

The polypropylene core and polycarbonate face increase the power of the paddle. The poly-core provides the paddle extra bounce, which causes the ball to fly.

It has vibration dampening technology to assist balance the paddle. The dampening mechanism absorbs some of the power when the ball strikes the paddle. The absorption reduces the impact on your wrist, allowing you to keep control.

Rally Tyro 2 Composite Paddle

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Aside from improved balance, vibration dampening technology improves input from the paddle. The ball striking is audible.

At 4.25 inches, the grip is on the small side. This is considered a tiny grip, however, it is not as small as the grip on the Ranger or Spark paddles. If you play one-handed, the smaller grip will benefit you in terms of agility and reflectivity.

The decals on the paddle might be a problem. Some consumers have reported that the decals on the surface of the paddle begin to bubble with time, affecting the paddle’s effectiveness.

Some players also complained about the handle’s quality, stating that it felt a touch cheap, although this is an inexpensive paddle. When shopping for paddles under $75.

Who should think about utilizing this paddle? It is best suited for beginning or intermediate players looking for a well-balanced paddle. While it may not be the most lasting option, it provides adequate performance for the price.

Key Features:

  • Weight ranges from 7 to 8.0 ounces.
  • 57 inches in length
  • 875-inch width
  • The handle measures 4.375 inches in length.
  • The grip size is 4.25 inches.
  • The core is made of polypropylene.
  • Surface made of polycarbonate.

Perks of using this paddle:

  • The USAPA has given its approval.
  • Technology for reducing vibrations.
  • Power and control are in a good balance.

9. Amazin’ Aces Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Amazin’ Aces is a promising young pickleball team. They used to just make wood and composite paddles for beginners, but today they have a wide selection. This graphite paddle is one of their older models, yet it remains a popular choice due to its low price.

The polypropylene honeycomb core of the graphite pickleball paddle provides an excellent balance of power and control. A graphite face, an edge guard, and a comfortable grip are also included.

The Amazin’ Aces Classic Graphite Paddle comes with a low-profile edge guard to help protect the paddle’s surface.

Edge guards are disliked by some players because the lip produces a surface that might deflect the ball when striking near the edge. Because the lip is narrower with a lower profile, this is less of an issue.

Unfortunately, the edge guard may not be around for long. With continuous usage, it may begin to wear away at the edges, removing any protection it may have provided.


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For individuals interested in tournament play, the paddle is not USAPA-approved. However, if you’re just starting, this shouldn’t be an issue. Unless you intend to participate professionally, USAPA approval is unnecessary.

Except for the inexpensive wood paddles, the paddle weighs around 9.2 ounces, making it heavier than typical paddles. The increased weight gives the paddle more power, but it may be too much for certain players.

The polypropylene core also contributes to the paddle’s power. While some people believe that the softer core provides greater control, it is designed to give the paddle more bounce, resulting in more power.

The graphite surface mitigates the power by providing a coarser feel with less flexibility. The texture improves the paddle’s control.

This graphite paddle is also available in two or four-piece sets. You can obtain low-cost, high-quality packages for the entire family.

Graphite is rarely utilized in the manufacture of low-cost pickleball paddles. Fortunately, Amazin’ Aces have kept the price of this choice low.

While it is hefty, it is fairly balanced, yet some players may find it too powerful. The graphite surface contributes to the overall balance while also offering some extra spin control.

Finally, if you are looking for low-cost graphite pickleball paddles for sale, this choice from Amazin’ Aces is a strong contender. You receive a low price but not low quality.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 9.2 oz.
  • The length is 15.75 inches.
  • 125″ in width.
  • The handle is 4.75 inches long.
  • The grip size is 4.375 inches.
  • The core is made of polypropylene.
  • The surface is made of graphite.

Perks of using this Paddle:

  • Edge guard with a low profile.
  • Paddles come in sets of two or four.

10. Rally Meister Beginner Pickleball Paddle

PickleballCentral manufactures a wide range of pickleball equipment, including this beginning paddle. If you’re looking for low-cost racquets, look no further.

The Rally Meister pickleball paddle, like other wood paddles, is designed for novices. It has been a popular choice in schools, community centers, and YMCAs since it is built with the typical 7-ply wood structure that is frequently used for wood paddles.

The Rally Meister Beginner Paddle is a wooden paddle with several benefits and drawbacks. Wooden pickleball paddles are sometimes the least expensive choice. They are also bigger, providing greater power but less precision.

While these paddles are not as flexible as paddles made of other materials, they are nevertheless ideal for novices, owing to their inexpensive price.

When compared to other wood paddles, the paddles are a touch narrow. The paddles are 7 inches broad rather than 7.5 or 8 inches. While a half-inch or an inch isn’t much of a difference, it does provide less surface for striking the ball.


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Aside from a handful of flaws, the grip distinguishes this paddle from other wood alternatives. It comes with a wrist band to keep the paddle from flying out of your hand. This extra protection is beneficial when you are just beginning to play.

The paddle also has a good grip. It has a moisture-wicking material and padding to assist decrease the danger of the paddle sliding. When you squeeze the polypropylene grip, it contracts somewhat.

Another incentive to buy a wood paddle is its durability. The 7-ply wood structure withstands hard handling, making it an excellent choice for schools and community centers since it is less prone to break.

A one-year manufacturer’s guarantee is also included. While this guarantee does not cover a broken paddle, it does cover any manufacturing flaws in the paddle, such as grip difficulties. In this comparison guide, the Rally meister paddle was also compared to all other paddles.

What is the most affordable wood paddle? PickleballCentral’s suggestion is most likely the answer. The Rally Meister is quite inexpensive.

Keep in mind that wooden paddles are not the most nimble alternative. Because of its larger weight, you may fatigue more rapidly over overextended bouts and miss shots. However, you are still receiving a fantastic deal.

PickleballCentral produces some of the top pickleball racquets on the market. While this is not one of their best-selling items, it is one of the best prices available. Most individuals find the grips to be pleasant as well.

Key Features:

  • Weight ranges from 9.5 to 10.5 ounces.
  • 5 inches in length
  • 7-inch width
  • The handle length is 5.5 inches.
  • The grip size is 4.25 inches.
  • Construction is made of 7 plies of wood.

Perks of using this paddle:

  • One of the most affordable wood choices.
  • The weight of the paddle aids in the delivery of more power.
  • A wrist strap is included.
  • It is made of strong material.
  • A one-year manufacturer’s guarantee is included.

11. Upstreet Wood Pickleball Paddle

Upstreet is your next stop if you’re looking for inexpensive wood paddles. It makes a few high-end paddles as well as a few low-cost pickleball paddles, including this wood set.

The wood paddles from Upstreet have wide faces and conventional handles. The grips are just the ideal size for most players, allowing virtually anyone to gain a good grasp on the paddle.

As previously said, wood paddles provide more force but less precision. They are generally picked because of their low cost. Many of your selections will be wood paddles if you are looking for paddles for around $75.

Most wood paddles are difficult to distinguish. They usually have comparable sizes and weights. Upstreet worked on increasing the grip quality to provide a new wood choice. The paddles in this set include cushioned grips, similar to those seen on high-quality composite paddles.

Upstreet Wood Pickleball Paddle

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Another advantage of purchasing this set is its durability. The 7-ply structure is composed of premium maple wood. The paddle can withstand a lot of abuse.

Unfortunately, the grip may not be particularly strong. After a few games, some buyers have complained about the grip coming apart. That is the price you must occasionally pay if you want an inexpensive paddle.

Over time, the wood may show signs of wear, such as little dents or dings on the surface or sides. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover this type of damage, although it does cover any flaws detected during the first year of usage. Check out this full review and comparison guide if you want to learn more about upstreet paddles.

Because the paddle’s edges are sharp, you should use caution while running your fingers over them. This has no impact on how the paddle works, but it does call for caution, especially if it will be used by youngsters.

Whereas the paddles have a few flaws, they provide excellent value. Four paddles are provided, as well as a handy storage bag. Pickleball may be learned by the entire family with just four paddles.

Why should you invest in a wooden paddle? These pickleball paddles are inexpensive, long-lasting, and effective. Until you start playing against experienced players using high-end paddles, the restricted precision of a wood paddle makes little impact.

This is also one of the most cost-effective options. Elevated paddles might cost quite so much as 20 times as much as these wooden paddles.

Key Features:

  • Weight: ten ounces
  • 16 inches in length
  • 8 inches in diameter.
  • The handle is 5 inches long.
  • The grip size is 4.5 inches.
  • Constructed of 7-ply maple wood.
  • Four paddles are included.

Perks of using this Paddle:

  • More power is provided by the additional weight.
  • For one reasonable price, you receive four paddles.
  • A pleasant grip is included.
  • Defects are covered by a one-year guarantee.

12. Flybold Pickleball Paddle Graphite

The fly bold graphite paddle has a comfortable grip, a straightforward design, and a neoprene case. You can also save money if you buy two paddles at the same time.

It has a graphite surface that helps to balance the paddle’s performance. A normal 4.25-inch grip and a long 5.25-inch handle are both included.

This paddle is a little heavier than average, which usually means it has more power, albeit not that this paddle needs it.

Pickleball paddles with a polypropylene honeycomb core are popular. When compared to Nomex or aluminum, it is softer, providing the paddle more power but surrendering some control.

The core has a graphite surface put to it. The graphite roughens the ball, allowing you to grip it just enough to improve your accuracy. Pickleball paddle manufacturers that strive for balance typically employ a polypropylene core and graphite surface combination.

Flybold Pickleball Paddle Graphite

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The two materials combine to provide you with the ideal mix of power and control.

The Amazin’ Aces Paddle, like the fly bold Pickleball Paddle, has a low-profile edge guard. A thicker edge guard will give additional protection, but it will also obscure your vision. When you hit towards the edge, the low-profile design prevents the ball from being deflected at an angle that is not optimal.

This paddle’s sleek design may appeal to those who value aesthetics in their paddles. It’s simple but stylish. It also includes a matching neoprene case.

Like the others on this list, the flybold paddle features a conventional paddle form. It is, however, somewhat longer and thinner. It also has a longer handle, measuring 5.25 inches, than the other choices. You have a longer reach with the expanded head and handle.

The long, thin grip allows you to grasp the paddle with both hands when switching from tennis to pickleball.

What about the disadvantages? Some persons may find the larger handle and heavier weight unappealing.

If you prefer a lighter paddle, you could find this to be touch head-heavy, which means the weight is spread more toward the end of the paddle rather than the middle.

The paddle is likewise not particularly long-lasting. While most of the paddles on this list are not as robust as more costly paddles, if you want to play hard, this one may not survive. The graphite face may eventually begin to chip away.

This graphite paddle offers a few pros and cons, as you could expect from a low-cost paddle. For those who love playing two-handed, this is a flexible paddle with superb balance. It also has a greater reach than the other alternatives. However, some people may not feel at ease in this situation.

Key Features:

  • Weight ranges from 7.9 to 8.3 ounces.
  • 75 inches in length.
  • 75-inch width
  • The handle length is 5.25 inches.
  • The grip size is 4.25 inches.
  • The core is made of polymer.
  • Surface made of graphite.

Perks of using this paddle:

  • Edge guard with a low profile.
  • Power and control are well-balanced.
  • The design is simple and elegant.
  • A neoprene case is included.
  • It has a wider reach.

13. Paddletek Ranger Pickleball Paddle

The Paddletek Ranger is a low-cost alternative aimed particularly towards younger players. It is the first paddle designed particularly for the younger market.

The Ranger paddle is a lightweight paddle with a polypropylene core and a vinyl covering. It is lighter than a conventional paddle, weighing less than 7 ounces. It also features a four-inch grip, the smallest size for a paddle offered.

Even though it is designed for children, it is created with high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Paddletek is a prominent maker of pickleball paddles, and their pickleball paddles utilize the same technology as their adult paddles.

The paddle has a polypropylene honeycomb core on the inside. It also comes with the normal five-inch handle length. The paddle features a vinyl surface on the exterior.

Paddletek Ranger Pickleball Paddle

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Adults may find the lightweight design and extra-large playing surface unsuitable. This paddle, on the other hand, was created for youngsters. It is one of the greatest alternatives for youngsters.

Children under the age of 12 may discover that traditional choices are excessively heavy, making it difficult for them to practice ball control. The Ranger school paddle, on the other hand, is a different story.

The construction is long-lasting, so you won’t have to go out and get a new one after a few games. The power is maintained by the polypropylene core.

It’s also a good size for younger players. The eight-inch-wide surface gives players a larger sweet spot.

Another useful feature is the curved grip with added cushioning. It’s four inches thick and just the right size for little hands. To keep control of the paddle, you must have a comfortable grip.

Just keep in mind that the paddle does not satisfy USAPA specifications. While it cannot be used in formal competitions, it is a fantastic paddle for learning to play as well as recreational pickleball games. Because of its modest cost and attention to architectural aspects, it is also a popular choice for schools. This page contains an in-depth comparison and evaluation of all Paddletek paddles.

Pickleball is a popular sport among both adults and children. Unfortunately, most paddles are either too heavy or too uncomfortable for children.

The Paddletek Ranger is the best option if you’re looking for a school paddle for sale. It is intended for children and has the features that they require.

It’s small, light, and offers a huge striking surface. The only drawback to these inexpensive rackets is that they are not USAPA approved and may be too light for the typical adult.

Key Features:

  • The weight ranges from 6.5 to 6.9 ounces.
  • 5 inch in length
  • 8 inches in diameter.
  • The handle is 5 inches long.
  • The grip size is 4 inches.
  • The core is made of polypropylene.
  • The surface is made of vinyl.

Perks of using this paddle:

  • Children will like this paddle.
  • Long-lasting design.
  • Adaptable features.

14. Diller Pickleball Paddle (Paddle & Sets)

The Diller Pickleball Paddle Set is the next choice for those looking for inexpensive wood paddles. One paddle may be purchased for less than $15, but sets of two or four paddles offer the best value.

This paddle, like other wood paddles, has seven layers of wood. The paddle is made of hardwood rather than the lighter maple wood, giving it additional durability.

Again, the wood structure is best for novices since the larger weight provides more force but less precision than other materials. If you’re just getting started, though, you won’t notice much of a change.

The paddle’s durability is additionally improved by the 7-ply design. The surface takes greater pressure from each hit since there is less bounce. You’ll also hear a loud pop, which might be a problem if you’re playing pickleball in an area with noise restrictions.

Diller Pickleball Paddle (Paddle & Sets)

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Cushioned grips and wrist bands are included on these wood paddles. These characteristics are useful if you don’t want your paddle to slide out of your grasp. The cushioned grip is also more comfortable and gives you greater control.

Most wood paddles are not USAPA certified, which isn’t a big deal because wood paddles are rarely versatile enough for tournaments. The paddles made by Diller are an exception. They’ve been approved by the USAPA.

Diller’s wooden paddles are likewise rather lengthy. These paddles are longer, with a 15.5-inch length and a 5.5-inch grip, providing you additional reach. In a singles match, you may cover a larger area of the court.

While a single wood paddle may be purchased, Diller also sells a couple of inexpensive pickleball kits that use the same paddle. A set of two paddles and four pickleball balls may be bought for less than $30. The green balls may be used both indoors and outdoors.

Consider purchasing the four-paddle set if you want the greatest deal. It costs a little under $75 and comes with six balls.

The cost is the primary reason for purchasing wooden paddles. Because Diller pickleball paddles are so inexpensive, they’re a popular choice for schools and community centers. They might potentially be a good fit for you and your family.

A high-end poly-core paddle with a graphite or composite surface does not provide the same level of excellence. However, you will receive long-lasting paddles with powerful performance and pleasant grips.

Key Features:

  • The weight is 10 ounces.
  • 5 inch in length
  • 7 inches in diameter.
  • Handle measures 5.5 inches in length.
  • The grip size is 4.25 inches.

Perks of using this Paddle:

  • Wooden structure for long life.
  • The use of wood provides additional power.
  • Sets are available.
  • The grip is quite comfortable.
  • A strap around the wrist.
  • The USAPA has given its approval.
  • Increased reach.

15. Westop Sports Pickleball Paddle Set

This kit is great for the whole family because it contains two wood paddles, four balls, and a handy storage bag. Why else should you buy inexpensive wood paddles if it’s a fantastic deal?

You will receive a complete set, allowing you to begin playing pickleball right away. The only item that isn’t present is a net.

While they are pickleball paddles made of wood, they are just marginally lighter than the other wood choices. You still receive greater power and less accuracy, but these flaws are less obvious, resulting in a little more balanced wood paddle.

The paddle has a big body as well. The paddle, which measures 16 inches by 8 inches, provides additional surface area for catching the ball. The bigger design will appeal to younger players and beginners. You should have fewer missed swings, which will allow you to improve your accuracy, form, and strategy.

We stop Sports Pickleball Paddle Set

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Another advantage is the high-quality paddle grip. The paddle has a superior grip that will help you keep a solid grasp on the paddle.

If you’ve never played pickleball before, maintaining a firm hold on the paddle is critical for accuracy. You won’t be able to control the direction of the ball as effectively if the paddle slides about in your hand. Slippage should not be an issue with this paddle’s grip.

The shortcomings are linked to the paddle’s durability and the storage bag. The wood may split, crack, or shatter over time. Many consumers have also reported that the wood layers are splitting into parts.

Plastic is used in part of the storage, which may fracture, shatter, or come apart. If you travel with your paddles in the bag frequently, the bag may soon become outdated. These aren’t major flaws, though.

Even if you get the double set, you will be getting a great deal. You can purchase four paddles, eight balls, and two storage bags for less than $75.

Cheap, high-quality packages might be difficult to come by. Westop Sports’ choice is one of the handfuls that stands out for providing consistent performance. You’ll save a lot of money on pickleball paddles if you buy a set like this. You have a spare paddle in case one break.

These wooden school paddles are particularly wonderful because of the inexpensive price.

Key Features:

  • Weight: 9 to 10 ounces
  • 16 inches in length
  • 8 inches in diameter.
  • The handle is 5 inches long.
  • The grip size is 4.25 inches.
  • The structure is made of wood.

Perks of using this paddle:

  • Two paddles and four balls are included in the package.
  • When compared to other wood pickleball paddles, this one is lighter.
  • Exceptional grip.
  • The body is large.

16. Pickle Pro Composite Paddle

The Pickle Pro Classic Composite Paddle is made of aluminum and has a fiberglass surface. It is one of the least expensive paddles that is not made of wood.

Despite having a lightweight aluminum core, the Pickle Pro Classic Paddle is a tad hefty. It weighs little under 9 ounces and has a flexible fiberglass surface.

The Pickle Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle is made with an aluminum core and a fiberglass surface.

Pickle Pro paddles are well-known for their toughness. However, owing to the metal core, this is not one of their most durable alternatives. The Pickle Pro Classic is more prone to damage the core or wear out the sweet spot with continuous usage.

Aluminum is also one of the noisiest materials. There will be a noticeable pop with each blow. If you’re playing in a quiet neighborhood, you might need a different paddle.

Pickle Pro Composite Paddle

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Because fiberglass is a more flexible material than graphite or carbon fiber, it does not provide much protection for the core.

A robust edge guard protects the core and surface of the paddle. Unfortunately, the substantial edge guard may be a stumbling obstacle. If the ball becomes entangled at the edge of the paddle, it may not go in the correct direction, which might be troublesome.

While this paddle has a few drawbacks, Pickle Pro has sought to balance them out with a few advantages. The addition of a fiberglass coating to the aluminum core compensates for power loss. As a result, the paddle is adaptable, with a good mix of power and ball control.

Overall, the Pickle Pro Composite Pickleball Paddle is a good choice for individuals looking for a balanced paddle. The Pickle Pro Classic Paddle provides both power and precision. Due to the higher weight of the paddle, you do not gain a lot of agility.

Key Features:

  • The weight is 8.9 ounces.
  • 5 inches in length
  • 5 inches across.
  • The handle is 4.75 inches long.
  • The grip size is 4.25 inches.
  • The core is made of aluminum.
  • The surface is made of fiberglass.

Perks of using this paddle:

  • The USAPA has given its approval.
  • Excellent accuracy paddle.


Should I choose power above control?

To get the answer to this question, you must first analyze your game. Examine your strengths to see if they are in power, control, or a combination of the two. If you like a combination of the two, a blend is better. It is best if you switch between games. At times, you may need to be more powerful with your shots (during aggressive gameplay). In contrast, there are times when you need more control (during defensive gameplay). During the game, you may select which type you like.

Are lighter paddles preferable to heavier ones?

Again, this is a personal choice, physical ability, and playing style issue. There is no hard and fast rule that states you must use a lightweight paddle if you prefer playing with heavier paddles. Simply do what you want. If you have any problems or worries, such as arthritis or tennis elbow, you should go for a lighter one. A heavier paddle will provide you with more control if you are a powerful striker.

What distinguishes indoor paddles from outside paddles?

No, however, because outdoor courts are hard on the edges of your paddle, a robust edge protector becomes more necessary. If you like to play outside more regularly, you may also invest in a UV-resistant coating. When playing inside, it is preferable to use thin paddles that give more accuracy.

What skill level affects?

Make sure you choose the correct pickleball paddle for your skill level. Longer paddles are preferred by expert players, whereas broader paddles with a larger sweet spot are preferred by novices. A lighter paddle might be appropriate for a beginner, whilst an experienced would choose something a little heavier.

What is the role of edge guard?

This feature, as the name implies, protects the edges of your paddle and makes it more resistant to chip damage. Edge guards are crucial for longevity since they help minimize damage from striking the ground, which is especially important for new players. A medium-sized edge guard is ideal, although a bigger one can also give a larger surface. Wider guards, on the other hand, will make your paddle heavier, affecting your overall pickleball performance.

Is sound an important feature?

Although it is not the most significant characteristic to highlight here, certain nations have noise limits in place. In this case, you should use a polypropylene paddle. Because of the foam region in the middle, it can dampen sound. It aids in noise reduction.

What is the role of deflection?

Because you must use a USAPA-approved paddle, there is no tramp lining effect. In this sense, the organization has established several ground rules. Paddles with greater spring in their core can create more power with less effort, but control and accuracy will suffer as a result.

Does the durability matter?

Material quality and core are critical here, but so are finishes and general sturdiness. To minimize the peeling of the face, the striking surface of a paddle should have a good quality finish, regardless of whether the paddle is inexpensive or not. Make careful to select paddle face coatings that include UV inhibitors to minimize sun damage or discoloration.

What is the role of the core in the paddles?

Because the core is the backbone of the paddle, you must exercise extreme caution while selecting it. Any metal-based core will not assist your budget. You should choose a polymer-based or polypropylene core.

The honeycomb structure of the polymer-based core is widely known for its lightweight and flexible performance. The paddles are likewise highly robust, although they create noise due to the lack of a sound dampening effect.

The core is soft and flexible, so your shots will have just the proper amount of bounce. As a result, the paddle may generate that cushioning effect, and the paddle becomes less reflective. Aluminum core paddles are also available, although they are more costly.

Are the size of the paddle and the length of the handle a crucial thing?

Whether you are a seasoned player or just getting started, ensure sure your paddle does not surpass 24 inches in length. As a result, the optimum sizes are 8 inches by 16 inches for short handles and 5 inches by 19 inches for long handles.

These figures ensure that you have the right size paddle with a larger striking area. These elements are always appreciated by newcomers to the game. Longer paddles with a greater grip are preferred by experts.

What is the role of grip size?

You must ensure that the grip you select fits correctly and ergonomically in your hand. If you are not comfortable with your grips, you will not be able to play. When choosing between two distinct sizes, it is best to go with the smaller one. Taking a paddle in your hand allows you to get a better feel for its grip.


You have 10 fantastic inexpensive pickleball paddles to select from after researching the top pickleball racquet reviews, but which one is ideal for you?

Any of these paddles should suffice if you are new to pickleball. Pickleball paddles come in sets, such as the Westop Sports Paddle Set, if you plan to play with a friend or family member.

Keep in mind that wood paddles have certain advantages and disadvantages. The larger weight can give more force, but they aren’t the finest paddles for ball control.

Wood paddles are also more durable, making them ideal for usage in schools, community courts, and even your garden. Wood paddles are, of course, one of the most affordable forms of pickleball paddles, with a few choices costing less than $20.

The Pickle Pro Composite Paddle is recommended if you want a paddle that is made for precision. It has an aluminum core that reduces power while increasing ball control. The remaining polypropylene paddles are suitable for all ability levels of players. They have a lot of strength yet are still easy to use for novices.

A pickleball paddle does not have to cost $75. While these paddles are inexpensive, they are made of high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

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