Best Graphite Pickleball Paddles

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Pickleball paddles made of graphite are among the most common on the market. The paddle face is composed of a thin film of graphite, but the interior can be made of a variety of materials. Graphite is used by competitive pickleball players because it makes for greater control and finesse. Bes Pickleball paddles made of graphite are sturdy and robust, but they lack strength.

Pickleball paddles with carbon fiber surfaces are somewhat similar to pickleball paddles with graphite surfaces. Carbon fiber is a little more resilient than graphite, but it also has the same level of ball control. To find the right paddles for your game, check out our Pickleball Paddle Guide.

Perfect Choose

Investing in a high-quality best pickleball paddle can make all the difference when it comes to having a competitive edge. If you choose the perfect pickleball paddle for you, you’ll be able to play to your full potential. There are a plethora of amazing graphite pickleball paddles on the market today. Many serious players use graphite paddles and they think they are among the strongest in the world.

. Graphite paddle faces are very stiff, making them ideal for striking, but they are porous due to the material’s short carbon fibers. Paddle edge guards are crucial in this situation. If you’re thinking of using an edgeless paddle to cut down on mishits, make sure you don’t touch the ground to prevent chipping.

You will be sure to find a guide that lets you get the best out of your pickleball experience if you use this analysis and reference guide to its full potential. This is a fantastic game that many people adore. It’s only natural to want the best paddle possible, so keep reading to learn what you need to know about finding the perfect paddle.

Why Players like Graphite Paddles?

Pickleball of Graphite The striking surface of the paddles would mostly be made of graphite or carbon fiber. Each paddle’s center can be made of either a composite (Nomex) or an aluminum material. Players while selecting the paddle mostly for tournaments give much importance to its material and most players like graphite material because of its features and more specifically its shots and sweet spot.

The blade-style paddles are made of graphite material and have a sharp appearance. The combination of the Sensa Poly Core and a smoother, more forgiving graphite face material results in a remarkable degree of power. In contrast to other elongated products, which have a sweet spot at the tip, this graphite has a big sweet spot in the middle of the paddle. Graphite also gives you more scope, which is why it’s so famous.

Experienced Pickleball Players

Graphite pickleball paddles are preferred by the majority of experienced pickleball players. According to fans, they have more strength and finesse in play, as well as the famous pickleball “pop” as the ball flies off the paddle’s surface. It’s necessary to remember that graphite just makes up the surface of the paddle; the internal or core material differs by form.

Graphite paddles offer a helpful “contact” sense, enabling players to feel the ball resonate with their paddle more intuitively, allowing them to adjust the power of their strikes. These paddles’ reactive behavior makes them feel like a real extension of themselves.

Graphite pickleball paddles are a lighter alternative to composite pickleball paddles that help prevent exhaustion and wrist strain. Most graphite paddles are in the “sweet spot” medium weight range of 7.3–8.4 oz, while ceramic paddles are on the heavier side of the spectrum, sometimes reaching 9 oz.

To keep the smoothness of the face of the paddle, players can store it in a shell. Maintain the machinery in a dry, cool environment to ensure it lasts for years. Any player should try out a graphite paddle at least once to see how well it balances pace and strength.

Top 12 Best Graphite Paddles:


  1. Amarey Graphite Pickleball Paddle

  2. Selkirk Amped Epic Pickleball Paddle (light-weight)

  3. Champion Graphite Pickleball Paddle

  4. ONIX Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle

  5. Paddletek Tempest Wave Pickleball Paddle

  6. Rally NX Graphite Pickleball Paddle

  7. Gamma Classic 1.0 Pickleball Paddles

  8. XS XSPAK Graphite Pickleball Paddle Set

  9. Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddle

  10. Wolfe XL Graphite Pickleball Paddle Set

  11. Tempest Reign Pro Graphite Paddle

  12. Electrum Pro Graphite Pickleball Paddle


1. Amarey Graphite Pickleball Paddle

The Amarey Graphite Pickleball Paddle is one of the top-rated pickleball paddles worth considering. This is a versatile choice that manages to be both light and tough. There are some advantages of using a lightweight pickleball paddle. In your side, it feels very well positioned, and you’ll have no trouble maneuvering it to make those tough shots.

The fact that this paddle has a very high-quality edge guard contributes to its longevity. This paddle’s edge guard protects it from impacts, and you should be able to use it for a long time. It strikes a nice balance between offering defense and being unobtrusive. When it comes to mishits or messing up a shot, the edge guard is thin enough that it should not be a challenge.

This pickleball paddle’s premium handle would also appeal to you. This paddle has a handle that is the right combination of scale and comfort. It has a 4.5” grip scale that should be adequate for most users. It has a very natural feel to it, and it is extremely comfortable to use. One of the best qualities of this handle is that it is sweat-absorbent and cushioned, making it ideal for use in hot and humid environments.

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Graphite Face

The graphite face on this paddle is also really nice. Making contact with the ball should be easy, and you should be able to direct your shots however you like. This paddle is ideal for beginners since it is easy to get the best out of. This is a simple paddle to use, and it can help anybody who buys it love the game more.

A honeycombed polymer core is used in the paddle to give players a luxurious experience. This center is ideal for players who want their shots to have a lot of pop. This paddle has a wonderful feel to it, and you can rely on it to help you make great shots. The quality of this paddle’s design is undeniable.

This paddle also has a pickleball paddle cover. This is a fun little bonus that elevates the value of the buy. This paddle will appeal to both experienced paddlers and newcomers. It’s a reliable choice with a lot of advantages.


  • It achieves the feat of being both light and tough at the same time.
  • A high-quality pickleball paddle cover is included.
  • It’s excellent for obtaining a burst of energy.
  • It’s ideal for beginners because it’s easy to use.
  • The premium handle is soft and the right height.
  • It has a decent edge guard that does not obstruct your view.
  • It’s not the best option for spin shots.
  • There aren’t any particular style choices available.


2. Selkirk Amped Epic Pickleball Paddle (light-weight)

Selkirk is a well-known brand when it comes to high-quality pickleball paddles. This particular offering is no exception. This paddle is ideal for those looking for a paddle that provides a perfect balance between power and control. For good purposes, it’s one of the most common pickleball graphite paddles on the market.

To begin, you should know that the USAPA has thoroughly checked and approved this pickleball paddle. As a result, this paddle is a common choice among professional pickleball players and those who compete in pickleball tournaments. Many soccer players all around the world use this particular paddle. It’s quick to see how great it is when it has so many endorsements.

Big Sweet Spot

This paddle has a big sweet spot, which is one of its best features. The improved sweet spot architecture is dubbed “modern amped technology” by Selkirk. Because of the wide sweet spot, it’s simple to make fantastic contact with the ball. This is a very sensitive paddle that will provide you with a nice gaming experience.

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It’s also worth mentioning that this paddle has a high-quality X5 polypropylene polymer heart. This core is thicker than many others, which aids in enhancing some facets of its performance. This paddle is incredible in terms of strength and control. You’ll be able to guide the ball where you want it to go while also having fun with a powerful game.

Overall, this is a pickleball paddle with a limited number of flaws. When it comes to purchasing a paddle that is a decent fit for the majority of players, this is one of the best choices available. The paddle’s face makes it simple to make contact with the ball, and just about everyone will enjoy themselves with this paddle. Any player might choose a paddle that is more focused on poking.


  • It has a good overall balance.
  • Has a significant sweet spot.
  • It provides an excellent balance of power and control.
  • Making touch with the ball is easy.
  • It has been certified by the USAPA and is well-liked by practitioners.
  • Some players may choose a strategy that emphasizes strength.
  • Others may prefer a pickleball paddle that focuses solely on balance.
  • For spin shots, it’s not the right paddle.


3. Champion Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Many pickleball paddles end up attempting to convince players that they should have the correct combination between control and strength. This Champion paddle could have the best combination of power and control of all the paddles on the list. Since graphite paddles are light, they can only deliver a limited amount of electricity. Nonetheless, this paddle has a lot of strength and can be useful.

The graphite face on this paddle helps you to position the ball exactly where you want it. This is a high-end choice that has been carefully crafted. It also has a honeycomb center made of Nomex, which aids precision. It absorbs shock well and makes it easier to keep hold of the ball.

The grip of the Paddle

It’s also worth talking about the grip possibilities that this paddle offers. You can choose between a 4” thin grip and a 4.25” cushioned grip with this paddle. Both are excellent choices, but you would most certainly choose one over the other. Depending on the size of your hands and your preferred type of play, you can choose between a cushioned grip and a thin grip.

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You would be able to benefit from the paddle’s extra-large head size. In this build, Champion has managed to optimize the playing surface. It makes it possible to make contact with the ball and reduces the number of mishits you have to contend with. When you combine the advantages of the graphite face with stellar contact, you’ll be able to put a spin on the ball with ease.

The construction of this paddle may not be as appealing as some of the other paddles in the guide. This has a very traditional look that comes off as a little dull in several ways. It is available in a multitude of colors, but it lacks the attention-getting appeal that many people want. This has little to do with the outcome of the paddle and can not be seen as an excuse.


  • It is extremely light.
  • It is one of the better choices for well-balanced players.
  • There are two grip options available.
  • The extra-large head ensures that the playing surface is maximized.
  • It’s excellent for adding spin to the ball.
  • It is not as durable as some of the other paddles in this guide.
  • This paddle has a very bland appearance.


4. ONIX Graphite Z5 Pickleball Paddle

The Z5 pickleball paddle is by far the most common in the ONIX line. This has become one of the best options for those looking to buy a graphite pickleball paddle. When comparing pickleball paddles, you’ll find that this one offers several advantages. Its success stems from its excellent performance during play.

This paddle would appeal to any player who wants to invest in a paddle that will help them improve their ball control. It’s a fantastic contact paddle that’ll help you achieve an edge during tense matches. During a game, you should feel in command at all times. This paddle is perfect for rallying and returns just about every sort of shot well.

When it comes to hitting the ball, the big paddle shape gives players more surface area to deal with. For several clubs, it has been the favored choice. Since this is a paddle with a graphite top, it will also provide players with a lot of sounds. Being able to get decent pop off the face is a huge plus, so you might like this paddle just for that purpose.

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This paddle would be a hit with finesse game. It’s easy to use and capable of precisely placing the ball where you want it to go. If this paddle suits your play style, it’s a no-brainer to recommend. It also helps that this paddle is reasonably priced.

This is also a great choice for those looking for a quiet pickleball paddle. This guide features it as one of the quietest choices available. It would be a useful paddle for anybody who wants to limit noise levels to a low. Because of the Nomex honeycomb nucleus, this is true.

Let’s Talk About Its Face and Skin

A honeycomb interior and graphite skin on both the front and back of the paddle face distinguish graphite paddles. The graphite coating is very thin, just as thick as a fingernail. Graphite paddles are the most common paddles for adult pickleball players because they are light and sturdy. The fast action off the graphite face appeals to players.

You’ll like the fact that this paddle comes in a variety of styles. It’s attractive, and you can choose from a variety of color options. This is a striking paddle to look at, and anyone who owns one will be proud. If it appeals to you, you should try purchasing it.


  • The paddle is calm.
  • Excellent handling of the ball.
  • It’s light and easy to get around.
  • There are several different styles to choose from.
  • The handle of this paddle is very comfortable
  • It lacks the power


5. Paddletek Tempest Wave Pickleball Paddle

It has introduced the first graphite paddle to the industry. Paddletek is a wonderful pickleball paddle maker, as you already remember. They have a wide range of paddle products for consumers and are dedicated to making high-quality paddles. This is a fantastic product that continues to outperform several businesses that have been manufacturing graphite paddles for years.

The graphite mask is one of the paddle’s best qualities. It’s extremely responsive, and you’ll have no trouble firing bullets. This is the paddle to use if you want to play a fast-paced game of pickleball. It’s one of the best paddles to consider if you want to maintain a good pace, making it perfect for players who want to maximize their speed.

You’ll also notice that this is a relatively quiet choice. When you make contact with the ball, it has a silicone core that makes no noise. This does indicate that the control would be restricted, but many people like it that way. It’s ideal for those who like a control-based game.

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It’s also worth noting that this is a paddle that would appeal to a lot of former tennis players. This paddle has a longer handle than many of the other paddles in this guide. It has a circumference of 5.25 inches. A longer handle seems to be more relaxed in the hands of a tennis player, making it easier for people who have not played tennis to switch.

The Grip

A medium grip tack and several grip options are available on this paddle. Cushioned, ribbed, perforated, and stitched are some of the options. Having more choices to pick from is also advantageous. As a result, you’ll be able to choose the choice that best fits your needs, and the paddle will be more convenient.

One disadvantage of this paddle is that it is not as sturdy as some of the other alternatives. It isn’t particularly delicate, but after months of use, it can begin to show signs of wear. When making a buying decision, keep this in mind. If you have a hard time with pickleball paddles, another alternative could be more appealing.


  • It’s a peaceful paddle.
  • It has a high level of responsiveness.
  • It enables players to make fast shots.
  • Ex tennis players will appreciate the long handle.
  • You can choose from a variety of grip types.
  • It only has a smidgeon of electricity.
  • The long-term longevity isn’t great.


6. Rally NX Graphite Pickleball Paddle

A wide variety of pickleball players can enjoy the Rally graphite pickleball paddle. For longevity, this paddle has a graphite face and a Nomex honeycomb core. It is clean of dents and defects that will make it unsuitable for long-term use. This is a paddle that you should be able to use for several games without fear of damaging it.

You can also make shots with ease thanks to the graphite surface. You can be in command of the ball and will be able to position it everywhere using your technique. It also aids in the execution of pop shots.

You’ll also have the choice of selecting from some different weights. The weight of the paddles varies between 7.4 and 8 ounces. You should have no trouble determining the optimal weight for your requirements. If you like a bit more maneuverability, going lighter is a good idea.

Rally NX Graphite Pickleball Paddle

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Head Size

Another feature that distinguishes this paddle is its extra-large head size. This paddle has a large surface area to use due to its huge profile. When you use this paddle, making contact with the ball should be a breeze. You’ll find a larger soft spot to work in as well.

You have more opportunities to explore because you have a larger sweet spot. You’ll be able to make shots that you wouldn’t have been able to make with another paddle. This paddle’s sweet spot looks fantastic, and it’ll be ideal for competitive matches. This paddle is a fantastic match for those looking for a dependable paddle.

The Rally NX also has a 4.25” grip dimension. This is very relaxed and never seems like it will slip. A perforated style was used for the handle grip. It’s very ergonomic and cushioned, making it more comfortable to use for longer periods.


  • For added support, the grip is perforated and cushioned.
  • There is a wide sweet spot on it.
  • The head is enormous.
  • It comes with a variety of paddle weight choices.
  • It’s a long-lasting paddle that won’t dent or break.
  • Lacks the power


7. Gamma Classic 1.0 Pickleball Paddles

The Gamma voltage pickleball paddle may be familiar to you. The Gamma Classic 1.0 demonstrates that this brand consistently produces high-quality paddles. This paddle is ideal for any pickleball player looking for a lightweight, easy-to-use paddle. This paddle is quick enough to give you an edge over your opponents.

The paddle’s graphite face gives you an outstanding sense of touch and feel. If you want to, you’ll be able to get in there and make those professional shots. The interaction of the graphite face with the ball allows you to easily monitor the direction of your shots. Every control player can find this paddle to be a good match.

Another advantage of this paddle is that it is one of the most robust alternatives available in this guide. It has a live perimeter frame that is strengthened. This improves the toughness of the edges while also removing dead areas. It’s a paddle that’s both convenient to use and performs well.

The Gamma voltage’s flush-fit bumper will increase the hitting area by 30%. It allows you more space to drive the ball while still reducing the number of mishits. You won’t have to worry about the edge guard obstructing your view. This paddle has been thoughtfully made.

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Paddle’s Handle

It’s also worth noting that the paddle’s handle is made up of only one piece. In the palm of your hand, the handle feels very good, and the consistency is excellent. Another feature that contributes to the paddle’s popularity is one of the most robust graphite pickleball paddles on the market. Because of the clever nature of the handle, you will have a lot of fun with this paddle.

The contoured grip often provides a significant difference. It has stitched ribbing and perforations to increase gripping strength. Also absorbs moisture well, so it won’t get slick if the hands get too sweaty. It even has a cushioned surface, so you’ll enjoy how comfortable it feels in your mouth.

There aren’t many things to say about this pickleball paddle that isn’t positive. Due to its lightweight, it does not have a lot of strength. In addition, the sweet spot on this one isn’t the best. Certain players also believe it to be a little sweet spot.

In any case, this is an excellent pickleball paddle. It just requires the selection of a player who can make use of its skill. This is ideal for a power player or anyone who enjoys using pace techniques. Many players should find it to be a decent deal, so keep it in mind if you’re looking for a swift and lightweight graphite paddle.


  • It is both light and fast.
  • It has a long-lasting style.
  • The construction of the handle is fantastic.
  • It has strong moisture absorption and a comfortable grip.
  • A larger hitting area is provided by the flush-fit bumper.
  • It’s just okay to have power.
  • It has a sweet spot that is average or tiny.


8. XS XSPAK Graphite Pickleball Paddle Set

This is a perfect place to start if you’re looking for a new pair of pickleball paddles. This XS XSPAK package comes with a pair of paddles. A pickleball paddle cover is also recommended to keep the paddles safe while not in operation. This is a fantastic deal, and it will be one of the better choices for newcomers.

Many looking to purchase a package of paddles might be only getting started with pickleball. This is an excellent chance to purchase a paddle for yourself and another for a mate. There are two high-quality paddles available that are suitable for both beginners and experienced players. These are excellent paddles that will last a long time.

If you like, you can even use these paddles for competitive or tournament play. The USAPA has thoroughly tested and approved them. They follow all of the requirements for tournament participation. These paddles are a fine investment if you want to participate in local tournaments or pursue some sort of competitive pickleball dream.

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This paddle, of course, has a graphite face and will do admirably for your needs. When you make contact with the ball, it also lets you get precise leverage. This is an excellent paddle for players who like to keep hold of the table. If you like precise precision in your gameplay, this would be an excellent investment for you.

Pop Shots

This paddle is also fantastic for pop shots, which you can appreciate. If you’re looking for a paddle that will give you a lot of pop, this is the paddle for you. It also features a polymer honeycomb heart, which is one of the softest and quietest on the market. This is useful if you’re playing in a country club or an area with noise restrictions.

This paddle’s reliability is also a plus. The edge guard is extremely useful in keeping it secure. It still has a low profile, but it won’t get in the way. This covers the paddle while still reducing mishits.

One of the only major drawbacks to this paddle is that it will not provide you with a lot of strength. It is not as strong as some of the other alternatives in this guide due to its lightweight design and softcore. This makes it perfect for control players but less so for those who choose to compete for dominance.


  • It’s fantastic for pop shots.
  • It’s easy to keep track of where the ball goes.
  • It is extremely bright and silent.
  • It’s tough and has a nice low-profile edge guard.
  • It comes with a protective shell.
  • It is approved by the USAPA for tournament use.
  • For power players, this is not the only option.


9. Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddle

If you’re looking for a paddle that’s both lightweight and sturdy, this one should fit the bill. Upstreet has earned a reputation as a trustworthy brand. They produce some high-quality paddles that are also reasonably priced. This is also true of their graphite pickleball paddle, which is being investigated here.

This has a polypropylene honeycomb heart, which makes for a strong balancing of power and control. For players who are all about controlling where the ball goes, it should be a great fit. It has decent strength, but it isn’t a particularly strong paddle. It has a lot of strength for a paddle with so much control, and the balance is excellent.

Shock absorption is also excellent in the heart. This makes it much easier to maintain the leverage of your shots. With this paddle, you can be very precise, and its lightweight prevents you from being fatigued very quickly. When you’re going to be playing for a long time, this is a nice paddle to use.

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Sweet Spot

The fact that this paddle has a huge sweet spot is one of the main reasons why people like it. This makes completing the difficult shots to completion a lot easier. It would be an excellent paddle to own if you are a player who is at least intermediate. This paddle is also a popular choice among advanced players.

A good handle is crucial when it comes to picking a pickleball paddle. This one, thankfully, has a cushioned and strong grip. You won’t have to worry about the paddle slipping out of your hands because it’s made of sweat-absorbent stuff.

When you buy this paddle, you will also get a free neoprene pickleball paddle cover. When you’re not playing, you should do this to shield your paddle. Overall, it’s a nice deal that can cater to a wide range of teams. It’s a responsive paddle that can be used for both recreational and competitive games.


  • It has a comfortable handle that often absorbs sweat.
  • A neoprene paddle cover is included as a bonus.
  • It’s an excellent choice for a control game.
  • It’s a well-balanced choice with adequate capacity.
  • Completing complicated shots is simple thanks to the big sweet spot.
  • It has excellent shock absorption properties.
  • It’s far too light to be considered a good power source.
  • Any of the other solutions on this page are more durable than this one.


10. Wolfe XL Graphite Pickleball Paddle Set

Eventually, this Wolfe XL graphite pickleball paddle kit is a great idea to think about. Anyone in need of several pickleball paddles would find this to be an excellent buy. These two graphite paddles are very comfortable to use and work admirably. This is a low-cost purchase that will do you well in the long run.

These paddles’ grips are designed with comfort in mind. They feel very comfortable in your hands and make playing for long periods much better than it would be otherwise. And if you’ve been playing pickleball all day, your hands would feel great. The padded grip provides comfort without losing power, allowing you to make the precise movements required.

It’s also worth noting that this paddle is a little big. It has an extra-large paddle head that the USAPA also approves for tournament use. It complies with all of the requisite criteria, so you can use it confidently as a professional player. This package has been adopted by many serious pickleball players as a high-quality choice that feels right.

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This paddle is also very light. It seems very maneuverable in the end. This paddle comes highly recommended if you want a paddle that will not feel bulky after many hours of play. It’s very easy to transport this one without it being a hassle. This is a very promising choice for many people because it does not wear you out in any way.


Considering its lightweight appearance, this paddle is also extremely sturdy. The paddle’s longevity ensures that it can withstand repeated use without breaking down. It possesses the necessary power to take care of business. It has an aluminum honeycomb heart, and the construction is excellent, allowing the ball’s effect to be spread equally across the various surfaces.

One possible disadvantage is that these paddles would cater to control players rather than power players. Even so, they’re not horrible when it comes to controlling. This is a good graphite paddle to use in general. Many players would find it to be a reasonable idea to consider.


  • Two paddles and three pickleball are used.
  • It is incredibly bright.
  • It has an aluminum honeycomb heart, which makes it very durable.
  • Long play sessions are made more enjoyable by the convenient stick.
  • It’s easy to manage.
  • The paddle head is oversized and extra-large, but the USAPA still approves it.
  • It isn’t the best option for players with a lot of control.
  • It just comes in a few different types.


11. Tempest Reign Pro Graphite Paddle

Because of its elongated form, the Tempest Reign Pro takes the Smart Response Technology used in the traditional Tempest Pro and makes it much more flexible. This paddle will satisfy all of your needs if you want more distance, more speed, and a higher sweet spot. Despite the slim size, the handle also offers enough space for grip adjustment, keeping the weight in a reasonable medium range.

The Paddletek Tempest Reign Pro Paddle is available in a slim or medium grip diameter and weighs 7.5–8.0 oz. The graphite face is very sensitive and long-lasting. The polymer core on the inside dampens vibrations while offering a large, sensitive sweet spot. The face width is 7.5”, which is narrower than the original Tempest Pro but still broad enough to effectively cover your kitchen line.

Paddletek’s Tempest Reign Pro Pickleball Paddle aids players in adapting to rapidly evolving match conditions and seizing more chances for winning points.

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The Reign is a slightly wider, slightly narrower version of the 5-Star rated, industry-leading Tempest Wave Pro graphite paddle from the Tempest Pro line. In terms of core components, face materials, and structure, the Reign Pro and the Wave Pro are identical.

Extra Length

The extra length allows players to reach balls they would otherwise lose. This is true for both groundstrokes and dinks, as well as overheads. This paddle’s graphite faces are also preferred by players. They appreciate the continuity and power it provides. The graphite surface is more difficult to play on and helps to widen the sweet spot.

This paddle gives players a 16.5” long paddle that increases strength and expands the sweet spot. You may also adjust the handle by choosing your grip size and shape (4-1/8” flat or 4-1/4” cushion). This paddle is a game-changer; now that there is a paddle that so expertly combines control, strength, and reach all in one, I’m playing more singles.

Both of these criteria are met by the Tempest Reign Pro! In comparison, much like the Tempest Wave Pro, Rein’s face has a unidirectional graphite orientation that improves rotation. The Reign seemed to have a little more control than paddles of identical configurations. The soft play and control players need to aid the game are present, but with a little more oomph. This paddle would undoubtedly end up in your pickleball bag.


  • The use of Smart Response Technology is employed.
  • Because of its elongated form, it is extremely flexible.
  • This paddle has a large sweet spot and a lot of speed.
  • The graphite face is very sensitive and long-lasting.
  • It aids players in adapting to the fast-paced rhythms of matches.
  • It took some time to get used to the Wave Pro.


12. Electrum Pro Graphite Pickleball Paddle

The Electrum Pro Graphite Pickleball Paddle is a cutting-edge Silicon Valley invention with a very well design and long lifetime. Toray T700 carbon fiber is used to make the face, which is extremely resistant to deformation and provides a better surface for pickleball deflection. The contoured feel of raw carbon fiber imparts spin and makes it easy to manage your shots.

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The Electrum Pro Graphite Pickleball Paddle is 8-1/2″ thick, giving you plenty of space to volley when defending against slams. Only complete cells are used in the polypropylene heart, ensuring a smooth feel no matter where you reach, essentially providing an “edge-to-edge” sweet spot.

The Electrum has a 5″ long medium diameter handle covered in leather grip. The handle, like the face, is made of carbon fiber, which provides more support and a stronger attachment in the paddle’s construction.

The Electrum Pro Graphite Pickleball Paddle is designed for players who want dependable results and reliability from their pickleball paddle.


  • A textured feel is also provided by the raw carbon fiber.
  • This paddle allows you to power your shots more easily.
  • It has excellent slam defense and plenty of space for volleying.
  • Throughout the paddle’s construction, it offers more flexibility and stronger communication.
  • With no response, the edge guard splits.
  • It’s too light and lacks power.



All of the pickleball paddles mentioned above are excellent options. You will have to make the final decision on which one to purchase. It’ll come down to personal taste as to which of these paddles would fit better for you. Some of the paddles would be more suitable for certain applications than others. But the graphite paddles featured above with their pros and cons are very popular based on their incredible features.

However, Take your time looking over the details of each of these top pickleball paddles. They’re all impressive in their own right, but one of them would undoubtedly stand out as the best choice for you. Depending on the type of player you are, you can choose a choice that gives you more control or more strength.

All will be perfect as long as you choose a suitable solution for the way you play the game. You’ll be able to improve your pickleball skills while still having a great pickleball paddle at your disposal. These graphite pickleball paddles reviews are only meant to serve as a guide to help you get the best out of your game.

Go and enjoy yourself on your favorite pickleball paddle. It will be simple to make 2021 a perfect year for pickleball, whether you are a professional player or just want to have some fun.

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