Head Extreme lite Pickleball Paddle

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Pickleball paddles from Head are at the top of our list. There is a polymer core and graphite striking surface on the Head Extreme lite Pickleball Paddle, which makes it lightweight yet powerful from the back of the court.


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As a lightweight pickleball paddle, the Head Extreme Lite pickleball paddle is excellent for players who want control and “drinkability” on the court. 7.2 ounces, 16 inches in length, and a 7 7/8 inch wide paddle face describe the Extreme Lite paddle. Due to its compact size, the Paddle enables you to easily control the boat with ease.

Surface & Core:

To give outstanding control and touch at the net, as well as stunning pop when slamming and smashing balls from the back of the court, the carbon-graphite striking surface was also designed.

Extreme Spin Texture is also included on the paddle face of Head Extreme Lite. With its textured paddle face, you can keep the ball on the paddle for a longer period and use it to spin and swerve the ball.

In addition to honeycomb polymer, Extreme Lite’s tubular construction has been optimized (OTC). During ball impact, this core helps support the paddle by distributing the weight throughout the paddle.

The Extreme Lite Graphite Paddle offers a fast and controlled feel, allowing you to react calmly in any scenario. The angular form allows for more mobility while also reducing unnecessary surface area. Its graphite surface not only increases accuracy but also grips pickleball for better spin. The inner polymer core has a great feel and is quite durable.


The Extreme Lite Graphite Paddle is 16 inches in length “It’s long and weighs an average of 7.4 oz, making it easy to handle at the net. It features a 5-inch handle “It also has a medium-sized grip. A line horizontally segments the face towards the lower third of the paddle’s design, which has a black and grey backdrop. The swooping HEAD logo is above it, and the paddle’s name is below it.

Key Features:

  • The honeycomb polymer core contains Optimized Tubular Construction for tremendous control.
  • The carbon-graphite paddle face with “Extreme Spin Texture” provides control and paddle “pop.”
  • Despite its small weight, this paddle packs a punch when swinging hard.

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Anybody looking to get the greatest Head pickleball paddle should consider purchasing this paddle. The Extreme Lite Graphite Paddle is lightweight and comfortable in the hand, allowing players to react quickly. A top paddle in Head’s Extreme line, this is a great choice.

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