HEAD Extreme Tour Max Pickleball Paddle

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Extensive integration of technologies allows for enhanced progress and control with HEAD Extreme Tour Max Pickleball Paddle.

As a result of a combination of new paddle improvements and diamond form, the Extreme Tour Max offers more exceptional control. Control Stabilizer Technology is one of the major features of the head (CST).


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There is an improvement in torsional stability as well as weight distribution, which results in less vibration and a stronger sense of touch and feel. As of this writing, the paddle is 16 inches in length and weighs around 7.2 ounces.

Grip & Core:

Octagonal grip for optimum usefulness. User benefits from long and precise shots with a grip length of 5in. This same grip size of 4 14 inches makes it easier for the user to smash and win.

The Extreme Tour Max features the same optimized tubular construction (OTC), honeycomb polymer core, and carbon graphite striking the surface as prior Head models (CHS). Extreme Spin Technology (EST) combines with Comfort Grip to provide you with a wonderful sensation, touch, and sipping ability, thanks to their combined efforts.


The Extreme Tour Max  Graphite Paddle is 16 inches long “It is 7.4 oz long and weighs an average of 7.4 oz, allowing it to be readily controlled at the net. It features a 5-inch handle “It also has a medium grip size. The paddle has a black and grey backdrop with a horizontal line segmenting the face towards the bottom third of the design. Above it is the swooping HEAD emblem, and below it comes the name of the paddle.

The Extreme Tour Max Graphite Paddle is lightweight and comfortable in the hand, allowing players to react instinctively to fast-paced action.

Key Features

  • It is cutting-edge in terms of technology.
  • It is less expensive.
  • The grip is pretty pleasant.
  • The process of spinning is brought to a logical end.

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The Extreme Tour Max Graphite Paddle offers a fast and controlled feel that allows you to respond to any circumstance calmly. The angular form improves maneuverability while reducing unnecessary surface area. Its graphite surface increases accuracy while also gripping the pickleball for better spin. HEAD Extreme Tour Max Pickleball Paddle inner polymer core provides a great feel and durability.

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