HEAD Radical XL Pickleball Paddle

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The enlarged face of the Head Radical XL Pickleball Paddle allows players to experience a larger sweet spot. This allows you to take photographs that would otherwise be difficult to take.


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This paddle has the potential to greatly enhance your reach. It allows you to take a variety of photos from various angles while remaining comfortable. If you have the paddle in your hand, you should be able to produce flawless serves and slices.

A fantastic paddle for catching low balls has also been demonstrated. The Head Radical XL’s polymer core design may appeal to you.

Core & Dimentions:

Any vibrations you encounter may be reduced by the core, giving you greater room to be in control at all times. You may also anticipate having flawless form while yet being able to react fast when needed. You’d be able to make rapid and accurate volleys on the ball. This is only feasible if you choose to fully exploit the paddle’s potential. You should consider two weight options while selecting this paddle. You may select between a lighter 7.6-ounce model and a larger 8.1-ounce model.

The Radical XL Graphite Paddle has been upgraded with a 1/2-inch thicker blade “core made of thick polymer Players may produce enough force with the paddle’s average weight of 7.6 oz. It features a 4-3/4-inch handle “It’s long and slender, with a medium girth. The backdrop of the Radical XL is a vivid blue with yellow accents printed on top. The HEAD logo is included in the design’s upper part.

The Radical XL Graphite Paddle will allow you to stretch while returning pickleball in any situation.

Lighter & Heavier:

The lighter blue paddle is always lighter, and the heavier red paddle is always heavier. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, and some players prefer a little extra weight when playing the game.

Unfortunately, this paddle does not come with a cover, which is one of its greatest faults. You’ll have to go through the procedure on your own if you want one. This isn’t a major issue for most individuals. Although, due to the lack of a cover, some may think this is a smaller bargain.


There are two colors to choose from. The two colors available are red and blue. This is because the red and blue on the paddle match the emblem’s colors. You’ll have to go elsewhere if you want a pickleball paddle with more aesthetically appealing designs.

Key Features:

  • There is a significant sweet spot.
  • Has a decent range.
  • There are two different weight options.
  • Shots from a low altitude and a high altitude both have advantages.
  • The polymer core design reduces vibrations.

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The big face of the Radical XL Graphite Paddle equates to a broad sweet spot and more flexibility. This paddle’s reach is ideal for low balls, slices, serving, and everything in between. The graphite face increases responsiveness and speed to every hit, while the polymer core reduces vibration so you can keep your form even during intense exchanges.

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