Pro Kennex Ovation Speed Pickleball Paddle (Blue)


The Kinetic Ovation Speed paddle is a fantastic paddle with vibration-reducing features, as well as responsive and touch-sensitive qualities. Its oval form and lack of corners decrease the possibility of a mishit, allowing for a more enjoyable space. It absorbs energy and protects the handler from stress after collision thanks to a unique chamber packed with tungsten.

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Incredible weight

As a result, you may play for longer periods without getting “pickled elbow.” Customers have expressed their opinions, and the response has been overwhelmingly good. Kinetic Ovation Speed features a 7-layer face with a “spin-grab” characteristic that allows the ball to be bent more readily on the court. The paddle is 7.7–8.0 ounces in weight.

Kinetic Ovation Speed is a high-quality lightweight that is easy to handle and soft, allowing players to concentrate on the high-level strategy. Wearing graphics and miniature ships on the roll’s edges will be easier because of the roll’s edge-less design. This is normal wear and tear and is not considered a product fault.

It features a bright left side and a vibrant backdrop with two white lines flowing vertically. A white circle with the ProKennex logo in the center towards the top.

Shape & Design

Pro Kennex engineers used to shape design principles to improve paddle performance with an enlarged sweet spot and more efficient energy transmission in the new Ovation Speed pickleball paddle. The new modified oval form produces one of nature’s most powerful designs, bringing a larger percentage of paddle mass along the central axis. Players seeking a competitive advantage in their equipment will notice an instant improvement in paddle mobility and speed. When combined, they provide an extremely plush ball strike, allowing you to manipulate your shot with confidence.

The innovative Opti-Cell Core structure, which is essential to the high-performance level reached in the new Ovation Shape design, is at the heart of this high-performance pickleball paddle.

Main Features

  • The grip is made more pleasant by the padding.
  • It features a 7-layer covering that is branded.
  • It includes a spin-grab function and a specifically designed soft skin.
  • For unrivaled arm protection, Kinetic technology is used.
  • It’s constructed of a polymer with great impact resistance.


  • It offers a high level of vibration dampening.
  • Ball striking will not do any harm to your arm.
  • It is capable of spinning the ball.
  • Its circular shape and lack of edges make it ideal for professional players.
  • The edge guard is significantly more durable and less likely to chip.
  • The users discovered no flaws.

Pro-Kennex Ovation Speed Pickleball Paddle Blue Infographic

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Pro Kennex Ovation Speed Pickleball Paddle is the greatest pickleball paddle for most players because of its spin-grab function, 7-layer coating, arm protection, grip cushioning, spinning capacity, and vibration-reducing function.

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