Best Pickleball Paddles Under $60

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There is a wide range of paddle specifications that are designed to meet the requirements of specific pickleball player types and the objective is to choose the best pickleball paddles under $60 criteria. The focus of the selection of pickleball paddle needs to require the info about the paddle that is in the range of the player with different requirements by the players. Read more about the best pickleball paddles under $75.

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We all know that when anyone is going to decide which pickleball paddle to purchase so the price and quality are always a factor to be considered in mind at first. Here are the five best pickleball paddles that are making your pocketbook happy.


5 Amazing Pickleball Paddles Under $60:

  1. Rally Tyro 2 Pro paddle
  2. VULCAN V330 Hybrid Pickleball paddle
  3. Adidas Drive Composite Pickleball paddle
  4. NIUPIPO Pickleball paddle
  5. JP Win looks Pickleball paddle

1. Rally Tyro 2 Pro Pickleball Paddle:

Rally Tyro 2 Pro Pickleball Paddle

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It is a middleweight paddle that is suitable for all levels of play. It has a special feature of the size of its sweet spot, the large sweet spot of the paddle reproduces the double performance. This paddle offers fantastic control to the player.

The Rally Tyro 2 pickleball paddle has a great amount of power and pop. It delivers a lovely soft touch for dinks. It is a paddle with a medium Circumference grip at 4.25 inches allowing to keep great control of the paddle and making the game very easy for the player.

This paddle has a style of an elongated neck for great reach which is the most popular style of the paddle. The face of the paddle is the poly-carbonate composite face layer over a fiberglass thick honeycomb polymer core that helps to create a gentle but hard feel in the play. This paddle performs well when the player looking for a great value paddle for the improvement of the game.

Features of the Rally Tyro 2 Pro Pickleball paddle:

  • Long handle: 5 inches
  • Paddle Width: 7-3/4 inches
  • The weight of the paddle: 7.6-8.0 oz
  • The grip of the paddle:  Medium circumference grip at 4.25 inches
  • Core Material: Polymer thick honeycomb core
  • Paddle Face: Poly-carbonate Composite
  • Color of the paddle: Orange, yellow, blue, green
  • Grip: Honeycomb grip
  • Sport Type: Pickleball
  •  Components included: Pickleball paddle

Editor’s Note: This paddle astonished me with its ability to combine decent power, a beautiful sweet spot, and a surprisingly good touch. Virtually quickly, I felt confident in almost all of my shots. The form and dimensions are an excellent balance between conventionally shaped paddles and today’s somewhat extended variants.

Pro Endorsement: Frank Anthony Davis

  • It provides a consistent and large sweet spot.

  • This paddle offers fantastic control to the player.

  • It delivers a lovely soft touch for dinks.

  • It has a great amount of power and pop.

  • This is suitable for all levels of play.

  • It has a comfortable grip with a nice feel.

  • Tyro 2 pro is a very good paddle at a great price.

  • It is not a lightweight paddle as some players valued a lightweight paddle.

2. VULCAN V330 Hybrid Pickleball Paddle:

VULCAN V330 Hybrid Pickleball Paddle

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The Vulcan V330 Hybrid Pickleball Paddle is a flexible option for players that seek quick and responsive play to assist their game. With a polymer core that improves longevity and a consistent feel, it boasts a forgiving graphite surface.

For players who play “finger up,” a little taper at the handle creates a sweet spot with a predictable form and a comfortable grip.

The paddle features a firm yet delicate feel, enough power to keep opponents guessing, and a pricing point that you don’t frequently see on premium graphite paddles.

Features of VULCAN V330 Hybrid Pickleball Paddle:

  • Colors: Lime Lazer | Purple Lazer
  • Game Style: Hybrid
  • Weight: 7.8 oz (+/-.2)
  • Core: Polypropylene Honeycomb Core
  • Face: Graphite
  • Length: 15 3/4 inches
  • Width: 7 3/4 inches
  • Grip Length: 4 1/2 inches
  • Grip Size: 4 1/8 inches
  • Core Thickness: 11 mm

Editor’s Note: Many players have been interviewed so that I may correctly help you in choosing the finest paddle. One player stated, “Being new to Pickleball, this paddle is my first purchase, and I have seen an instant elevation in my playing.” The V330 is an excellent paddle, especially for improving spin consistency.

Pro Endorsement: Mario Barrientos

  • It provides a solid gentle feel.

  • The polymer core adds durability to the play.

  • The paddle has a grip that helps to avoid mishaps when the palm is sweaty.

  • It is suitable who want speedy and responsive play.

  • V330 has a comfortable grip.

  • It is a nice paddle with more power and control.

  • It is not valued by the professionals.

3. Adidas Drive Composite Pickleball Paddle:

Adidas Drive Composite Pickleball Paddle

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This highly maneuverable paddle is somewhat shorter and wider than the rest of the Adidas range, allowing it to accommodate regular mishits from beginning players.

For a nice feel, it has a fiberglass face and a thicker-than-average polymer honeycomb core. Because of the low-density core, the ball will leap off your paddle and over the net with less effort than you may imagine.

The light blue color and the whimsical pattern will also look great in your purse.

Finally, Adidas Spin Blade surface technology improves ball control, and carbon reinforcement in the paddle’s perimeter increases durability, ensuring that your paddle will endure.

Features of Adidas Drive Composite Pickleball Paddle:

  • Paddle length: 18.23 in
  • Width: 8.39 in
  • Height: 2.13 in
  • The weight of the paddle: 7.7 – 8.2 oz
  • Color: Blue
  • Manufacturer: Adidas
  • Grip size of the paddle: 4 1/8 inches
  • Sport type:  Pickleball
  • Size of the paddle: 4 1/8
  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Grip type: Comfort grip
  • Core type: Polymer honeycomb core
  • Paddle face: Fiberglass face

Editor’s Note:  If I were to summarise this paddle, the new DRIVE is a flexible paddle created for players who know themselves and their skills. Players who wish to feel at ease and enjoy the game

Pro Endorsement: Nacho De Elia

  • It is a versatile paddle.

  • These enable the players to find their strength in the play.

  • This offer more spin.

  • It is a fun design for the players who are going to start their careers.

  • It improves the durability of the play.

  • Allow a comfortable grip.

  • The paddle feels well balanced.

  • This paddle is not valued by the advanced levels of the player.

4. NIUPIPO Pickleball Paddle:

NIUPIPO Pickleball Paddle

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The NIUPIPO Pickleball paddle is a lightweight pickleball paddle. The best pickleball under $60.

With the honeycomb composite, the polymer core offers a nice bounce. The NIUPIPO pickleball paddle is superior in its feel, consistency, its use, balance, and construction great for beginners. The paddle has a perfect handle and a premium grip cushion that provides a comfortable environment and performs well in play.

The edge guard of the paddle provides the benefit of ground shots and reduces mishits. It has a quality of enhancing durability and strength due to its interlocking neck guard and a corner shield. This paddle strikes the perfect balance between control, power, and gameplay.

Features of NIUPIPO Pickleball paddle:

  • Weight Average: 8.2 ounces
  • Weight Range: 8.0 – 8.4 ounces
  • Grip Circumference: 4 1/8″ (Small)
  • Grip Style: Thin or cushion
  • Grip Manufacturer: Niupipo
  • Grip Length: 5 1/4”
  • Paddle Length: 15 7/8”
  • Paddle Width: 8”
  • Paddle Face: Graphite
  • Core Material: Polymer Honeycomb
  • Approved by: USAPA

Editor’s Note: I had a lot of fun playing with this paddle, and I believe it’s a great starter paddle for the price. I believe it possesses high-level power, but as one would expect from a lower-priced paddle, it lacks control and refinement.

Pro Endorsement: Matthew Chou

    • The interiors are constructed with polymer honeycomb which is sandwiched between two sheets of fiberglass—making them durable.
    • The grips are perforated and designed to be sweat-absorbent and cushioned for comfortable, longtime play.
    • The overall design is suitable for both beginners and intermediate players
  • These paddles lack color choice.


5. JP WIN LOOK Pickleball Paddle:

JP WIN LOOK Pickleball Paddle

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JP Win look pickleball paddle is a paddle for better control and comfort and is suitable for indoor and outdoor play. It comes in a premium quality bundle that includes USAPA-approved, 3 pickleball Balls, and a carry bag.

The grip of the paddle creates the perfect connection with the paddle and provides a transfer of power and exact shots. It provides more power and control due to the Graphite face of the paddle. The best pickleball paddle at a reasonable price.

Features of the JP WIN LOOK Pickleball Paddle:

  • Weight Average: 8.0 ounces
  • Weight Range: 8.0 ounces
  • Grip Circumference: 4″ (Small) Actual grip sizes may vary up to 1/8″.
  • Grip Style: cushion, perforated
  • Grip Length: 5″
  • Paddle Length: 15.4″
  • Paddle Width: 7.75″
  • Paddle Face: Graphite
  • Core Material: Polymer honeycomb
  • Edge Guard: Thin-line overlapping edge

Editor’s Note: I would only recommend this paddle to beginning players because it is a terrific bargain for the price and appears to be durable. If you continue to play pickleball (which you should!) I’d ultimately upgrade to a higher-tier paddle, but this is nice to have as a backup paddle.

Pro Endorsement: Grant Bond

  • It is suitable for beginners.

  • It provides durability in the game.

  • JP Win improves the skill level of the game.

  • It comes with 3 pickleball balls and a carry bag.

  • JP Win is a lightweight paddle.

  • It has an edge guard protection

  • This is a great paddle with outstanding performance.

  • It comes in honeycomb technology for power and strength.

  • It is not valued by the intermediate levels of players.



Q1: What kind of pickleball paddle is best for a pickleball player?

Ans. The Pickleball paddles that are lightweight, graphite material, strong, and at a great price that is reasonable are considered to be the best pickleball paddle.

Q2. Are the pickleball paddles approved?

Ans. Yes, the best pickleball paddles are approved by USAPA.

Q3: For what they are approved?

Ans: They are approved for the sanctioned tournament play.

Q4: Are pickleball paddles made only for beginners?

Ans: No, pickleball paddles are made for beginners and professionals also.


For those players who want to buy a good quality paddle with a reasonable price that is under $60 so this article surely helps to fix it. If a player wants to perform well in the pickleball game, the focus of the player is to find the kind of pickleball paddle that provides outstanding results while remaining within the budget so the above-mentioned best pickleball paddles are the great choice by the pickleball players for pickleball game.

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