Vinsguir Pickleball Paddle Set with 2 quality graphite pickleball paddles, 3 outdoor pickleball balls, 1 indoor pickleball ball, and 1 portable pickleball bag (all-in-one deal). Portable, cross-body, and shoulder bags are all options for carrying the pickleball bag.

Smooth graphite surface – A graphite-surfaced pickleball racket is lighter in weight and stronger than a fiberglass racket. The resilient surface provides precision and excellent ball spin, while the outstanding durable graphite substance provides the racket with optimal strength and endurance.

Internal honeycomb core has even distribution – The USAPA standard Vinsguir paddleball paddles are made of polymer honeycomb that is sandwiched between two layers of foam.

Vinsguir Pickleball Paddle

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Vinsguir’s soft non-slip pickleball handle is fashioned with a 4.92″ grip length and a 4.25″ grip diameter for a comfortable grip. Longer-handled paddles give you greater reach on groundstrokes, more leverage on serves, and a little more power overall.

Large surface area and average weight (7.8 oz) – Pickleball racquets that are lightweight and designed for beginning and intermediate players. This pickleball paddle set is also perfect for outdoor activities and is a wonderful present for your mother, father, children, and friends.


  • Medium is the size.
  • Vinsguir Pickleball Paddle Set is a brand.
  • The grip measures 4.92 inches in length.
  • Graphite is the chosen material.
  • Beginner through Intermediate is the skill level.

Key Features:

  • Accuracy and superb ball spin are provided by the resilient surface. The racket’s exceptional durability and strength come from the graphite composition.
  • High color fastness is ensured by the UV printing racket surface, which has a bright graphic design. The use of a prime edge guard extends the life of your investment.
  • Official USAPA requirements are met by Vinsguir pickleball paddles. Excellent comfort is provided by the non-slippery handle with superior wrapping. To prevent the handle rubber from coming off, a reinforced protection strip has been added to the handle.
  • The wide body offers a big sweet spot for more impact; The lightweight (7.8 oz) honeycomb polymer core is of superior quality and delivers a superb balance of power and control.
  • All of your equipment should be ready at the same time: Two premium paddles, three outdoor balls, one indoor ball, and a portable racquet bag are included. The balls have precisely drilled holes that give them a great flight path. Balls that bounce perfectly.

Editor’s Note: I spoke with a player for this incredible set, and she had a lot to say: “I purchased the paddles because of their positive evaluations and the fact that they are sold in sets of two. My favourite paddles are those that are lightweight, comfortable to grasp, easy to grip, and colourful. Playing with them has been enjoyable for me.” – Kamilah Cardenas

Pro Endorsement: Kamilah Cardenas


Q1. Where can I find grip size information?

Ans. A quarter is around 4 inches in diameter.

Q2. Has it been approved by the USAPA?

Ans. These paddles pass all USAPA testing and requirements.

Q3. What pickleball paddle shape is ideal?

Ans. Generally speaking, the elongated design offers better reach, power, and spin (but, on the flip side, possibly less control). Due to its expanded reach, the elongated design is preferred among singles pickleball players.


Pickleball is a very simple game to take up, and players may readily transform friendly matches into competitions. Players require a versatile paddle that works well for both beginners and experts in this circumstance. The paddle must also be strong and constructed of top-notch materials.
These pickleball paddles made of graphite are sturdy and lightweight, with a polymer honeycomb core sandwiched between two sheets of resilient carbon fibre. They feature a relaxed grip, which gives ground strokes additional reach. Four balls, a bag, and two paddles are included in the kit.

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