Best Pickleball Paddles for Beginners

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As a novice, you want a lot of pop around the court from your very first paddle. In this review, I am your guide who helps you to find the best pickleball paddles for Beginners.

You want a paddle that is readily maneuverable, easy to switch, and packed with a delicate touch and feel. Superior comfort is your priority and you require sensitivity to touch and feel the net. You are a beginner.

If any pro gets a hold of this post, please enter my other paddle review blog, which is geared toward spinners. An art book is also a good option for beginners who want to produce spin with their paddle. Read More about the best pickleball paddles under $100.

If you want to learn how to play pickleball and need the best beginner’s pickleball paddle? In that case, we understand that you want a good paddle like the ones Swing It Big checked but can’t afford to spend a lot of money on one.

With pickleball’s exponential development, there are so many new Best Pickleball Paddles for Beginners on the market that making a decision can be difficult.

And, in our view, if you’re a beginner, those higher-priced paddles might not be the best choice since you’ll end up paying a premium for functionality that pro-level paddles provide but won’t require while you’re just getting started.

So, with the aid of Swing it Big, we’ve compiled a list of the best beginner choices, complete with detailed reviews, to help you select the paddle that best fits your playing style and budget.

This article aims to provide you with the most up-to-date list of the best beginner pickleball paddles available. These are top-of-the-line best pickleball paddles with a long list of specifications.

What should I pay for the best pickleball paddle for beginners?

SLK PADDLES is made to offer more reasonably priced solutions for beginners while yet supplying a reliable and long-lasting paddle. These paddles are priced between $49.99 and $140.

We entirely get it if beginner pickleball players don’t want to spend a lot of money when they first get started. Professional players often use paddles that cost between $150 and $250, but novices shouldn’t have to shell out that much money for their first paddle.

What are the best pickleball paddles for beginners?

1. SLK LATITUDE: At $59.99, this vehicle combines performance and technology with comfort, balance, and affordability. You have the control and feel that many aspiring players desire thanks to the graphite face.

2. SLK NEO GRAPHITE: The Neo Graphite is an excellent option for beginners because to its classic paddle form, honeycomb core, and graphite surface. And for $49.99, it won’t break the bank.

3. SLK NEO ATLAS: Perfect for learning the soft game, this wide-body paddle also has a honeycomb core and a graphite surface for maximum control.

Can I get high performance-best pickleball paddle for intermediate players?

Absolutely! HIGH-PERFORMANCE PADDLES will provide you the features to make advanced shots as you develop your skill set if you are still a beginner or intermediate but are all in on pickleball. To reduce the danger of buying a new pickleball paddle as much as possible, a lot of brands provide a LIFETIME WARRANTY on these paddles.

What should you look for in the best starter pickleball paddle?

You should look for the following things if you are a beginner and looking for best beginner pickleball paddle:

  1. Wide Body or “traditional” Paddle Face
  2. Honeycomb core (as opposed to wood)
  3. Affordable cost

Why should a pickleball paddle for beginners have a wide body for a traditional shape?

A “conventional” paddle face increases the sweet spot when starting out, making it perfect for novices. You can make consistent shots since it is easier to predict where your shot will fall when the sweet spot is larger. Your misses are reduced as a result, allowing you to stay in the point longer.

There are a number of additional fantastic forms with various court benefits. Popular options include elongated paddles, particularly for tennis players. But for novices, the “traditional” design makes a fantastic all-purpose paddle.

Best pickleball paddles for beginners 2022

If you’ve only recently developed a pickleball itch, we completely understand how you’re feeling right now. You believed the regulations were simple to comprehend, and you like the fact that you were able to play your first match shortly after taking the court. Having a great time, you want to play more. There are many best pickleball paddles for beginners, but Onix z5 is at the top of the list in 2022. However, your friend’s loaner paddle felt strange, so you’ve chosen to buy the ideal paddle and head to Google and type in “pickleball paddles for beginners.”

Lightweight Pickleball Paddles For Beginners

It’s commonly forgotten that a beginner’s pickleball paddle makes it possible for someone new to the game to play more naturally. In other words, because there is less resistance where your arm, wrist, and hand are moving, you can react faster and more precisely.

A lighter paddle will have better control over the ball but less strength, as was already said. This is usually a wise move for players who are playing in pairs or are new to the game (lots of play at the net.)

Or, lightweight gear can be a great fit if you prefer to play other paddle or racquet sports with delicate strokes like quick wrist flips.

Midweight Beginners Pickleball paddles set

Midweight is an excellent starting point for new players since it provides a balance between lightness for control and a bit more weight for the force behind your shots.

It’s a big reason why midweight is the most common weight for beginners’ pickleball paddle set

If you play both singles and doubles, a midweight paddle is ideal for dinking in doubles and power in singles, where there will be less drinking.

Heavy pickleball paddles for beginners

We said it before, but heavier paddles will provide more force behind your shots while also requiring a bit more expertise to retain control and placement of your shot.

That’s not to say you can’t have both power and control with a heavier paddle; it just might take some time – and practice – to get acclimated.

If you typically play singles, a heavier paddle becomes more significant since power shots are more crucial in singles.

Should good pickleball paddles for beginners have a thick or thin core?

A narrower core will provide more power than a bigger core. A thicker core will offer you greater control and provide a larger sweet spot for novices, which is fantastic for providing leniency to where the ball touches your paddle.

It is advised that anybody new to pickleball adopt a paddle with a thicker core.

Beginners’ pickleball rackets’ grip sizes

One of the elements to take into account is your grip size, commonly referred to as your grip diameter or grip thickness.

Every paddle manufacturer will specify the diameter of its grips, making it easy to contrast various options. There are several options available here as well; the most popular sizes fall between 3.875″ and 4.25″, rising in sixteenth-inch steps.


Top Best Pickleball Paddles For Beginners:


  1. Apollo Premium Graphite Paddle

  2. Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddle

  3. Rally Tyro 2 Composite Paddle

  4. Gamma Sports Fusion 2

  5. Champion Graphite Vintage Paddle

  6. Gamma Poly Core Pickleball Paddle

  7. Head Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle


1. Apollo Premium Graphite Paddle

If you’re a novice who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money at first, the Apollo luxury graphite paddle is ideal. In the pickleball paddle range, it is a much higher performing Best Pickleball Paddles for Beginners.

You’ll also get a paddle cover and access to a free paddle guide. These are beneficial in learning how to grab and swing the paddle.

The face of the racket is built with a polymer honeycomb core for increased strength and consistency when taking lobs, dinks, and volleys.

Best Pickleball Paddles for Beginners

See Amazon Prices See Walmart Prices

Looking for a paddle that will last a long time? The apollo pickleball paddle’s graphite material ensures longevity, perfection, and accuracy. The carbon fiber used for the paddle’s exterior, on the other hand, makes it thin and scratch-resistant.

Apollo is the perfect best pickleball paddle for beginners because of its low price, lightweight, and long-lasting features. It’s an excellent option for newcomers or beginners!


  • Item Dimensions LxWxH: 16 x 7.9 x 1.75 inches (40.6 x 20.1 x 4.4 cm)
  • Color: Two Paddle Set – Blue & Pink
  • Material: Graphite Surface, Polymer Honeycomb Core
  • Outer Material: Graphite, Carbon Fiber
  • Grip Size: 4 1/4″ (10.2 cm)
  • Grip Type: Extra Comfort Contour Grip
  • Frame Material: Carbon Fiber/Graphite

Editor’s Note: I interviewed several players and asked them about their opinions of these paddles since you shall have a good experience with your new starting game and you pick a quality paddle. Here is a player’s response on Apollo Premium:
“Pickleball paddles that are excellent for beginners. Even my more seasoned buddies had fun with the paddles. Very good purchase.”

Pro Endorsement: Junior Ore

  • The cost of this paddle is poor, but it is of high quality.
  • This game is ideal for players with big paws.
  • Different strategies are guided by a paddle guide.
  • This paddle’s light weight allows for exceptional maneuverability.
  • The paddle’s longevity ensures that it can be used for a long time.
  • For players with smaller paws, this isn’t ideal.


2. Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Beginner pickleball players may want to purchase paddles that cost between $20 and $30 and have a pleasing style. This Upstreet paddle satisfies the criterion by providing a good value.

The Upstreet graphite is soft-edged, responsive, and lightweight in terms of consistency. It’s a traditional pickleball paddle. Aside from being built from polypro honeycomb composite cores, this paddle is well-known for its power-to-control ratio.

Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Paddle

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This paddle’s micro-dry smooth grip can appeal to recreational or serious pickleball players. A stitched rib grip tape is used on the paddle to trap moisture. Softness is found in the paddle, which is ensured by dense padding.

Looking for a paddle that will last a long time? This is, without a doubt, the greatest! Take advantage of the low cost of this work of art.


  • Face: Graphite.
  • Length: 15.75 inches.
  • Width: 7.75 inches.
  • Weight: 8.6 Oz.

Editor’s Note: I found this paddle to be really fantastic for a variety of pictures. It feels wonderful in my hand and has excellent balance. I serve mostly with power, and this paddle’s power output from the same serving movement is noticeably different from that of my well-used older paddle. This difference allows me to serve with greater speed, control, and accuracy.

Pro Endorsement: Erik Forsythe

  • It’s much superior to a wooden paddle.
  • Affordably priced and attractively designed.
  • The power play is enhanced by a longer handle and grip.
  • Any stroke has a sweet-sounding “pop” to it.
  • This paddle does not come with a rulebook.
  • There’s a good chance it’ll crumble and it won’t last.


3. Rally Tyro 2 Composite Paddle

If you’re just getting into pickleball, Rally Tyro 2 is a high-end, sophisticated choice for you, or if you’re looking for a paddle for your kids, this is the paddle to use.

This non-wood paddle is extremely light, ensuring comfort as well as elegant results. It’s also a high-quality plastic paddle with a rubber backbone that lasts longer.

Rally Tyro 2 Composite Paddle

See Amazon Prices See Walmart Prices

The grip is soft but firm enough to allow players to take a variety of shots. With this well-grip paddle, players who sweat a lot will play for a long time.

The majority of pickleball coaches use this paddle with their students during practice sessions. Overall, I think it’s the best beginner pickleball paddle I’ve found so far.


  • Polypropylene Honeycomb Core
  • Polycarbonate Facing
  • Face: 15.57″ x 7.875″
  • weight: 7.7 – 8.0 oz
  • Grip Length: 4.25″ Circumference/4.375″

Editor’s Note: I had a great time using this paddle, and I believe it would make a great first paddle for beginners or intermediate players, or even an upgrade from your current paddle. It isn’t very light, but it isn’t particularly heavy either. I loved the texture since it didn’t cause too much variation between impacts and allowed me to spin whatever ball I desired consistently in any direction.

Pro Endorsement: David George

  • Tennis players appreciate the convenience of this.
  • Advanced aerospace materials have a one-of-a-kind value.
  • This paddle’s sturdy construction guarantees strength and control.
  • The wide sweet spot provides excellent ball control and balance.
  • Coaches can benefit from a high-quality paddle.
  • This is a great paddle for everyday use.
  • It’s good enough for sweaty athletes.
  • This paddle is used by the majority of the coaches.
  • There is no USAPA clearance.


4. Gamma Sports Fusion 2

Everyone in the pickleball world knows of Gamma Sports’ pickleball paddle. This paddle’s special features include a solid grip, a good size, a fair weight, and nice graphics on the paddle, which have been mentioned by a few pickleball players.

If you’re looking for a paddle that will help you to spin your ball, Gamma’s Fusion 2 is a great option. The ball’s fiberglass face has a subtle structure that helps it to spin and slice, which is what most pros want.

Best Pickleball Paddles for Beginners

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This sweat-absorbing Fusion 2 paddle features a honeycomb cushioned grip that allows you to catch the ball with complete conviction.

Because of its lightweight, this paddle is ideal for most beginner-level players. In contrast, an edge guard (a piece of material) is wrapped around the paddle’s face to protect it from chipping.

Most pickleball players agree that it’s good for a lot of shots, dinks, and spins.


  • Weight: ~ 8.0 ounces
  • Hitting Surface: Textured Fiberglass
  • Grip Size: 4″
  • Grip: GAMMA Honeycomb
  • Grip Length: 5 “
  • Paddle Length: 15 5/8”
  • Paddle Width: 8-1/4″
  • Paddle Thickness: 7/16”
  • Core Material: Aramid honeycomb (Nomex)

Editor’s Note: Review of Gamma Sports Fusion 2 by a player:
“I’m a pickleball newbie, and I wasn’t happy with my first paddle. I am really happy with the Gamma Sports 2.0 Pickleball Paddle that I bought. I have greater ball control and more self-assurance thanks to the surface. The paddle weighs incredibly little.”

Pro Endorsement: Andrew Yaraghi

  • Indoor and outdoor play is authorized by the USAPA.
  • Anyone’s budget will afford it.
  • Well-versed in generating a lot of spins.
  • It is protected from fragmentation by an edge guard.
  • It’s not ideal for tournament play.
  • This paddle does not come with a paddle cover.


5. Champion Graphite Vintage Paddle

This vintage champion graphite paddle is recognized for its superior consistency and longevity, thanks to advanced aerospace composites. Due to compliance with USAPA rules and requirements, the paddle has been approved for tournament play.

This paddle’s graphite face and honeycomb center provide excellent ball stability, positioning, and spin.

Furthermore, because of the XL scale surface area, there is more ball touch and a sweet spot.

Champion Graphite Pickleball Paddle

See Amazon Prices See Walmart Prices

This paddle is for both whether you’re a novice or a pro.

This pickleball paddle is without a doubt the finest of the best. Don’t sacrifice consistency for the sake of saving money. Take a chance!


  • Weight Average: 7.6 ounces
  • Weight Range: 7.1 – 8.0 ounces (depending on grip style)
  • Grip Circumference: 4 1/4” (thick tennis grip) or 4” (thin grip)
  • Grip Style: Available in thick cushion grip or thin grip
  • Grip Length: 4.5”
  • Paddle Length: 15-3/4”
  • Paddle Width: 8-1/8″”
  • Paddle Face Finish: Graphite Core Material: Nomex honeycomb

Editor’s Note: This is one of the greatest graphite paddles for the money, so don’t pass it up!

Pro Endorsement: Tadd Barnett

  • This paddle is made of long-lasting materials.
  • This paddle has been authorized by the USAPA to uphold the parameters set by this authority.
  • A larger surface area aids in the discovery of the sweet spot.
  • The paddle is light and comfortable.
  • For various age classes, it provides a better tennis grip.
  • Not for those who like heavy paddles


6. Gamma Poly Core Pickleball Paddle

If you want to enhance your kitchen line game, this lightweight paddle is ideal. The Gamma poly core paddle meets every need for being the finest for exact objectives and excellence.

The paddle is unique due to the sensa polycore technology. It improves strong touch while maintaining continuous power.

Gamma Poly Core Pickleball Paddle

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The paddle makes a “ping” sound due to the textured composite face and edge guard across the face. Furthermore, this paddle’s longer head produces more whip, strength, and control. This paddle deserves respect because it aids in both overhead and horizontal shots.

The paddle has been approved by the USA Pickleball Association due to its high quality. One of the most appealing aspects of this gamma edition is that it comes with a one-year license.


  • Skill Level: Beginner to Professionals
  • Weight: 7.6oz
  • Paddle Length: 16 5/8”
  • Width: 7 1/8”
  • Grip Design Cushioned, Perforated and Ribbed
  • Face: Textured Graphite
  • Core: Sensa Poly Core

Editor’s Note: A player’s review:

“I’m new to the game, but I come from a lengthy, high-quality racquetball career. This racquet is precisely what I wanted, and a couple of the guys who have played for 4-6 years are getting one for themselves.”

Pro Endorsement: Carl Hilliard

  • For top-tier players, this is a great paddle.
  • This paddle’s face has a very low risk of being scratched.
  • A paddle that has been authorized by the USAPA.
  • The vendor is offering a one-year warranty.
  • This paddle’s grasp keeps you from sweating.
  • It’s possible that there would be so many dead points.


7. Head Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle

If you want more finesse at the net and a solid dinking paddle with a control-oriented line, this is the paddle for you.

The price might be a little higher for beginners, but this paddle’s longevity and playability are exceptional.

Head Fiberglass Pickleball Paddle

See Amazon Prices See Walmart Prices

You’ll appreciate the paddle’s lightweight fiberglass reaching surface, which provides an excellent feel and strength. Since it is not a graphite-faced paddle, you can not get the full advantage of this special paddle if you are a novice.

The polypropylene honeycomb center of the paddle distinguishes it from the competition, providing a fine “pop” sound, increased balance, and decreased vibration. Aside from that, the new ERGO GRIP aids in the prevention of common beginner hand and wrist fractures.


  • Weight: 8.1 oz
  • Length: 16 in
  • Width: 7 7/8 in
  • Grip size: 4 1/8 in
  • Color: Black, Red and Yellow

Editor’s Note: 2016 US OPEN Mixed Doubles Champion and Women’s Doubles Champion Pro Player (5.0) reviews on this paddle:

“Overall I really love this paddle and, the handle is one of the key features that sets HEAD paddles apart. A single foam-covered, foam-molded item is used instead of pallets. Because the handle is a part of the paddle, it feels more substantial and has better longevity.” – Sarah Ansboury, Pro Player (5.0)

Pro Endorsement: Sarah Ansboury

  • This fantastic paddle has been licenced for clinical use by the USAPA.
  • For its smoothness, this entry-level paddle is highly regarded.
  • The rubber trim grip may come off.
  • Owing to a lack of sufficient texture, spin abilities can be hampered.

What is a good beginner pickleball paddle?

One of the greatest pickleball paddles available is the Onix Z5, which is also one of the most well-liked models. The Z5 has excellent power-to-control proportions. On every swing, its weight, form, and manufacture provide a smooth feeling. Wider faces are better for net play and novices in general.

How long does a pickleball paddle last?

Typically, a competitive player will replace their paddles once a year, however, some may do so even sooner if their sponsors provide them with new paddles. Graphic or composite paddles should last an average recreational player two to three years.

How many pickleball courts fit on a tennis court?

Pickleball courts are around the same size as badminton courts at 20 feet wide and 44 feet long as opposed to tennis courts, which are 60 feet wide and 120 feet long. On a typical tennis court, four pickleball courts may fit!

Which pickleball paddle is best for me?

Pickleball courts are around the same size as badminton courts at 20 feet wide and 44 feet long as opposed to tennis courts, which are 60 feet wide and 120 feet long. On a typical tennis court, four pickleball courts may fit!

How often should you replace your pickleball paddle?

You can generate a great deal of electricity from a very tiny coating of it since it is such a powerful substance. Think of fingernail thin. This enables graphite paddles to maintain their small weight while providing the same power as a heavier paddle. This explains why a lot of serious and professional pickleball players use a graphite paddle.


If you’ve made it this far, we are certain you’ll be driving home with some useful information. Before you spend a lot of money as a novice, it’s important to consider your style. As a result, start with inexpensive paddles to figure out your design, and then upgrade as required. If you’re brand-aware, start with the previously mentioned; however, if you’re on a tight budget, look into the aforementioned.

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