Trepot Lightweight


2 quality graphite pickleball paddles, 4 outdoor pickleball, 1 mesh carry ball bag, 2 overgrip rolls, and 2 protective cases are included in each package for easy travel and storage. Everything you’ll need to make a splash on the court! Begin playing this fantastic sport immediately for a reasonable fee. For novices, this will be the greatest option Trepot Lightweight Pickleball Paddles.

Grip and Power Control of the Highest Quality- The Classic paddle is 8.2 ounces in weight and perfectly mixes power and control. The perforated, sweat-absorbing and cushioned pickleball paddle allow for a stronger paddle grip and longer play duration without strain. 15.5″ L x 7.7″ W x 0.6″ H Dimensions The racket features a wide sweet spot and an evenly distributed weight distribution.

Superior Quality and Performance – Your item will be sent in a sturdy box that can be given as a gift and used to store the set. From the hand-stitched handle to the low-profile edge guard, everything about this knife is top-notch. A fantastic paddle for both beginners and experts, with high-quality detailing and more intimate racket accessories.

Trepot Lightweight Pickleball Paddles Set of 2

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Superior Paddle Edge Guard – A low-profile, high-durability edge guard protects the paddle’s striking surface and core from court damage while being slender enough to prevent mishits.

Pickleball TRepot Paddles have excellent quality guarantees, so that you may buy or get the money back confidently. We wish to satisfy our consumers fully. Each pickleball paddle is created for a newbie or a player who wants to make progress. You are now lucky enough to try without risks!


  • Trepot is the brand name.
  • Graphite is used to make the material.
  • Beginner Intermediate Professional is the skill level.
  • Carbon fiber is used for the frame.
  • Polypropylene Honeycomb Core is used for the shaft.
  • The weight of the item is 8.2 ounces.

Editor’s Note: Apparently a decent bargain. You receive everything you require to get going. Experienced players will no doubt experiment with different paddles, but the current one is ideal.

Pro Endorsement: Dillon Segur


How many balls are provided in this set?

4 balls and a storage net bag are provided.

what are the characteristics of trepot pickleball set?

Set of two Trepot pickleball paddles with a graphite surface and a lightweight polypropylene core. Also included are four pickleball balls, two protective cases, and two overgrip rolls.

Trepot pickleball paddles and sets are guaranteed by a superior quality assurance guarantee for a risk-free purchase or your MONEY back. We wish you nothing but happiness.

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