Top Best Edgeless Pickleball Paddles

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Paddles with no edges are preferred by many pickleball players. On the market, there are various possibilities to explore. If you’re looking for the best pickleball paddles, check out these edgeless pickleball paddle reviews to see which ones are the best.

There are various factors to consider while shopping for the best pickleball paddle in 2022. It’s critical to think about both the power and the control they provide. It’s also a good idea to consider how long the paddle will last. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about edgeless paddles.

The quest for the greatest edgeless pickleball paddles is a relatively recent phenomenon. A pickleball paddle without an edge protector was previously hard to find. Because edge guards help protect the paddle from miss-hits on hard court surfaces, they were a significant part of the paddle’s design.

Edgeless paddles are missing an edge guard that runs down the center of the paddle’s face and protects it from burn marks when it comes into contact with harsh surfaces! Most participants will come into contact with hard items such as dirt since they must bend on a frequent basis. Read more about the best pickleball paddles for advanced players

Check out our list of the best edgeless pickleball paddles on the market to make sure you get the best edgeless pickleball paddles. When evaluated, each of these paddles obtained a -star grade and is classified as a medium or light paddle. This will provide you with the most flexibility and control on the court.

Best Edgeless Pickleball Paddles in 2022

Swinging the best edgeless paddles is a pleasure since they are extremely dynamic. You’ll find much to love here, whether you’re a competitive player or just like playing for fun. Take your time looking over each paddle’s features. This will assist you in determining which one is your favorite.

Every edgeless paddle on this list is excellent in its own way. However, some of them will be preferable for specific tasks. It will be worthwhile for you to investigate all of these possibilities. You can locate the ideal new paddle that will provide you with the greatest pleasure, so keep reading to see what’s available.

Following are some of the best edgeless pickleball paddles in 2020-21.

Top Best Edgeless Pickleball Paddles:

  1. Amazin’ Aces ‘Bainbridge’ Pickleball Paddle

  2. Gearbox Seven Pickleball Paddle

  3. Gearbox G11 Pickleball Paddle

  4. Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle – Carbon Fiber – Viper

  5. Wolfe XF Pickleball Paddle

  6. Onix Sub-Zero Pickleball Paddle

  7. ProKennex Kinetic Pro Speed Pickleball Paddle

  8. GAMMA Voltage 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

  9. ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Speed Pickleball Paddle

  10. GAMMA Neutron 2.0 Graphite Pickleball Paddle

  11. Tornado F5 Edgeless Graphite Pickleball Paddle


1. Amazin’ Aces ‘Bainbridge’ Pickleball Paddle

Amazin’ Aces has designed a very high-quality pickleball paddle with the Bainbridge model. One of the best rimless pickleball paddles on the market. Using this paddle will make controlling the ball much simpler. This is a fantastic option for control players looking to win games with finesse.

This paddle is both lightweight and durable, making it excellent for fast-paced play.

Best Edgeless Pickleball Paddles

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You should also be aware that this paddle has a decent amount of power. Overall, this is a solid alternative for those who want to get more power out of their strokes. It features an excellent balance of power and control that will appeal to the majority of players.

This paddle, like the majority of the edgeless variants you’ll come across, is prone to chipping. Chips are sure to happen here and there because there is no edge guard to protect the paddle from injury. The majority of the time, the harm is purely aesthetic. It’s inconvenient, but this paddle isn’t all that, unlike other edgeless paddles.


  • Average weight of 7.9oz
  • Medium grip circumference of 4 1/2″
  • Premium cushion grip
  • Paddle length of 16″
  • Paddle width of 7 5/8″
  • Grip length of 5″
  • Graphite/fiberglass paddle face
  • Aluminum core

Editor’s Note: The Bainbridge is an excellent value paddle, especially for novice and intermediate players. I wouldn’t compare it to other of the more established brands I’ve used in advanced play.

Pro Endorsement: Zane Navratil


  • Extremely light and manoeuvrable.
  • It gives you a lot of control.
  • Powerful enough.
  • The feel of the graphite and fiberglass face is fantastic.
  • The aluminum honeycomb core is sturdy and light at the same time.
  • The durability is mediocre at best.
  • Over time, aesthetic chip damage is unavoidable.
  • Some gamers may be disappointed by the lack of style possibilities.


2. Gearbox Seven Pickleball Paddle

The Gearbox Seven Pickleball Paddle holds the distinction of being the lightest paddle produced by Gearbox. If you’re looking for a paddle that’ll be simple to use, this one is a good choice. It’s ideal for folks who prefer light paddles since they don’t want their arms to become tired throughout extended games.

It also has a decent sweet spot. When returning shots, it seems quite natural, and you should be able to manage this paddle effectively. This is a choice that will most appeal to finesse players. Those looking to play the power game will be disappointed with this paddle.

Best Edgeless Pickleball Paddles

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Because the paddle is just 7 ounces in weight, it can only create so much power. This implies you must approach the purchase of this paddle with the proper mentality. It may be ideal for some control players, but it will not provide you with the optimum combination of control and power.

There are, however, certain drawbacks to utilizing this paddle. Because the paddle’s resilience isn’t great, you’ll want to treat it gently if you want to extend its life. In addition, the striking surface is a little smaller than some people want. If you can cope with the potential downsides, this paddle will be ideal for you.


  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 7 oz
  • Paddle Length: 15⅞ in
  • Paddle Head Width: 8 in
  • Grip Sizes: Two choices 3⅝ or 3 15/16
  • Paddle Head Length: 10⅜ in
  • Core: Patent Pending Solid Span Technology
  • Handle Length: 5½ in

Editor’s Note: The G7 has an Ergonomic Urethane Foam Molded Handle that improves grip feel and comfort. I want you to feel the craftsmanship, comfort, and perfection of a Gearbox paddle from the minute you take it up.

Pro Endorsement: Jay Devilliers


  • It’s incredible how light it is.
  • Excellent action.
  • It’s simple to use and ideal for fast-paced games.
  • The paddle’s graphite face is ideal.
  • Overall, this is an excellent sweet spot.
  • Control-style gamers will love it.
  • It has a modest area for striking.
  • The durability of this paddle is poor.
  • It has a very low power consumption.


3. Gearbox G11 Pickleball Paddle

Gearbox’s most recent release is vastly different from the previous one. This is another high-quality design that will be noticeable in a variety of ways. The first thing to note about this paddle is that it is highly advanced. This paddle has been meticulously developed to deliver the most enjoyable playing experience imaginable.

The gearbox used hand-laid complex composite materials to construct the G11. This simply means that the paddle’s overall structure is of greater grade. Many other edgeless paddles on the market don’t last as long as this one. It’s composed of a single piece of molded plastic, giving it more stiffness and durability.

Best Edgeless Pickleball Paddles

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When creating this paddle, they also paid close attention to the sweet spot. The sweet spot has been increased, making precise shots simpler than ever before.

The smooth feel of this paddle will also appeal to players. It allows you to do touch shots in the kitchen with ease. With this paddle, you’ll be able to get terrific pop shots as well. During games, you’ll have a lot of possibilities, making it one of the most flexible edgeless paddles available.


  • Material: Carbon, Glass Fiber
  • Weight: 7.8 oz
  • Paddle Length: 15 15/16”
  • Paddle Head Width: 8 in
  • Grip Size: 3 ⅞ in
  • Paddle Head Length: 10 15/16 in
  • Core: Patent Pending Solid Span Technology
  • Handle Length: 5 in

Editor’s Note: Some users have commented that this paddle appears to reach its full power inside. If you’re intending on using the paddle outside, this may be a disadvantage. It should function in both situations, but the personal choice may be the deciding factor. Simply keep this information in mind when you make your final purchase decision.

Pro Endorsement: John Cincola


  • It has a significant sweet spot.
  • It’s easy to accomplish touch shots because of the soft feel.
  • Most other edgeless paddles are not as sturdy as this one.
  • The construction quality is excellent.
  • Outdoor play may not be as enjoyable.


4. Franklin Sports Pickleball Paddle – Carbon Fiber – Viper

This paddle from Franklin Sports would appeal to you if you want to buy a carbon fiber pickleball paddle. Overall, the edgeless construction is excellent, and it looks wonderful. This is without a doubt one of the coolest-looking paddles on the list, and it also performs admirably. It was created with the goal of maximizing play-ability.

This paddle is rather light, for control-style players, being able to utilize a light paddle is always a plus. It makes maneuvering the paddle easier, and you’ll be able to place the ball where you want it. This paddle will also be simple to use for beginners, making it a great first serious pickleball paddle for someone.

Best Edgeless Pickleball Paddles

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The generous sweet area on this paddle will also appeal to you. Because the sweet spot is so large, it’s an even more enticing alternative for newcomers. It makes it easier to manage your shots and increases the overall enjoyment of the game. This is an excellent paddle, and the sweet spot just adds to its appeal.

This paddle’s carbon fiber honeycomb core is also worth noticing. It allows you to have complete control over your shots, allowing you to play a fantastic finesse game. The core was created with the goal of making it as simple as possible to manage your shots. When taking just about any form of shot, it feels great.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT 7.5oz – 7.7oz design for best playability
  • The EDGELESS design improves paddle performance.
  • The CARBON honeycomb hub.
  • SUPERB balance is essential for ground strokes, volleys, and serving.
  • The LARGE sweet spot, ideal for players of all ability levels
  • Visit the Franklin Sports Store to learn more about this brand.
  • Green: color

Editor’s Note: According to my opinion, this paddle will perform well while serving, volleying, or attempting groundstrokes. It is a fantastic choice for the majority of people since it is so well-balanced. Only people who appreciate playing with a lot of power will be put off by this paddle. Aside from that, this is a simple suggestion.

Pro Endorsement: Frank Anthony Davis

  • It has a design that is very light in weight.
  • It’s quite fashionable.
  • It’s appropriate for people of all ability levels.
  • A large sweet spot.
  • Great control is possible because to the carbon fibre honeycomb core.
  • This paddle does not have a lot of power.


5. Wolfe XF Pickleball Paddle

Another excellent choice to consider is the Wolfe pickleball paddle. It offers several advantages that pickleball players of all skill levels will appreciate. One of the first things you’ll notice about this pickleball paddle is that it has carbon fiber edges. This provides it a distinct appearance while also increasing endurance.

It has a huge sweet spot, which makes managing your shots much easier. If you enjoy feeling in control when playing the game, this is a terrific paddle to get. It has a natural feel to it and helps you place your strokes correctly.

This paddle’s grip will also appeal to you. Because of the cushioned cushion, it feels quite comfortable in your hands. This is an excellent handle for individuals who enjoy playing extended games.

Best Edgeless Pickleball Paddles

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Furthermore, this paddle boasts a one-of-a-kind carbon fiber and graphite design. Carbon fiber paddles coupled with a graphite design are uncommon. This combo works well and gives a decent experience. This paddle also includes an aluminum honeycomb core, which adds strength while being lightweight.


  • Average Weight: 7.3 oz
  • Paddle Length: 15.5 inches
  • Paddle Width: 7.625 inches
  • Surface: 3K Carbon Fiber
  • Grip Size: 4 1/4 inches
  • Core: Aluminum Honeycomb Core
  • Color: Red | Purple | Blue | Pink

Editor’s Note: When I asked players for their thoughts, they stated that this is not suitable for outside play. However, it may be ideal for indoor play. This possible drawback, as previously stated in the case of the Gearbox G11, maybe a matter of personal choice. If you intend to play a lot of outdoor pickleball, make an effort to consider your possibilities.

Pro Endorsement: Ryan Sherry


  • It has a lovely paddle case.
  • Excellent grip.
  • Excellent use of carbon fiber and graphite in the design.
  • A wide sweet spot.
  • Although lightweight, it is yet rather sturdy.
  • Perhaps more suited to indoor games.
  • It may not be able to withstand vigorous pickleball play.


6. Onix Sub-Zero Pickleball Paddle

Another alternative that has received positive feedback is the Onix Sub-Zero Pickleball Paddle. This paddle is made with a Ribtec construction and a foam core. This improves the paddle’s stability while simultaneously increasing its power.

It is light enough to feel natural and simple to use. It still has enough mass to allow you to pull off some tremendous strokes. Most players who use these paddles agree that they strike a decent balance. If you want to feel in control while also having a forceful paddle, this one should work well for you.

Onix Sub-Zero Pickleball Paddle

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The Onix Sub-Zero has a one-piece construction design as well. This provides more steadiness than normal and keeps you feeling in command. It also contributes to the overall durability of the paddle. Furthermore, the grip is incredibly ergonomic, allowing you to play at your best even throughout extended battles.

Because of its lightweight, the paddle is also great for pop shots. The graphite face will serve you well while you’re trying to pull off a variety of shots.

Whether you’re looking for pop from the baseline or touch strokes at the net, this paddle will deliver what you want. For high-intensity exercises, it’s one of the most popular paddles.


  • Paddle Length: 15.375″
  • Face Width: 8.125″
  • Handle Length: 5″
  • Grip Size Circumference: 4.25″
  • Weight: 7.2-7.9 oz.
  • Face: Graphite.
  • Core: Ribtec and Foam.
  • Paddle Shape: Wide Body.

Editor’s Note: I requested the following feedback from the customer:
“Excellent paddle with an edgeless design for increased control. Not concerned about little aesthetic edge dents that emerge throughout the play.”

pro Endorsement: Spencer Smith

  • Pop shots, touch shots, and power smashes are all skills he possesses.
  • One of the strongest edgeless pickleball paddles available.
  • The one-piece structure provides excellent overall stability.
  • It’s simple to use.
  • The curved grip is really comfortable.
  • In the long term, it may not be very durable.
  • After a lengthy period of usage, it has the potential to create dead patches.


7. ProKennex Kinetic Pro Speed Pickleball Paddle

The Kinetic Pro Speed Pickleball Paddle has been one of the best edgeless pickleball paddles on the market. It was designed specifically to protect players’ wrists and elbows from repetitive harm, with consistently distributed weight ratios and tungsten-filled core chambers.

You’ll have less impact on your joints, allowing you to continue playing pickleball for years to come. But it’s not simply a paddle that’s designed to keep you safe. The Kinetic Pro Speed is made up of seven different composite and graphite layers that significantly improve ball striking.

ProKennex Kinetic Pro Speed Pickleball Paddle

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As a result, the Pro Speed is ideal for both hard-hitting and delicate spin shots. The paddle’s core is packed with tungsten, which helps to reduce vibration, which means you’ll have more control when defending shots and dinking around the net.


  • Weight: 7.7 – 8 OZ.
  • Grip Circumference: 4″
  • Handle Length: 4 7/8″
  • Paddle Length: 15.43″
  • Paddle Width: 7.6″
  • Grip Style: Comfort Cushion.

Editor’s Note: John Sales a 3.5 Player reviews on Kinetic Pro Speed 2:
“I was astounded by the pop for a paddle that plays this soft. The paddle’s shape absorbs energy before it travels up your arm. The lack of vibration results in a very gentle sensation when playing. That softness usually comes at a cost, and I have to swing harder to gain the power. This is not the case with the Kinetic Pro Speed 2. I struck a few short hop shots that usually end up in the net and saw them glide over for wins…”

Pros Endorsement: Steve Dawson, DJ Young, Callan Dawson

  • When ball-striking, tungsten-filled core chambers reduce shock.
  • The Kinetic Pro was evaluated for kinetic energy transfer at MIT, making it one of the most moving paddles on the court.
  • The paddle face is made up of seven layers of composite and graphite and is extremely reactive.
  • For some players, it is a very lightweight paddle


8. GAMMA Voltage 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

On our list one of the best edgeless pickleball paddles, the GAMMA Voltage 2.0 comes in second. Because of its advantageous weight-to-size ratio, the Voltage 2.0 is sometimes compared to the Onix Z5 (which is widely regarded as one of the best pickleball paddles available).

The GAMMA Voltage 2.0 Pickleball Paddle boasts a Nomex honeycomb core and a graphite paddle face. While striking the pickleball ball, the paddle face is scratchy to the touch, ensuring maximum ball impact – especially when playing spin.

GAMMA Voltage 2.0 Pickleball Paddle

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If you prefer playing on the internet with complete control, the GAMMA Voltage 2.0 is for you. The paddle handle is slightly longer than average. You may also easily dampen strokes while sending the ball spiraling back over the net thanks to the paddle surface.


  • Weight: 7.6 oz.
  • Surface Texture: Rough.
  • Surface Material: Graphite.
  • Core Material: Nomex.
  • Paddle Length: 15.5 oz.
  • Paddle Width: 8.25 in.
  • Handle Length: 5.25 in.
  • Edge Guard: Yes.

Editor’s Note: This is, in my perspective, a lightweight and fast paddle! Perfect for gamers who wish to keep one step ahead of their opponents. The Voltage was created to utilize GAMMA’s cutting-edge technologies. The graphite face gives excellent feedback, touch, and durability, while the aramid core is pilotable and very sensitive for all shots.

Pro Endorsement: Thomas Wilson

  • The striking surface and sweet spot are maximised by the wide graphite paddle face.
  • When playing spin strokes near the net, the rough graphite paddle surface offers players more emphasis.
  • The paddle handle is longer than other paddle handles, allowing for more reach.
  • The paddle is bit to wide for some players


9. ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Speed Pickleball Paddle

The ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Speed Pickleball Paddle is ranked third on our list of the best edgeless pickleball paddles. The biggest difference between this and the Kinetic Pro Speed is the oval paddle face, which increases the size of the sweet spot.

The tungsten-filled core chambers of the ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Speed are identical to those of the Kinetic Pro Speed. Similarly, the paddle face is made of the same 7-layer composite and graphite construction that allows for ‘spin-grab’ when playing strokes.

This’spin-grab’ allows players to curveballs across the court while also executing delicate spin shots to throw opponents off balance.

ProKennex Kinetic Ovation Speed Pickleball Paddle

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The patented 7 Layer, Complex Carbon face with its Spin-Grab outer layer surface rounds out this outstanding performance package.

And, of course, their world-renowned Kinetic technology, which is built into the paddle’s perimeter for unrivaled arm protection and increased dwell time.


  • Weight: 7.7 – 8.0 OZ
  • Paddle Width: 7.6″ = 19.3cm
  • Handle Length: 4 7/8″ = 12.3 cm
  • Paddle Length: 15.67″= 398mm
  • Grip Circumference: 3.875 Tapered
  • Grip: Comfort CushionCore Material: New PK Opti-Cell Core matrix with special quiet, high impact
  • resistance Polymer.
  • Edge Guard: Edgeless

Editor’s Note: This is the improved second generation of this paddle series, and the improvements improve on an already superb design to give exceptional adaptability, touch, and placement.

Pros Endorsement: Steve Dawson, Belinda Gamez

  • The oval paddle face expands the sweet area and ensures solid ball contact.
  • The paddle face’s 7-layer graphite and composite composition creates spin-grab,’ which aids curve/spin strokes.
  • The edgeless pickleball paddle eliminates the chance of the edge guard interfering with ball contact.
  • It is one of the costliest pickleball paddles on the market


10. GAMMA Neutron 2.0 Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Because of its lightweight construction, flat edge guard, and ability to pack punches from the back of the court, the GAMMA Neutron 2.0 Graphite Pickleball Paddle is next on our edgeless pickleball paddle guide.

The GAMMA Neutron 2.0 Graphite Pickleball Paddle is the lightest on the edgeless list. This makes it simple to maneuver on the court, allowing you to keep one step ahead of your opponent.

The Neutron 2.0 has a broad, reactive face that allows you to easily play powerful smash shots from behind the net or around the net.

GAMMA Neutron 2.0 Graphite Pickleball Paddle

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The GAMMA Neutron has an 8-1/8′′ paddle width, which is larger than any of the other edgeless paddles we’ve tested. Furthermore, the grip length has been increased to 5 1/4′′, allowing for a longer reach around the net. This means you’ll receive a paddle that’s light and sensitive in your palm.

The GAMMA Neutron 2.0 Graphite Pickleball Paddle is for you if this is what you’re searching for and you want to combine it with a nice-looking paddle. The Neutron 2.0 costs $99.99 and is the best lightweight edgeless pickleball paddle on the market.


  • Weight: ~ 7.0 ounces
  • Hitting Surface: Textured Graphite
  • Grip Size: 4″
  • Grip: GAMMA Honeycomb
  • Grip Length: 5 1/4″
  • Paddle Length: 15 3/8”
  • Paddle Width: 8-1/8″
  • Paddle Thickness: 7/16”
  • Core Material: Nomex honeycomb

Editor’s Note: I’ll conclude this paddle by saying that the Neutron 2.0 graphite paddle features an ultralightweight construction that provides extreme speed and agility, making it the quickest paddle in the GAMMA 2.0 family. The rough graphite surface provides excellent feedback and allows for longer, more lively play with no dead spots.

Pro Endorsement: Mario Barrientos

  • The lightweight construction, paired with the graphite face and Nomex honeycomb core, provides a balance of movability and power.
  • The longer handle length allows you to reach further around the net.
  • Under $100, you can get a paddle at a fair price.
  • The length of grip is extended large which is not liked by some players


11. Tornado F5 Edgeless Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Our series of edgeless pickleball paddles comes to a close with the Tornado F5 Edgeless Graphite Pickleball Paddle. It’s also on our list of inexpensive pickleball paddles.

The Tornado F5 is a fantastic pickleball paddle that exudes sophistication and flair on the court.

Mantra Sports makes the Tornado F5 Edgeless Graphite Pickleball Paddle, which has a graphite front and a polymer core. This results in a paddle with a lot of pop off the paddle face, which is ideal for players who prefer their shots to have a little more emphasis. Furthermore, when defending shots, the polymer core provides effective dampening capabilities.

Tornado F5 Edgeless Graphite Pickleball Paddle

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The paddle face is also slightly narrower than those of broader paddles like the Neutron 2.0, measuring 7-7/8′′ across. With that stated, the Torando is a medium-weighted paddle that lacks nothing when it comes to connecting with the pickleball ball owing to its graphite face.

Look no farther than the Mantra Sports Tornado F5 if you want an edgeless pickleball paddle that will perform on-court for less than $70.


  • weight:  7.5 to 7.8 ounces
  • width: 7-7/8”
  • length: 15-1/2”

Editor’s Note: this is a Great paddle with small weight and amazing finesse edge that needs to be little strengthened with something like gorilla tape

Pro Endorsement: Nacho De Elia

  • The paddle face is made of graphite with a polymer core, which produces an epic ‘pop’ off the paddle face.
  • Helps manage spin shots and put away smashes in netplay.
  • Priced reasonably at $69.99, this is the lowest edgeless pickleball paddle on our list.
  • The paddle face is slightly more narrower.


Edgeless Pickleball Paddles Buying Guide

When purchasing your first edgeless pickleball paddle, it’s critical to understand precisely what you’re receiving for your money. We’ll go through the key benefits and drawbacks of buying an edgeless pickleball paddle, as well as anything else you should think about.

Edgeless Pickleball Paddle: Benefits

The major advantages of purchasing an edgeless paddle are straightforward. You will find it simpler to maneuver your paddle without a paddle edge guard. When you swing your paddle, you’ll notice that it becomes more aerodynamic and simpler to maneuver. Furthermore, you will discover that you have an extra paddle with which to strike the pickleball ball. We’re sure you’ve been a victim of the pickleball ball deflecting out of play off the edge of your guard, causing you to miss an open court. This won’t happen with an edgeless paddle since the paddle’s edges are more than capable of connecting you with a fantastic shot.

Edgeless Pickleball Paddle: Disadvantages

On the other hand, choosing an edgeless paddle has the disadvantage of being considerably more susceptible to wear along the paddle edge – especially if you play on hard pickleball courts. An edge guard’s purpose is to protect the paddle from damage when it touches the ground. An edgeless paddle is far more vulnerable to wear and tear along the paddle edge without edge protection. If you play inside or alternate between various paddles on a regular basis, this will be less of an issue for you.

The durability of Edgeless Paddles

To add to the list of disadvantages of edgeless pickleball paddles, they are less durable than paddles with edge protection. The edges of the paddle are far more prone to wear down sooner than those of edge-shielded paddles. As a consequence, you’ll receive a paddle that’s more playable on the court. If you play at a high level or want to utilize the best paddles available, it’s easy to overlook the fact that your paddle is less durable when you’re playing well.

Edgeless Paddle Weight

When it comes to paddle weight, the difference between edge guarded and edgeless paddles isn’t significant. However, because of the lessened load that an edge guard imposes on paddle weight, lighter paddles are available. The GAMMA Neutron 2.0 Pickleball Paddle is one of the best pickleball paddles on the market. This paddle is light, easy to maneuver, and great for producing spin, power, and performance on the court. Edgeless pickleball paddles are a good choice if you want to play with light paddles.

Price Points

There is an opportunity to get edgeless pickleball paddles at a reasonable price (take the Mantra Sports Tornado F5). Edgeless paddles, on the other hand, are often more expensive than edge guarded paddles. This is due to the fact that making an edgeless paddle requires extra time in the factory. If you’re looking for an inexpensive pickleball paddle, edge-guarded paddles provide additional possibilities. For the time being, that is an unavoidable truth.

Brands Offering Edgeless Paddles

If you select a rim-protected pickleball paddle, more firms provide a wider selection of pricing-related alternatives. It’s not to debate about edgy paddles not being good. There are, however, fewer companies now operating on the market, reducing the number of paddles you can compare. We will continue to update the paddle guide when new noble paddles become ready in 2022 and beyond.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Edgeless Pickleball Paddle?

Pickleball paddles with no edge guard are Pickleball paddles. Edge guards built against unwitting and hard courts are meant to protect the outskirts of a pickleball paddle. Thanks to their aerodynamic features, nevertheless, elegant pickleball paddles have become more popular.

What are the benefits of Edgeless Pickleball Paddles?

Edgeless pickleball paddles are more aerodynamic than edge-guarded paddles. They are also frequently lighter and have a greater surface paddle. That is because the face of the paddle is not blocked by the guard edge. We do not object to bottle paddle edge guard but if you’re seeking a fine paddle particularly, see the list of the greatest paddles there.

What is the best Edgeless Pickleball Paddle?

On the market, there are several fantastic edgeless paddles from top companies like ProKennex and GAMMA.’s mission is to evaluate and review all of the top edgeless pickleball paddles in one spot so you can discover the one that’s suitable for you. For additional information, see our best edgeless paddle list.

Why do Pickleball Paddles have Edge-Guards?

It’s straightforward. Hard courts and miss-hits are protected by edge guards on fragile paddle surfaces. When playing pickleball with most pickleball paddles (particularly graphite), hitting the paddle against a hard surface can shatter or chip the edge of the paddle. Brands may now eliminate the edge guard while still manufacturing sturdy paddles thanks to new technologies.

Do You Really Need an Edge Guard?

Pickleball paddles have protections around the edges for a reason. When your paddle strikes the ground, they protect the edges from harm. However, this is mostly a beginner’s difficulty. You can skip the edge guard if you’ve been playing for a long and rarely scrape your paddle on the ground.

The edge guard on paddles can take up a significant amount of space. They have the ability to eat into the sweet spot. The greatest paddles are made with very thin, seamless edge guards that aren’t lifted too far above the paddle’s surface.

When it comes to pickleball, a typical question that newcomers have is: don’t the edge guards get in the way when you’re playing?

That is correct. The ball can occasionally be deflected by the edge guards. They have the ability to launch the ball in a direction that you did not plan to hit. When you play with a paddle that has an edge guard, you must put in some extra effort to figure out how to avoid the edges. On your paddle, you must find the sweet spot. Even though many paddles these days are constructed big with greater sweet regions, this can be difficult.

In the summary, the edge guard can reduce the enjoyment of pickleball. Why not invest in a paddle with a rounded edge? You’ll be able to hit with more real estate!

What do the Official Rules Say About Edge Guards?

The official USAPA pickleball rule book makes no mention of edge guards being required. Only an edge guard can be added to your paddle, according to the regulation book. It also specifies that the total length of the edge guard, butt cap, and paddle cannot exceed 24 inches. To put it another way, you don’t have to use an edge guard if you don’t want to!

Are Edgeless Paddles Unusual?

A paddle without an edge isn’t very rare. It is not a novelty paddle, such as a handmade paddle, which is not permitted in official games. The paddles themselves are made just how paddles should be.

Edgeless paddles aren’t the kind of ‘novelty’ paddles you’ll see on the internet. Novelty paddles are strange, ungainly novelties that have no place in the world of pickleball.

What to Look for in an Edgeless Paddle?

When purchasing an edgeless paddle, there are a few things to consider. Is the structure sturdy? Do you favor a more aggressive style of play? Do you mind if there are cosmetic chips on the surface? Without an edge guard, will the paddle be too light? An edgeless paddle, on the other hand, provides a lot of advantages. Who wouldn’t want to play freestyle pickleball without the risk of striking the ball against a raised edge guard?



There are several possibilities if you are seeking a rimless paddle. Some are cheaper than the prices shown here. For example, Franklin Sports’ Pickleball-X Viper Performance Carbon Fiber Paddle is more than half the price for these paddles. To check whether nobility is for you, you may always try a cheaper rhymeless paddle.

The Gearbox Seven Pro with a classic honeycomb core and the ultra-affordable Optima Polymer Composite Pickleball Paddle is some of the rhyme-free paddles (both available on Amazon).

It should be much easier to make a purchase selection now that you’ve read about the top edgeless Pickleball paddles. This review of the top best edgeless Pickleball Paddle contains all the details. All of these paddles are fantastic and you should locate them easily.

It is a good idea to use this knowledge to help you decide well. The list of the top noble paddles on the market is produced manually, in 2022. If you chose one which is well suited for your unique playing style, you should be very delighted with the results.

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