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Best Engage Pickleball Paddles Reviews Guide 2023


If you are familiar with the sport of pickleball, you’re also familiar with Engage Pickleball. They are known for designing some of the best pickleball paddles in the world. They continue to set the bar when it comes to paddle invention, construction, and production – which is why top pros like US Open Gold Medalist Marcin Rozpedski depend on the best Engage pickleball paddles.

Engage Pickleball is a leading best pickleball paddle maker, with some of the best paddles for a spin, including our personal favorite, the Engage Encore Pro. Paddles for increased strength, control, and scope are also available, which means they have suitable choices for any player.

Meets the USAPA Standards

Engage Pickleball is a pickleball paddle maker and sponsor based in the United States. Both paddles are manufactured in the United States and meet USAPA standards, which means the majority of the paddles on the market are suitable for USAPA-sanctioned tournaments. Engage carefully and checks each paddle during the production process as part of their contribution to quality.

Engage is proud of the quality of its paddles. All paddles are protected by a lifetime malfunction warranty and a five-year no-dead spot guarantee.

How can you compare the features of the best Engage pickleball paddles to make sure you get the right one?

We compare the best pickleball paddles and devices available on the market. And today, we’ve put together an updated list of the best Engage pickleball paddles for 2021, comparing paddles from around the Engage lineup to ensure you have all the details you need to make an informed paddle purchase.

If you’re checking for the best Engage pickleball paddles, look no further than our comprehensive guide to the top 5 Engage paddles currently available. We’ve compared the normal-sized paddles from across the Engage paddle range to make it easier for you.



Brand Name


Weight Range

Weight Category



Grip Lenght

Grip Circumstance

Grip Type

Check Prices

Encore 6.0 



7.9 - 8.3 oz





4 1/2"

Ultra Perforated Cushion

 Encore Composite 



7.2 - 7.9oz



8 1/8”


4 1/2"

Ultra Perforated Cushion

Poach Advantage



7.9 - 8.3 oz





4 1/4"

Perforated Cushion

 Elite Pro 



7.9 - 8.4 oz






Perforated Cushion




7.3 - 7.8 oz





4 1/4"

Perforated Cushion

Poach icon 



7.5 - 7.8 oz





4 1/4"

Perforated Cushion

Poach Extreme 



7.9 - 8.3 oz





4 1/4"

Perforated Cushion

Elite Pro Maverick 



7.5 - 7.85 oz





4 1/4"

Perforated Cushion

Encore pro 



7.8 - 8.3 oz






Perforated Cushion

Best Engage Pickleball Paddles At a Low Price

Engage does provide various paddles at lower price points when it comes to affordability. Since the Engage Encore 6.0 was released, the original Engage Composite pickleball paddle has been reduced to a competitive price of less than $100. Similarly to that, the Engage Trident is likewise extremely inexpensively priced at less than $100. Check out the Engage Status and the Engage Apprentice for Engage’s introduction/beginner paddles; both paddles are ideal for newcomers to the sport.

Having said that, the Encore 6.0 range and the Poach Advantage offer the actual value at the top of the spectrum. These paddles are jam-packed with technology, and even at the top of the market, they provide exceptional value.

How Many Series Are There In Engage Pickleball Paddles?

Up to this point, Engage has produced 2 single paddles and 5 series in total. However, Engage discontinued some of its paddles, limiting the potential size of the portfolio. When it comes to selecting one, their current paddle lineup is highly competitive.

Leave that to us, though! In order for you to choose the Engage paddle that best suits your talents, we’ll walk you through each of its specifications and characteristics, as well as how they perform on the court with any potential drawbacks.

Engage Poach Pickleball Paddles Series:

  1. Poach Advantage Pickleball paddle
  2. Poach Infinity Pickleball paddle

Engage Pursuit Pickleball Paddles Series:

  1. Pursuit EX Pickleball paddle
  2. Pursuit MX Pickleball paddle

Encore Pickleball Paddles Series:

  1. Encore Pickleball paddle
  2. Encore EX 6.0 Pickleball paddle
  3. Encore MX 6.0 Pickleball paddle

Engage: A Brand To Trust 

The Engage pickleball brand was established in 1965 and ranks among Onix and Gamma in terms of the quality and confidence it offers players. To provide gamers with long-lasting quality, they have also developed excellent customer care support and growing warranties.

In order to strengthen the community, Engage also has a program whereby they provide 5% of their overall earnings to the younger and less fortunate gamers. They have fairly excellent lineups of paddles in both the budget and top price ranges.

We believe we have done a wonderful job of easing your worries by steering you toward the most Encore paddles possible while also explaining all the ins and outs of best engage pickleball paddles. Though, as we speculate, the ultimate decision may already be made. However, we think the Encore type really stands out for its power mechanism, Pursuit has a fantastic control paddle, and the poach lineup is the best for spin shots out of all the engage pickleball paddle reviews.

Why Engage Encore ex 6.0 Pickleball Paddle Is Top Of The Line?

Engage encore ex 6.0 pickleball paddle, which is a member of Engage’s brand-new “Thick Core” paddle lineup, is distinguished by its exceptional capacity to combine a sizable sweet spot with unmatched power. Additionally, engage encore 6.0 paddle comes in five different colors, including red, green, purple, blue, and Engage’s logo colors. Finally, the Engage Encore 6.0 has passed the strictest of community noise testing, which will satisfy you if you like a quiet pickleball paddle.

The Engage Encore 6.0 Pickleball Paddle is the last item we can suggest. Engage encore 6.0 has the most recent paddle technology from Engage Pickleball, making it excellent for players of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals.

Moreover, The Encore 6.0 is also offered in paddle sizes EX and MX which makes Engage encore EX 6.0 pickleball paddle and Engage MX 6.0 Pickleball paddle. This implies that the Engage Encore 6.0 might be a great choice for you if you enjoy pickleball paddles that are bigger. In the MX series there are some other great options as well such as  Pursuit MX 6.0 graphite paddle, Engage pursuit MX 6.0 pickleball paddle

9 Finest Engage Pickleball Paddles:

  1. Engage Encore 6.0 Pickleball Paddle

  2. Engage Encore Composite Pickleball Paddle

  3. Poach Advantage Pickleball Paddle

  4. Engage Elite Pro Pickleball Paddle

  5. Trident Pickleball Paddle

  6. Engage poach icon pickleball paddle

  7. Poach extreme Pickleball paddle

  8. Elite Pro Maverick Pickleball Paddle

  9. Engage encore pro pickleball paddle


Top 9 Engage Pickleball Paddles Featured


1. Engage Encore 6.0 Pickleball Paddle

The Engage Encore 6.0 Pickleball Paddle is the best pickleball paddle. The Encore 6.0 Pickleball Paddle replaces the Encore Composite Pickleball Paddle, which was previously available (that places second on our top list). The Encore 6.0 is part of Engage’s latest “Thick Heart” paddle line, and it’s known for its big tipping point and unmatched strength.

The Engage Encore Pickleball Paddle is a more advanced variant of the Engage Pickleball Paddles.  With the Encore paddles, you’ll get the most power and spin stabilization from USAPA-approved paddles. The fiberglass surface’s rougher texture was designed especially for grasping the ball.

The Encore 6.0 Pickleball Paddle was chosen by Brain Staub, who claimed Gold in the Senior Doubles at the Tournament of Champions. paddle dimensions result in a low Centre of balance and a super-wide sweet spot, allowing for improved balance and maneuverability on the court.

Engage Encore 6.0 Pickleball Paddle

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The honeycomb core is made of polymer and has the maximum deflection permitted by the USAPA. These features allow the Encore paddles to provide more power when holding the ball for longer periods. If you strike soft or heavy, you gain greater power and ball positioning.

For most beginner to advanced matches, the original Encore pickleball paddles are still excellent options. Engage, on the other hand, improved the structure.

Finally, if you want a quiet pickleball paddle, you’ll be happy to learn that the Encore 6.0 has passed the most rigorous group noise checks.

Key Features:

  • control Polymer “Thick Core” processing blends with FiberTEK skin to offer maximum strength and control.
  • Paddles are offered in regular size, as well as EX and MX versions, as well as lightweight and medium-weight paddles.

Editor’s Note: A fantastic paddle that rapidly improves players of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals! It is so singular that the term “revolutionary” suffices to describe it.

Pros Endorsement: Brain Staub

Following Are Some Of The Pros And Cons Of This Paddle:

  • It is less expensive than the Elite and Poaches paddles.
  • It has a sensitive feel to it, allowing you to have more control over the ball.
  • For improved spin control, the advanced fiberglass surface has a rougher texture.
  • For beginners, the original Encore can be too strong.

2. Engage Encore Composite Pickleball Paddle

On our list of the best Engage pickleball paddles, the Encore Composite Pickleball Paddle is ranked second (and only because of the revised 6.0 edition release). With deflection and surface roughness that meet USAPA requirements, the Encore Composite Pickleball Paddle is one of the best paddles on the market. It’s still one of the most cost-effective, coming in at under $100.

Engage Encore Composite Pickleball Paddle is a fantastic paddle that delivers power over the game. The face of the paddle is made of specialized fiberglass with the maximum amount of surface roughness allowed by USAPA regulations.

The Engage Encore composite Pickleball paddle has advanced characteristics that are covered by the world’s highest national-ranked players. Designed to give you the most influence and strength. Due to its greater sweet spot and a better feel as the ball makes contact, allows players to have more control over the ball.


Engage Encore Composite Pickleball Paddle 

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Maintaining the heritage The cutting-edge skin of Encore maximizes the permitted boundaries of surface roughness. On the other hand, surface roughness is only one piece of the jigsaw. By building a paddle from the ground up, the skin and the center may work together harmoniously to enhance strength, stability, and ball placement.

The Engage Control Pro technology built into the polypropylene/polymer honeycomb center ensures that you have control of ball positioning whether you’re hitting hard or soft.

The Encore Composite also comes in a Pro version, which is significantly thicker and provides more weight when hitting the ball.

Key Features:

  • The original Engage Encore Pickleball Paddle was created to provide full roughness and deflection while staying under USAPA guidelines.
  • A big sweet spot and reaching surface are provided by the 8 1/8′′ wide paddle face.
  • Contains Engage ControlPro key technology, which is designed to give you the most control and strength.
  • Optimized to Meet Strict Noise Requirements in the Area

Editor’s Note: I spoke with a 4.0 player who was quite complimentary of this paddle, saying, “I’ve been a fan of Engage paddles for years and presently play with an Engage Encore Composite! Any paddle I’ve ever used is completely outclassed by this one. I realised right away how much control this paddle offers me. The ball always goes precisely where I want it to while I’m dinking or volleying. The large sweet spot on the paddle, which is responsive and sturdy almost throughout, is why I believe this.”

Pro Endorsement: 4.0 player

Following Are Some Of The Pros And Cons Of This Paddle:

  • Maintains the legacy’s advanced skin
  • The pinnacle of strength and influence.
  • Polypropylene / Honeycomb Polymer is used.
  • Fiberglass that is referred to as “proprietary” is used.
  • Approved and listed by the USAPA.
  • The roughness of the surface can be troublesome for some players


3. Engage Poach Advantage Pickleball Paddle

The Engage Poach Advantage Pickleball Paddle is the next paddle in our analysis of the best Engage Pickleball Paddles. With a size-layer proprietary skin that is the same width as a one- or two-layered standard paddle face, the Poach Advantage is one of the most technologically advanced pickleball paddles available.

Engage poach advantage pickleball paddle has a gentle feel to it and provides full stability during ball impact. The Poach Advantage, like the Engage Encore Composite, has the maximum amount of roughness on the paddle face permitted by USAPA guidelines. The six-layer patented paddle skin was created specifically to keep the ball on the paddle and give you greater leverage overshot positioning.

Engage Poach Advantage Pickleball Paddle

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In comparison to graphite skin, it has a little more resistance but less grip. With a greater emphasis on executing strong shots, you get less spin and finesse.

The Engage poach advantage pickleball paddle’s only disadvantage is the amount of control you gain. It’s a perfect choice if you want to offer more force. Consider using the Poach Icon if you need to improve your accuracy and ball stability. The graphite face gives you a little more control and less strength.

Choose the Engage Poach Advantage if you want to mix it up and grab an Engage pickleball paddle with some of the best-researched hardware on the market. The Poach Extreme, an oversized paddle version of the Engage Poach Advantage, is also available.

Key Features:

  • Variable Release Technology is built into the six-layer paddle face, giving you complete control over the puck.
  • ControlPro’s ‘Black’ key technology ensures the best possible playability and balance.
  • Pickleball paddle with a stylish design and four paint choices.

Editor’s Note:  I spoke with a player who had been using this paddle for a while, and the following are his opinions: “Excellent 5.0 paddle. made a player who was 3.0 into a player who was 3.1! For my light touch game, I have the lighter one, which is great. It feels supple and seems to retain the ball for a longer period of time than my previous paddles, enhancing spin. Even now, it still gives me a tonne of power when I need it.”

Pro Endorsement: 5.0 Player

Following Are Some Of The Pros and Cons of this Paddle:

  • Dimensions that are ideal for developing a greater sweet spot.
  • For more strength, it has a composite core and skin.
  • Advanced vibration reduction equipment is used.
  • For younger players, this could be too much control.

4. Engage Elite Pro Pickleball Paddle

This one is the best Engage Pickleball Paddles on my list. What better excuse to be involved in the Engage Elite Pro than the fact that it was responsible for a slew of major awards at the 2017 US Open and was used by Steve Kennedy, the world’s top-ranked senior pro?

Engage elite pro paddle features modern liquid graphite skin technology, which is intended to help the ball keep in touch with the paddle for a longer period. You’ll get the best surface for adding spin to your shots with the extra touch.

The Engage Elite Pro is a great pickleball paddle for graphite paddle fans. The Engage Elite Pro Pickleball paddle’s center is made of the same Vibration Control Technology ControlPro Polymer that reduces vibration when hitting the ball.

Engage Elite Pro Pickleball Paddle

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The Control Pro II polymer composite Centre is at the heart of the paddle. Vibration reduction technology, noise dampening, and fuel are also included. The Engage Elite Pro, like many other paddles, has a core and skin that work together to have a perfect mix of ac curacies.

The Elite Pro comes in two weights: lightweight and middleweight and weighs.

The only disadvantage is that hanging on to the ball for a prolonged time reduces momentum. It’s not the perfect paddle for slamming the ball around the court, but it’s versatile enough for most players.

The Engage Elite Pro paddle comes in four vibrant colors and has been certified by the USAPA for tournament play – something we’re sure you already know thanks to the multiple awards this paddle has earned.

Key Features

  • Paddle face made of liquid graphite.
  • Vibration Control Technology is built into the ControlPro Polymer heart.
  • Lightweight and middleweight alternatives are available.

Editor’s Note: Ironically, those who adore graphite will benefit most from the Elite Pro Composite Paddle. The construction and play of this paddle are of the highest calibre since it was designed with feedback from several 5.0 players.

pro Endorsement: Steve Kennedy

Some pro player reviews:

“Overall excellent playability. Excellent for power, soft, soft slice, and spin strokes. Of all the paddles I’m aware of, this one offers the greatest shot variety potential. As a 4.0 player, it’s already improving my performance.”

“This is a very good paddle   Lightweight and balanced”

Following Are Some Of The Pros And Cons Of This Paddle:

  • Vibration control equipment has been improved, which reduces wrist tension and improves precision.
  • Designed for use in peaceful, noise-restricted neighborhoods.
  • Has a strong balance of strength and stability with the ball.
  • There are several different types and weights to choose from.
  • The extra grip on the liquid graphite face will reduce your swing’s total strength.


5. Engage Trident Pickleball Paddle

The Engage Trident Pickleball paddle has a strong feel and a big sweet spot. The Engage Trident is a competitively priced paddle under $100 that is designed to encourage more paddle stability, ball spin, and ball positioning. The Trident is one of Engage’s most recently designed paddles.

The new GripTEK skin technology has five layers of composite material, which increases the surface’s resilience and texture. The Trident, like the Encore Composite, has a rugged skin that pushes USAPA’s acceptability boundaries, and its even distribution around the paddle face gives you a lot of leverage over the pickleball ball.

As compared to a standard composite mask, it is rougher, providing greater precision. The paddle is even more robust and responsive thanks to the advanced composite skin.

Engage Trident Pickleball Paddle

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You can feel the ball more distinctly as it hits the ground, allowing you more control. If you want to improve your accuracy or spin shots, this is a fantastic choice. This paddle can disappoint you if you’re looking for a paddle with a lot of power. The Trident is perfect for close-to-the-net play and finesses shots.

If you want a low-cost Engage pickleball paddle that feels durable and gives you a lot of power and strength, the Engage Trident Pickleball Paddle is a good choice.

Key Features:

  • Paddle Weight: 7.6 – 8.1 oz
  • Paddle Core Material: Specialized Polymer ‘Control Pro 3’ core (with vibration dampening)
  • Paddle Shape: Wide Body
  • Paddle Length: 15 1/2″
  • Paddle Width: 8 1/8”
  • Grip Size: Standard – 4 1/4″
  • Handle Length: Standard – 5”

Editor’s Note: I can draw the following conclusions regarding this paddle after reading a lot of reviews:

The Feel, Control, Ball Placement, and Spin of the Engage Trident Pickleball Paddle. It offers a big sweet spot and a very sturdy sensation. Ideal ball placement and control are made possible by the remarkable coordination of the paddle face and core.

Following Are Some Of The Pros And Cons Of This Paddle:

  • One of the more flexible paddles, allowing you a better sense of where the ball is landing.
  • A good-sized sweet spot is provided by standard paddle measurements.
  • There’s a new carbon skin on this paddle that you won’t see on any other paddle.
  • Some players may be given insufficient strength.


6. Engage Poach Icon Pickleball Paddle

The Icon paddles feature the same skin as the Elite Pro paddles, but with a new Poach core.

The Engage Poach Icon Pickleball Paddle offers a soft feel yet enough strength and surface roughness to spin pickleball all day. It uses Engage’s “Variable Release Technology,” which allows you to control the amount of speed on returns while positioning your shots carefully. The poly core is black due to the materials used in its construction, giving you more time to think.

The Engage poach icon paddle has the highest allowable roughness on its face to make it easier to curve your hits. It comes in a medium grip with a normal weight.

Engage poach icon pickleball paddle

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The center is the latest Control Pro Black polymer core, which is blackened by a chemical process. It has a soft core that gives you more strength with every swing. The new Control Pro Black responds differently depending on the contact speed, unlike other polymer composite cores.

The Poach Icon Pickleball Paddle is a multi-sport paddle with a beautiful color palette.

Engage created the liquid graphite used on this paddle, which has since been used on a variety of paddles. It’s a chemically bonded skin that’s meant to increase ball control over a standard graphite face.

A balanced paddle is created by combining a softer polymer core with the grip of a liquid graphite face. The Icon provides both power and control, making it suitable for a wide range of play styles.

Key Features:

  • The skin is made of liquid graphite.
  • This paddle has a polymer composite core.
  • It weighs between 7.5 and 8.3 ounces.
  • This paddle is 16 x 8 inches in size.
  • The grip dimension is 4-1/4 inches.
  • The grip length is 5 inches.
  • Authorized by the USAPA.

Editor’s Note: It is not the most flashy or strong paddle on the market, but with its mix of control, forgiveness, and power when needed, it is an excellent all-around paddle for everyone from a beginner to a top-level player.

pro Endorsement: Corrine Carr

Following Are Some Of The Pros And Cons Of This Paddle:

  • Pro pickleball players use it.
  • Provides consistent ball balance for increased spin.
  • A larger sweet spot is provided by larger paddle measurements.
  • It’s not too heavy, making it a good choice for players of all ages.
  • The long handle makes it easier to keep a tight grip.
  • A new core is included, which provides a stronger balance of power and control.
  • Although there are no big disadvantages, the price tag may be unaffordable for those who are just getting started.


7. Engage Poach Extreme Pickleball Paddle

The Engage Poach Extreme (aka the next generation of pickleball paddles) has a blade-style design that gives you more reach than a traditional pickleball paddle. It has the same core as the Icon, with a few exceptions.

Why settle for two or three layers on the face of the paddle while you can get six for the Poach Extreme Paddle? Engage has found the optimal number of skin layers for unprecedented responsiveness, resulting in a soft feel at the net while enabling maximum intensity for fast swings. The long face allows pickleball to “grab” for longer periods, allowing for more accurate positioning.

The Engage Poach Extreme Paddle has a special silicone core with “Variable Release Technology,” which allows for a seamless transition from dinking to smashing.

Engage Poach extreme Pickleball paddle

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With excellent reach, touch, and sensitivity, the Poach Extreme Paddle will hold you ready to take on any obstacle during games.

The sweet spot on the paddle face is narrower and extended out due to the longer shape. The paddle is less forgiving because it has a smaller sweet spot. If you’re new to pickleball, you might find it difficult to aim your shots.

A traditional composite skin gives you more power while giving you less control. Engage created this new skin to help provide the best of both features.

Engage produced the perfect texture and design for improved ball regulation using a six-layer fiberglass skin. The characteristics of the Extreme make it perfect for power players and singles match in general.

Key Features:

  • This paddle has a six-layer fiberglass polymer skin.
  • The heart is made of a polymer composite material.
  • This paddle is between 7.5 and 8.3 ounces in weight.
  • This paddle is 17 x 7 inches in height.
  • The grip dimension is 4-1/4 inches.
  • The grip thickness is 5 inches.
  • Authorized by the USAPA.

Editor’s Note: This paddle is fantastic. It provides me with pretty much everything, including strength, stability, and spin control. The paddle is excellent because of how soft the skin is. I get the spin, as well as a tonne of force and pop.

Following Are Some Of The Pros And Cons Of This Paddle:

  • For a USAPA-approved paddle, the long blade-style configuration has the most scope.
  • For added flexibility, the Control Pro Black polymer core is included.
  • Improved vibration reduction and noise dampening are available.
  • The sweet spot is smaller, causing the player to be more precise.

8. Engage Elite Pro Maverick Pickleball Paddle

The ‘Elite Pro’ has been one of the best-selling paddles for over a year, since its debut at the 2017 US Open. The Engage Pros used it to win the most Pro-level medals in consecutive years at the US Opens in 2017 and 2018, as well as at the most recent USAPA Nationals. The Maverick builds on the Elite Pro winning tradition by pushing engineering to the next level.

The ‘Elite Pro’ paddle is one of the most powerful, with the biggest hitting spot, the most spin functionality, and the best control/feel. Because of Engage, this paddle has reached new heights. They created a paddle with Using modeling methodologies and simulation face and material.

Engage Elite Pro Maverick Pickleball Paddle

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It increased strength and ability to hold the ball in play at higher speeds by increasing spin and flex in the paddle It’s known as ‘Variable Release Flex Technology.

By designing a paddle with the optimum length (16.5 inches, which sits right between regular paddles and Blades) and width (7.5 inches, which makes it the widest paddle at this length), you get the most reach, biggest hitting point (blocking ability), speed, spin, and feel of any paddle.

Without a question, the Maverick pushes the paddle concept to new heights. It’s also available in six (6) different colors. The background color is Graphite, with fades in Red, Purple, Metallic, Blue, Black, and Orange.

Key Features

  • Paddle Weight: 7.5-8.3 ounces
  • Handle Length: 5 inches
  • Paddle Core: ControlPro Black Polymer
  • Paddle Surface: Chemical Bond Fiberglass
  • Length: 16 1/2 inches
  • Paddle Width: 7 1/2 inches
  • Grip Size: 4 1/4 inches
  • Grip: Perforated Cushion Grip
  • Polymer ‘ControlPro II’ as the center
  • Cutting-Edge ‘Chemical Bond’ on the Skin
  • Variable Release Flex Technology
  • Has Been Optimized to Meet the Strictest Community Noise Requirements
  • USAPA Listed and Approved for Tournament Play

Pro Endorsement: Jessie Trinity Irvine, MIchelle Esquivel

pros reviews:

“I’m Michelle Esquivel and I’m reviewing the Maverick. The Maverick is a great paddle. It has a long face, a long handle, you can grip the ball really well. You can feel the spin coming off when you hit the ball and it’s great for blocking.”

“Jason Pauley here. I’m a huge Engage fan, and I like the Maverick’s large handle and heavy paddle. In singles play, I think I can generate some pretty strong topspin, and I like it. On that, I think I can have a tremendous ground stroke.”

Following Are Some Of The Pros And Cons Of This Paddle:

  • Reduced Vibration
  • Control Pro 2 Core with increased spin.
  • The weight is tournament-grade.
  • One type of grip size


9. Engage Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle

The Engage Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle is a more advanced version of the Engage Encore Pickleball Paddle, which has become a big hit. The Encore Pro is jam-packed with cutting-edge technology and comes with a slew of paddle features coveted by some of the world’s best pickleball players. First and foremost, the Encore Pro is designed to provide you with a paddle that combines power and energy.

The best pickleball paddles on the market, with a huge sweet spot (larger than the legacy Encore Pro) and an excellent paddle, feel when striking the pickleball. I’ll go into the specifics of the paddle face, top, and measurements in our Engage Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle analysis, but it’s interesting to remember right away that the Encore Pro has a specialized Fiberglass paddle.

On top of that, the Encore Pro has a specialized paddle skin that pushes surface roughness to the extremes of acceptable tolerance. The surface of the Encore Pro, like that of the original Encore paddle, helps keep the ball on the paddle for longer, allowing you to apply destructive touch and spin.

Engage Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle

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The Encore Pro paddle has a Specialized Proprietary Fiberglass face that offers exceptional control and accuracy when striking the pickleball. In addition, the ‘Encore Pro’ has a special feature- by increasing the surface roughness of the paddle, the skin works in tandem with the core to maximize strength, control, and ball placement.

Editor’s Note: This paddle is now my favorite for outdoor play since it strikes a decent mix between control, power, and spin. I’ve tried more and less costly paddles, but the Engage Encore Pro constantly finds the sweet spot and has the finest response.

Pros Endorsement: Louis Trombley, Billy Kirk.

Following Are Some Of The Pros And Cons Of This Paddle:

  • Pickleball paddle with superior control and power.
  • Fiberglass Paddle Face with Maximum Surface Roughness, Built Specially
  • Power and feel are provided by a proprietary polypropylene core.
  • Strong control and hold thanks to the ultra-perforated cushioned grip.
  • A little more expensive than some of its close competitors (but you get what you pay for in terms of quality).

Limited Edition Engage Pickleball Paddles:


  • Cosmetic New Graphic Encore Paddles

The Encore is the only model that was specifically designed to optimize deflection (power) and surface roughness (spin). According to USAPA guidelines, Encore meets both of these requirements. That is, no paddle can ever have too much of either. They might strive to be equal, but they will never be able to exceed. Now that you have power (spin), you can hold those hard shots in.

The Encore goes a step further by optimizing the amount of time the ball stays on the paddle (a principle originally introduced by Engage Pickleball), allowing for the soft feel required to command the soft (net) game.

The Encore paddle line has always been about ‘power’ and ‘ball positioning,’ and finding the perfect paddle to do just that (what you want with the ball) whether you hit ‘hard’ or soft.’

Only the ‘Encore’ line of paddles is available. ControlProTM Technology is what we call it.

Ingenuity. Creativity. Innovation. Engage Pickleball is the sole provider of this material.


  • Polypropylene / Polymer Honeycomb is used for the core.
  • Fiberglass with a specialized ‘proprietary’ finish.
  • It has been optimized to meet the stringent noise requirements of the community.
  • The weight varies between 7.4 and 7.8 lb.
  • Sizes range from 15 1/2″ long x 8 1/8″ wide to 15 1/2″ long x 8 1/8″ wide.
  • This paddle has a 4 1/4″ grip.
  • Blue Fade, Red Fade, Purple Fade, Pink Fade, Purple Swirl, and Pink Swirl are the colors available.
  • This paddle has been listed and approved by the USAPA.

 Engage Pickleball Paddle Core Options

the control technology is used in the new Engage pickleball paddles. The control Polymer core of the Engage Encore 6.0 is engineered to have an even, strong paddle core capable of putting away any kind of pickleball shot. While some of the older Engage models have less sophisticated ControlPro technology, they all have polymer cores that are engineered to work together.

Pick up a Poach Advantage paddle for something new, since these paddles have Engage’s ‘dark’ heart, which is created by a chemical variation made to the polymer during the production process. Although the color has little bearing on results, players who use the Poach Advantage report that it gives them much more power when hitting the ball.

Best Value Engage Pickleball Paddles

When it comes to affordability, engage has a few paddles that are less expensive. Thanks to the release of the Engage Encore 6.0, the original Engage Composite pickleball paddle is now priced competitively under $100. For Engage’s introduction/beginner paddler, check out the Engage Status and Engage Starter Paddles.

The top-of-the-line Encore 6.0 set and the Poach Advantage deliver the finest performance. Even at the premium end of the market, these paddles provide incredible value for money due to their high level of technology.


Where are engaged pickleball paddles made?

The USA is where Engage Pickleball Paddles are made.

What are good pickleball paddles?

There are so many pickleball paddles available that it’s impossible to say which ones are the best. If you want a genuine power paddle, go for one with a fiberglass face and a thinner poly core. You should search for a thicker poly core with a face made of carbon fiber or graphite if you want a genuine control paddle. Combining elements of power and control can be beneficial.

Is there a difference in pickleball paddles?

Of course, pickleball paddles differ from one another. The weight of a pickleball paddle, which can range from 6 to 14 ounces, will impact its power and control. You have greater control but less drive with a lighter paddle. On the other hand, a heavier paddle provides you with greater power and propulsion but less control.

Bottom Line of Engage Pickleball Paddles

Engage Pickleball is a pickleball paddle manufacturer that produces high-quality paddles. All of Engage’s work is performed in the United States, from the revolutionary paddle designs to the actual manufacturing of the paddles. This means that every paddle they make is of the highest quality and workmanship. Most of their higher-end paddles are available in two weight ranges to accommodate different game types.

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