Onix Voyager Pro Pickleball Paddle

The Onix Voyager Pro and the Onix Outbreak are inextricably linked. The thick polypropylene core of the Voyager Pro takes the impact out of ball-striking while still providing me the strength I need to defeat opponents from the baseline. The Voyager Pro is a clear winner for me in a lower-weight paddle with a large striking area and a low-impact connection with the ball.

The Onix Voyager Pro Pickleball Paddle weighs between 7.8 and 8.2 ounces and has a graphite paddle face that is 8 1/4 inches wide. The paddle’s grip is 5 inches long, and the paddle’s core is strong polypropylene which this paddle is on my list.

Onix Voyager Pro Control:

The Onix Voyager Pro’s best pickleball paddle is a balanced paddle that focuses on control, speed, and performance that definitely impacts my game as I like paddles with great control, like every player. The wide-ranging boy paddle design of the Onix Voyager Pro Pickleball Paddle is carefully engineered to help players make sure they have great touch in the courtyard. The Onix Voyager Pro Pickleball paddle includes a pre-coated graphite paddle face and an accurate, high-performance, weight-free polypropylene core.

This keeps Voyager Pro on-court light, quick, and effortless. The Onix Voyager Pro Pickleball Paddle should be a definite contender when you are searching for a medium-weight paddle for all kinds of performances. The paddle also looks amazing with an astonishing screen-printed graph.

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Paddle Face & Edge Guard

The paddle face of the Onix Voyager Pro is made from premium-coated graphite that offers spectacular touches on the field. I really like the material used in this paddle. The paddle-facing graphite functions like the Onix Z5 Graphite paddle, so you may make pop and reactive contact when you strike the ball. Moreover, the polypropylene core has been constructed with additional thickness to prevent you from losing power in the rear. If the Voyager Pro ticks the box if you’re searching for a fantastic graphite pickleball paddle utilized by top professionals. read More about the best pickleball paddles under $100

Paddle Core

The core of the Onix Voyager Pro Pickleball Paddle is precision-cut polypropylene that preserves the signature touch of the original Voyager paddle. If you’re playing against aggressive opponents who smash the ball hard from the baseline or at the net, the Voyager Pro’s thick polypropylene core absorbs shock and gives me more control when returning pickleball. Similarly, you may simply use force, torque, and spin to swerve and topspin shots back over the net from the baseline. The Onix Voyager Pro will not disappoint you if you want all of the classic and popular qualities of an Onix pickleball paddle. lt did not disappoint me in my aggressive play.

Dimensions & Weight

The weight is the first thing that I look at while buying the paddle. The Pickleball Paddle Onix Voyager Pro is a medium-weight paddle weighing between 7.8 to 8.0 ounces. This weight is surely ideal for me. For everyone looking for a paddle that blends rapidity, agility, and power with control, this makes it an ideal choice. The paddle has a length of 15 1/4′′ and an 8 1/4′′ wide boy paddle face, it is one of the notable features for me. The broad shape of the boy paddle offers a big sweet area for simple power production, spin, and torque. The large boy paddles, like other Onix paddles, are an important reason that many of the best professionals choose to play with Onix paddles, and the Voyager Pro is no exception. Also Read About the best pickleball paddles for pro players.

Handle & Grip

The handle and grip of this paddle are absolutely amazing. The 5′′ paddle handle of the Onix Voyager Pro is designed to seem like a tennis grip. You will enjoy the Voyager Pro if you’re a tennis convert or just like a tennis-like grip. The perforated design also helps to absorb moisture and move sweat away from the hands. Overall, the grip and handle design of the Voyager Pro stand up to any other pickleball paddle on the market.

Perks Of Using This Paddle:

  • Power and control are provided by the polypropylene honeycomb core.
  • Speed, accuracy, and paddle pop are all enhanced by the graphite paddle face.
  • With a larger sweet spot, the Wide Boy Body provides lots of striking surfaces.
  • The paddle’s medium weight makes it simple to maneuver without losing power.

Key Features:

  • Wideboy 8 1/4″ paddle surface with thick polypropylene core is a lightweight paddle with a lot of punch.
  • Paddle proportions are excellent, allowing you to maintain balance while using the paddle.
  • A heavier variant (Onix Voyager Pickleball Paddle) is available, with a paddle weight of 8.2–8.6 ounces.

Onix Voyager Pro Pickleball Paddle Infographic

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The Onix Voyager Pro Pickleball Paddle is terrific all around. The premium-coated graphite paddle and polypropylene core deliver on-court speed, power, and control. A distinctive feature of the emblem of the Voyager Pro is the pro-level paddle.

The Onix Voyager Pro is a superb all-around spider paddle with several features in a beautiful and well-designed spider paddle. The pickleball graphite face offers an exceptional response, speed, and pop. In addition, the extra-thick core of polypropylene gives exceptional court control and power.

It has a medium weight and makes it simple for the strategic player. Who prefers to be able to switch to the net fast and swiftly? Like all the greatest Onix ball paddles, Voyager Pro has an oversized sweet spot and a fantastic size of paddle for balance and touch. It has a large paddle design.

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