Selkirk AMPED MAXIMA Pickleball Paddle

Introduction of Selkirk Amped:

The Selkirk AMPED MAXIMA Pickleball Paddle is 17′′ long and is the longest and best pickleball paddle in the Selkirk AMPED series. The AMPED MAXIMA was co-designed by Morgan Evans, who is known for his power play and whipping serve. It gave me epic reach on the court as well as devastating power while I hit. Selkirk refers to the AMPED MAXIMA as the “power player’s paddle.” We’ll go into the specifics later in our Selkirk AMPED MAXIMA Pickleball Paddle review, but the standout features include a long reach, FiberFlex paddle face, and Selkirk’s Polypropylene X5 Core.

AMPED MAXIMA is designed to provide me with incredible reach, power, and stability on the court. Furthermore, the Selkirk AMPED Maxima weighs between 7.8 and 8.3 ounces, making it a heavier pickleball paddle that will only improve my ability to drive the pickleball hard from the baseline.

Read our Selkirk AMPED MAXIMA Pickleball Paddle review to learn all you need to know before purchasing Selkirk’s Ultimate Power Paddle.

Selkirk AMPED Maxima X5 FiberFlex Pickleball Paddle

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Paddle Face & Edge Guard

Selkirk’s FiberFlex technology is used across the AMPED paddle range, including the Selkirk AMPED MAXIMA Pickleball Paddle face. FiberFlex technology comprises a fiberglass paddle face that excels at producing spin and control on the court, this technology and the face of the paddle along with the edge guard really help me in the game. Selkirk’s EdgeSentry edge guard, which is lightweight, robust, and well-balanced, protects the paddle face. This gives the paddle a strong and constant feel while hitting the pickleball on the court. I particularly like the eye-catching designs on the front of the AMPED range paddle. The MAXIMA comes in five different hues, including Selkirk Red, Amethyst Purple, and Desert Coast. Read More About the Best Pickleball Paddles under $100

Paddle Core

Built from polypropylene honeycomb technology, the Selkirk MAXIMA Paddle Core X5 is made to last. I really liked this paddle’s core. The X5 Core is a paddle that is uniquely engineered to offer power on the court. It allows me to defeat any opponent with huge strikes from the back of the court in a manner that few other paddles can. The Selkirk AMPED MAXIMA, co-designed by big-hitting pickleball star Morgan Evans, is capable of creating a spectacular whip on the pickleball ball due to its extended reach and strong core technology.

Dimensions & Weight

The proportions of the Selkirk AMPED MAXIMA Pickleball Paddle let the AMPED MAXIMA stand out as a fantastic extended pickleball paddle. The MAXIMA is available in both a lightweight and a medium-weight configuration but I prefer the lightweight. The lighter paddle weighs 7.2 – 7.6 ounces, while the middleweight paddle weighs 7.6 – 8.3 ounces. If you’re looking to hit big and play with power with your AMPED MAXIMA paddle, we recommend going with a middleweight paddle.

Nevertheless, if you spend a lot of time in the no-volley zone, relying on your quick reactions, you might want to consider the lower-weight alternative. The AMPED MAXIMA is 17 inches long and 7 inches across the paddle face. This long and slender paddle shape provides a super-aerodynamic paddle that can whip the pickleball as few other paddles can – this is one of the AMPED MAXIMA’s standout characteristics and a key part of its attraction.

Selkirk AMPED MAXIMA Pickleball Paddle

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Handle & Grip

Handle and grip are both comfortable for me. AMPED MAXIMA Pickleball Paddles also include a 5.25′′ broad grip for great on-court reach and comfort. The AMPED MAXIMA is for you if you want to play two-handed shots or prefer a larger paddle grip. This makes it simple to handle the paddle for long periods. With its Comfort Hold, the Selkirk AMPED MAXIMA’s handle gives me a secure grip on the court. Moisture is swiftly drained from the palm via the perforations on the grip surface, while the padding beneath provides comfort.

Perks Of Using This Paddle

The Selkirk AMPED MAXIMA Pickleball Paddle is 17″ long and is the longest paddle in the AMPED line. The Selkirk AMPED MAXIMA Pickleball Paddle, co-designed by Morgan Evans, delivers power and whip like a few other pickleball paddles.

  • 17″ long Elongated Paddle Design
  • Polypropylene Honeycomb Technology in the X5 Core.
  • Paddle Face is made of FiberFlex. Its face is fiberFlex

Key Features:

  • With a length of 17 inches, the Selkirk AMPED paddle is the longest in the line.
  • The 5.25-inch handle length aids in achieving epic reach.
  • Pickleball players at the intermediate to professional level will like this paddle.

Selkirk AMPED MAXIMA Pickleball Paddle

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There’s no doubt that the Selkirk AMPED MAXIMA Pickleball Paddle belongs to the Selkirk AMPED line. Having said that, when it comes to generating power, the AMPED MAXIMA stands out.

In addition, the middleweight MAXIMA weighs between 7.6 and 8.3 ounces, offering you the weight you need to maximize your power shots whenever necessary. Despite its strong construction, the MAXIMA’s long reach and 5.25″ paddle handle allow you to control the middle of the court as a strategic singles player or top-level doubles strategist. The Selkirk AMPED MAXIMA pickleball paddle, available in five spectacular colors, is a terrific-looking paddle that looks well on the court.

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