Selkirk Prime S2 X4 FiberFlex Pickleball Paddle


All of Selkirk’s paddle designs have a huge sweet spot, but the Selkirk Prime S2 X4 FiberFlex best pickleball paddle has the largest. This paddle will make your pickleball dreams come true if you want to pop, power, and surface area. I personally witnessed the power in my shots. The FiberFlex surface lowers vibration while maintaining the face’s strength and durability.


The selkirk prime s2 pickleball paddle has a 4 1/4′′ grip and a 7.4–7.8 ounce weight that gives me exactly the proper amount of balance and control over the placement of my shots. The Selkirk logo is shown in vivid color in the center of a black backdrop with a lightly distressed effect.

Selkirk Prime S2 X4 FiberFlex Pickleball Paddle

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I liked the specs of the Selkirk prime s2 pickleball paddle. The S2 X5 pickleball paddle has been upgraded to the S2 X4 pickleball paddle. The paddle has the same proportions as the upgraded paddle and uses X4 Honeycomb core technology. The Prime line includes two paddles, the Epic and the S2, both with slightly different paddle proportions.

The Selkirk Prime S2 X4 is still a fantastic pickleball paddle and the paddle of choice for most pro players. Selkirk’s FiberFlex paddle face is combined with the X4 edition of their honeycomb core in the S2 X4. In addition, the S2 is 8′′ throughout the paddle face and has a 4.75′′ grip.

You may use it to block the ball, create spin to your shots, and strike with force from the back of the court thanks to its paddle proportions. The Prime S2 X4 is a more inexpensive alternative to the AMPED S2. Pickleball paddles that have been used to win Open Championships may lack some of the technical advances of the AMPED series, but they are still amazing.

Key Features:

  • Selkirk’s predecessor to the AMPED S2 X5 variant.
  • Because it is an older model, it is now available at a lower price.
  • There is a large sweet spot.
  • Vibration dampening – aids in the prevention of tennis elbow injuries.
  • Tension Suppression is great for playing in the wind.
  • Ball Differences Neutralized – smoother transition from indoor to outdoor balls.
  • Quiet – the new technology is much quieter.
  • The ball stays on the paddle longer due to face cushioning.
  • Greater Spin – Players can produce more spin.

Selkirk Prime S2 X4 FiberFlex Pickleball Paddle

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The Selkirk Prime S2 X4 FiberFlex pickleball paddle provides power and control. The Prime Series pickleball paddles are a tried-and-true range of high-performance paddles. Many of the same technological breakthroughs as the Amped Series of paddles went into its development. Pickleball players are looking for a mix of force and precision. Read More About the best pickleball paddles under $100.

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