Pickleball shoes for men

In case you haven’t heard, pickleball is currently quite popular so Pickleball shoes for men becomes very important. America’s fastest-growing sport has generated a full-fledged boom train, and because it is open to players of all ages and skill levels, companies and entrepreneurs are rushing to build new equipment that is suitable for all types of players. The most essential piece of gear you’ll need is undoubtedly your pickleball paddle, but you should also think about investing in Pickleball shoes for men.

Traction and lateral stability are the two most crucial aspects to take into account while choosing suitable Pickleball shoes for men. You’ll be moving quickly in all directions, so you need a midsole structure designed for rapid side-to-side motions as well as sturdy outsoles with responsive tread patterns.

To assist minimize typical pickleball injuries, Pickleball shoes for men with high lateral stability should have a larger base and sturdy bottom construction (like ankle or knee sprains). The comfort, weight, and breathability of a pickleball shoe are further considerations to take into account.

The best pickleball shoes for men are made for tennis and other racket sports as well as for the sport specifically (a recent trend thanks to pickleball’s popularity). Nevertheless, all of the models up front are the best options for all-day play, regardless of their classification.

What are the best Pickleball shoes for men?

The Pickleball shoes for men are intended to resist wear and tear on both outdoor and indoor courts and are geared for quick lateral movements.

Men’s pickleball shoes would often have a broader base and more durable midsole and outsole materials. The majority of pickleball shoes are high-end tennis shoes (exclusively made for tennis) and volleyball trainers. Since volleyball trainers promise ample support and superior traction on indoor surfaces and gym floors, the latter shoe is especially great for use indoors.

Men’s Pickleball shoes require greater stability and construction, so you may anticipate them to be a little heavier than a pair of thin, daily sneakers. The qualities we listed above will help you enhance your playing talents while being comfortable and injury-free because pickleball requires fast movements and stamina.

Can you wear running shoes for pickleball?

We won’t object if you choose to wear running shoes or sneakers if you just sometimes play pickleball. But you should definitely stay away from wearing running shoes if you plan to play pickleball regularly.

There is frequently less attention on strengthening the shoe for side-to-side motions because the majority of running shoes are solely intended for forward motion. As modern running designs are designed to be as light and breathable as possible, they also lack the structure and stability that you want in a pickleball shoe (which means less focus on support).

So let’s be clear: if you want to play pickleball frequently, you shouldn’t wear running shoes. A good pickleball shoe is an investment that will provide you stability and traction while significantly lowering your risk of spraining your knee or rolling your ankle.

  • Key Factors to Consider When Buying Pickleball shoes for men:


  1. Stability: You can support the side-to-side motion that occurs during a pickleball game with the stability that a decent court shoe will give you. Running shoes, which often give flexibility, are not the same as court shoes. Due to its design, a court shoe is a little stiffer and intended to offer additional support.
  2. Durable toe front: To prevent toe/foot dragging, which occurs frequently when going side to side and serving the ball, a good court shoe will have additional protection around the front of the mens pickleball shoes.
  3. Horizontal – type pattern grip: A decent court shoe will feature grip lines running horizontally across the bottom of the mens pickleball shoes, which gives you excellent traction as you move about the court in different directions. In order to prevent or reduce sliding, this is done.

 k swiss mens pickleball shoes

K-Swiss is the first manufacturer to release a court shoe built exclusively for Pickleball, one of the fastest growing sports in the United States and known for pickleball shoes for men.

A grip lining in the heel prevents heel slippage, and additional material in high-wear areas protects the shoes from abrasion during intense matches. The shoe also has additional support in the midfoot to improve stability.

The k swiss express light men’s pickleball shoe delivers soft cushioning and tough durability for a comfortable playing experience. The k swiss express light men’s pickleball shoe is a wonderful all-around alternative whether you’re a rookie or frequent participant of the fastest growing sport in the United States.

It is an all-purpose shoe that is ideal for both beginner and experienced players. The shoe has the K-Swiss Pickleball emblem as well as a special Pickleball sock lining. Ideal for use on hard or clay court surfaces.

Best men’s pickleball shoes 2020

Thes asics pickleball shoes mens exceeded my expectations in 2020; I’ve always enjoyed asics mens pickleball shoes. By pickleball players, for pickleball players, the Gel-Renma was created. With these shoes, you enjoy amazing playability. They have excellent grip and are lightweight, strong, and comfortable. If you’re searching for a pickleball shoe that is both comfortable and light, the Adidas Courtflash is a great option. Soft foam makes up the midsole and bottom, while lightweight and breathable mesh makes up the top.

Wilson rush pro 2.5 pickleball shoe is Excellent mens pickleball shoes that fits wonderfully. Just enough space to avoid seeming sloppy. For pickleball, ideal. My foot has just the right amount of space to be snug without feeling like it is in a vice or wandering. I’ll most definitely use this brand going forward.

Best men’s outdoor pickleball shoes 2020

Tennis shoes and volleyball shoes will make up the vast majority of results when you search for the finest pickleball shoes for indoor or outdoor play. You might start to question if there are any mens outdoor pickleball shoes designed expressly for pickleball players as a result of this.

This is a truth. Numerous sports shoe manufacturers have not committed to producing only pickleball-specific footwear due to the relatively recent development of the pickleball game. However, seasoned pickleball players have found that specific best men’s pickleball shoes perform best in this sport.

Based on prior user experiences, some of the best men’s pickleball shoes you’ll see may not be ideal for indoor games and vice versa. The flooring is one of the primary distinctions between indoor and outdoor courts. Understanding these distinctions is essential for making the best purchasing decision.

Even while certain pickleball shoes for men perform well for both indoor and outdoor pickleball, as a beginner, you may have difficulty identifying them. Finding the ideal answer may be easier if you listen to past consumers and users of outdoor pickleball shoes for men.

Despite being one of the costliest mens outdoor pickleball shoes, the K-Swiss Hypercourt Express has a lot going for it and is certainly one of the best mens outdoor pickleball shoes.

Best men’s indoor pickleball shoes

The Salming Viper 5 keeps your feet tight and near to the court for quick, agile motions. The outsole has a highly sticky grip to keep you from slipping, and a detachable insole improves foot traction during take-off. It is ideal for indoor use.

ASICS Gel Tectic shoe is yet another indoor pickleball shoe. This versatile and elegant shoe has back and forefoot GEL technology for unrivalled shock absorption and cushioning underfoot.

Does New Balance make men pickleball shoes?

Yes, New Balance sells pickleball sneakers mens, albeit they aren’t named that. Tennis shoes are what they’re called. The MC 1006 series are mens court shoes for pickleball, whereas the WC 696 and WC 796 series are for women. According to customer reviews, both the MC and the WC are comfortable and true to size.

Mens court shoes for pickleball

Mens court shoes for pickleball provide stability for lateral movements and are made to support rapid starts and stops, tennis court shoes are perfect for pickleball. Since they are not made for multidirectional movement, running or walking shoes are not advised for pickleball.

Pickleball shoes mens wide width

Finding the right shoes might be difficult for pickleball players with broad or especially large feet. Shoes that have the finest fit, function, and style are available for those with feet of a standard width. However, those with broad feet could have trouble checking all the boxes.

Starting with the proper fit is what we advise. Pick a pair of shoes that are broad enough. then consider the shoe’s purpose. If it fits, you might have to make due with an indoor shoe or a training shoe that you must wear outside.

Finally, there aren’t many alternatives if you’re actually broad, so you might as well give up on style. The players are frequently reminded that their feet are blind to the colour of their shoes. You should consider Victor A102 Wide if you have wide feet.

Fila men’s volley zone pickleball shoes

The Fila Volley Zone is a superb all-around performance pickleball shoe with general comfort, stability, support, and traction.

We are satisfied with the style and construction of Fila Zapatos Volley Zone for men. used specifically for playing pickleball outside. provide strong backing. The fit is somewhat tighter than that of companies like Nike or New Balance. If you’re in the middle of two sizes, you might want to think about going one half size up.

Five things to look focus upon while buying Pickleball shoes for men

Here are the five things should see while shopping for mens pickleball shoes:

  1. Style

Style should be the first thing to look for mens pickleball sneakers. There are pickleball shoes for men designed expressly for the sport, but any mens court shoes for pickleball can suffice. Pickleball shoes for men, according to Dutrieuille, are practically indistinguishable from actual tennis court shoes. Squash, volleyball, and racquetball shoes are all the same.

As a result, running shoes aren’t ideal for the fast side-to-side movements required during a pickleball match. ‌

  1. Fit

Court shoes are often more snugly fitting than other types of shoes. However, while trying on a pair, Dutrieuille recommends measuring 14 to 12 a thumb’s length between the top border of the shoe and your big toe. He further notes that no region of your foot should ache or pain as a result of the shoe’s pressure.

  1. Comfort

Everybody’s definition of what it means to be comfortable is unique. A pair of court shoes may not be comfortable even though they fit nicely. After all, the degree of cushioning and support offered by various court shoe styles varies. So, try on a few different styles of court shoes and note how you feel in each one with varying amounts of cushioning and support. Pick your favourite pair of shoes.

  1. Materials

It might be difficult to know what materials to look for in a pickleball shoe because every shoe company has its own marketing jargon. Pickleball shoes should feature a mesh top for breathability, foam or gel cushioning in the sole, and a sticky rubber outsole made for a hard court when you’re buying.

  1. Durability

You want best men’s pickleball shoes that are durable. So look for footwear with a strong rubber sole, a reinforced midsole, and a solid top.

If you regularly play pickleball, you should anticipate needing new pickleball shoes mens every three months or so (three or four times per week). “Personally, every three weeks I go through one pair.

Over the course of a few weeks of activity, the cushioning in your shoes gets less supportive. Your joints may be better protected from the impact of the sport if you constantly switch out your shoes.” Your body is frequently attempting to alert you that it’s time to get new mens pickleball shoes when your knees, lower back, and ankles start to pain for no apparent reason.

 Best pickleball shoes for men

  • Rush Pro Ace Pickleball
  • Viper Court Pickleball Shoe
  • Gel-Venture 8
  • NikeCourt Zoom Vapor Cage 4 Rafa
  • Express Light Pickleball Shoe
  • Gel-Renma
  • Upcourt 5 Volleyball Shoes
  • Wave Momentum 2
  • Adizero Ubersonic 4 Tennis Shoes

 Rush Pro Ace Pickleball

The Rush Pro Ace Pickleball boasts a 4D Support Chassis for controlled pivot motions and stability and is ideal for court surfaces (indoor and outdoor). This pickleball shoes for men is exceptional due to small details like a rubber drag pad and R-DST+ midsole foam (which helps generate a bouncy rebound). The pickleball shoe is guaranteed to sell out fast given its amazing appearance and affordable pricing of only $100.


  • Under $100.
  • minimalistic style.
  • Support Chassis in 4D.
  • Rubber drag mat


  • Not many color options available

Viper Court Pickleball Shoe

In the last six months, Skechers has improved significantly in the pickleball department. The Viper Court, a performance pickleball shoe used by professional players Tyson McGuffin and Catherine Parenteau, is at the top of their list. These sneakers are not only fashionable and simple to lace on, but we really adore the super-grippy Goodyear outsole and cosy ArchFit support footbed.


  • Under $100.
  • fashionable and cosy.
  • Supportive ArchFit insole added.
  • dependable Goodyear outsole


  • Good sizes can go out of stock

Gel-Venture 8

When it comes to training shoes, Asics is essentially one of the top three manufacturers. Thanks to its GEL technology and lugs on the outsole, the Gel-Venture 8 has recently become a favourite among players. Additionally, they are simple to lace up, have a huge colour selection, and are regularly on cheap.


  • Simple to purchase
  • Numerous hues are available.
  • frequently discounted and very reasonable.
  • robust outsole


  • Not much supportive unlike others

NikeCourt Zoom Vapor Cage 4 Rafa

Although not designed specifically for pickleball, these shoes are among Nike’s finest in the tennis category. Slim lines and a distinctive selection of many hues give the Cage 4 Rafa outstanding style. In terms of construction, a rigid frame for lateral motions and a permeable sock-liner tucked beneath medial lace eyestays keep your feet snugly fastened in and prepared for quick movements.


  • Premium assistance.
  • Numerous unusual colour combinations.
  • geared toward quick lateral motions


  • Major sizes might quickly sell out

Express Light Pickleball Shoe

You might be surprised to learn that K-Swiss is the market leader in pickleball shoes, but the company has been quietly developing dependable, game-ready versions at a range of pricing points. We prefer the cost-effective Express Light because it includes a DURAWRAP cover and a 180-degree Plantar Support Chassis to assist prevent toe dragging. When you urgently need a pair, you can depend on them to arrive quickly because they are frequently available in a variety of colors.


  • Plantar Support Chassis at 180 degrees
  • Simple to purchase
  • Covered in DURAWRAP


  • Major sizes might quickly sell out


The Gel-Renma is quite popular among pickleball players. These shoes feature plenty of support and good grip (flex-grooved soles), much like all Asics trainers. The shoe features the brand’s renowned GEL technology to assist cushion hard landings as well as TRUSTIC technology to help minimise dangerous twisting.


  • dependable among pickleball players.
  • light-weight style.
  • TRUSTIC technology lessens injuries


  • Not as such

 Upcourt 5 Volleyball Shoes

The newest version of Asics’ best-selling shoe is called the Upcourt 5. In addition to being a favourite of indoor volleyball players, this shoe is also essential for indoor pickleball players. It is compact, robust, and tuned to offer some of the game’s best traction. It’s safe to say that wearing these awful shoes won’t cause you to slide about on a gym floor.


  • Only $60.
  • very light.
  • midfoot panels that offer support.


  • Major sizes might quickly sell out.

Wave Momentum 2

The Wave Momentum is a volleyball shoe that is also easily adaptable to pickleball. It prioritises traction and support. This pair is fantastic since it has a chic mid-top silhouette that’s ideal for people who want more ankle support.


  • For a mid-top, light.
  • fantastic ankle support
  • prolonged life.


  • Sell out quickly

Things to Consider

Pickleball is one of the sports that is expanding the quickest in the United States, and one of the main factors contributing to its growth is the fact that it is a game for people of all ages. It is crucial to have decent footwear whether you are new to the sport or have some experience playing it since it will provide you the traction you need to improve your technique and stability so you can switch sides easily. If you’re unsure of the best pickleball shoes, this buying guide will provide you with all the information you need to make an educated decision.

Choosing the best shoes for pickleball

You must take into account a number of factors while selecting the finest shoes for pickleball, including the kind of shoes, the top material, the outsole, as well as comfort and ventilation. The more expensive versions we have featured in our comparison table may interest you if you’re seeking for pickleball shoes with extra features.


Finding pickleball shoes that are specifically made with this activity in mind may be rather challenging. Therefore, shoes made for other court sports, like tennis or volleyball, are your best alternatives. Your best bet if you want to play indoor pickleball is to look into volleyball shoes made to make indoor sports on courts more comfortable for you.

Outdoor pickleball courts are frequently converted tennis courts, while indoor games are frequently played on courts that are also used for other sports like volleyball and badminton.

Pickleball needs fast direction changes and a lot of lateral movement, therefore shoes made for other racket sports like squash or racquetball are also excellent choices, especially on outdoor courts. Most pickleball players should use volleyball shoes since they are made especially for indoor courts and have rubber bottoms with lots of traction to assist you move around the smooth gym floor comfortably.

Sizes available

Pickleball shoes, like shoes for other sports, are available in a variety of sizes for both men and women. Shoes should be wide enough to assure your comfort and prevent bulging on the sides of the shoe. The majority of specialists agree that there should be at least a half-inch space between the tip of the shoe and your longest toe when wearing sports shoes.

Upper material

Pickleball shoes’ uppers can be constructed of a variety of materials, with synthetic leather and synthetic nylon with mesh being two of the more popular options. As a general rule, the upper material is quite robust and provides plenty of ventilation, ensuring that users do not overheat even when playing on a hot summer day. Some models feature a mesh and syntactic or leather combination to provide durability while balancing breathability and minimising shoe weight.


The outsole refers to the bottom of the shoe, and the material used to make it is significant since this is the section that gives stability and prevents skidding on flat surfaces. The majority of pickleball shoe outsoles are comprised of a highly durable rubber that gives strong traction while also being able to handle rough surfaces. Indoor shoes often use a natural gum rubber that improves grip, whereas outdoor shoes are made for abrasive surfaces.

Price range

Pickleball shoes are available in a number of pricing ranges to fit any budget, whether you are a novice looking for an inexpensive pair to get started with the game or a seasoned pickleball player wishing to enhance their footwear to fully enjoy the game. In general, a pair of shoes made for beginners should cost less than $75, while a more specialised pair of shoes that gives greater comfort and is adaptable enough to be used for numerous activities should cost more than $100.


Do you need special shoes for pickleball?

All court shoes are suitable for pickleball. Tennis shoes are excellent for pickleball because they provide stability for lateral movements and reduce the possibility of accidents like sliding and rolling the ankle. Court shoes designed exclusively for pickleball have been offered by several firms, including FILA, K-Swiss, and Acacia.

What kind of shoes are good for pickleball?

Running shoes are not the greatest choice for the game because they are made for forward mobility. Instead, choose a pair of sneakers with a broad, firm foundation and an ankle-stabilizing heel cup. Some court shoes furthermore have firm side frames for enhanced stability.

What types of shoes are a good fit for lateral movements?

Because they are made expressly to offer the ankle support required for side motions, tennis, basketball, and volleyball shoes are the greatest shoes for lateral mobility. They are the ideal court shoes for pickleball players as a consequence. These shoes are the greatest choice since they offer the best grip.

Does New Balance make pickleball shoes?

Indeed, even though they aren’t named pickleball shoes, New Balance does produce pickleball shoes. They go by the name tennis shoes. The MC 1006 series is for males, whereas the WC 696 and WC 796 series are for women. According to reviews, the MC and the WC are both cosy shoes that fit true to size.

indoor court shoes vs outdoor court shoes

The finest shoes for indoor courts with hardwood floors are soft-soled, whereas the best shoes for outdoor courts are hard-soled, however they may also be worn on most synthetic floors and tennis courts covered with acrylic.

Both indoor and outdoor court surfaces may be used for wearing court shoes, however inside shoes often have a smaller, suction-like grip, whilst outdoor shoes frequently have a broader, patterned grip that assists with traction on a variety of surfaces.

What is the right way to clean pickleball shoes?

While cleaning recommendations differ by brand, you should always dry brush your pickleball shoes and only use a mild cleaning solution to remove stubborn stains. A gentle detergent can also be used to clean the laces and soles. Pickleball shoes should never be washed in a washing machine and should always be air dried. Always follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer.

How can I extend life of my pickleball shoes?

To extend the life of your pickleball shoes, keep them clean at all times and air dry them. It will also assist to keep the shoes out of direct sunshine and store them in a cool garage during the winter. Always store your shoes in a cool, dry place, and before storing them, make sure they are completely dry.


In order to locate the finest pickleball shoes for different playing styles, our team spent days scouring the market and evaluating the top models. We considered elements like the top material, the traction of the sole, the weight, and the added features. The harmony between features and pricing was another critical component of our analysis. You may read in-depth analyses of each pair below, along with a comparison table that condenses the findings of our research. You may make an informed choice with the aid of a thorough buying guide at the end.

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