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The greatest pickleball shoes for women may have been on your search list. We offer everything you require. Pickleball is a lively sport with plenty of excitement. To ensure that you have solid court coverage, you need to have a decent degree of agility and endurance. Wearing the proper footwear can get you there without any hassle as you work on your speed.

To begin with, the appropriate shoe provides you with the ideal grip and lowers your risk of injury. Additionally, it protects you from discomfort and blisters and guarantees that your feet are comfortable at all times. Here are high-quality, comfortable shoes that will improve your long-term performance.

A pair of good pickleball shoes for women is an essential piece of pickleball gear that many players ignore.

Of course, there aren’t pickleball-specific shoes, so you can’t just look for them! You should instead look for shoes made for other reasons that have the same characteristics required for playing pickleball.

Here, we’ll provide evaluations of our best pickleball shoe for women picks, along with a buying guide outlining all the things to look at when comparing different models.

How to Choose the Right pickleball shoes for women?

Choosing best women’s pickleball shoes is as difficuilt as pickleball sneakers womens. With so many alternatives on the market, this is especially true. To choose the best Pickleball shoes for a great performance, keep in mind the following factors.


Pickleball is a very athletic activity, just like every other racquet sport. You need to move your feet more quickly and have greater court coverage. Better cushioning in your shoes can let you practice longer and with the proper intensity. They will also prevent foot strain.


The Pickleball shoes are more appropriate for the activity since they quickly absorb perspiration. Additionally, they lessen the possibility of foot injuries and allergies. Additionally, more breathable footwear guarantees improved comfort for a pleasurable game.

Shock Absorption

Select footwear with superior insoles and outsoles. Additionally, they must be equipped with padding materials like gels and cushions. Your muscles and joints will be less stressed as a result. Additionally, wearing such shoes will increase your comfort while playing.


When selecting pickleball shoes for women, it’s critical to strike a balance between price and quality. Choose modestly priced shoes, but never skimp on quality.

To play better in outdoor sports and activities, you may now get high-quality pickleball shoes. These shoes provide you the ideal grip while lowering your risk of mishaps and injury. Additionally, these shoes swiftly absorb perspiration and fully eliminate foot odor. You may purchase these pickleball shoes for improved foot stability and longevity. However, it is preferable to stay away from footwear with subpar insoles that do not provide adequate breathability, better shock absorption, or cushioning.

How Asics pickleball shoes womens fit?

Asics women’s pickleball shoes Are liked by players. The size of Asics’ many shoe types and models is consistent in pickleball shoes for women. Any of its renowned series, including the Gel Kayano, Nimbus, and Cumulus, will suit you comfortably.

People with broad feet might want to think about the wider alternative because some styles, like the Asics Gel Lyte shoes, feature a more tapered toebox.

The majority of Asics’ performance-focused race shoes and asics women’s outdoor pickleball shoes will also be tight and tiny in size. Therefore, it is also advised that you review the details of a particular model in which you are interested. On each product page on our website, you can find the size and fit suggestions for pickleball shoes for women.

How long do women’s pickleball sneakers last?

Most pickleball shoes for women should last around six months, as was already indicated. This assumes that a person plays for a few hours at a time, around three times per week. The quality of the shoe and the surface played on are two main elements that will affect the actual lifespan of the shoe.

Outdoor hardcourts’ abrasive surface and just playing outside in the weather will shorten the lifespan of outdoor sneakers. Because indoor pickleball is played on smooth, spotless surfaces that are shielded from the elements (such as rain, direct sunlight, and dirt on the court), indoor pickleball shoes last longer and require less frequent replacement.

Aside than wearing your shoes just on the pickleball court and only hand washing and air drying them, you can also use a different pair of shoes for indoor and outdoor pickleball and only wash your shoes by hand.

I normally stop my pickleball shoes after six months and switch to other shoes for walking about, gardening, yard maintenance, and running errands. Although they are not completely worn out or breaking apart at 6 months, they have lost enough cushion and support that I feel I am ready for a new pair.

How to clean pickleball shoes for women?

The ideal technique to clean your shoes is with a tiny, soft-bristled brush (an old toothbrush works well for this), removing any excess dirt from the soles despite the fact that it may appear quick and simple to do so. The synthetic exterior material may be cleaned with a moist cloth dipped in warm water with a light soap or detergent. Using a soft towel, dry off outside and allow to air dry in a warm environment.

Despite the fact that some people clean the leather portion of court shoes with saddle soap, major shoe makers (such as Nike) do not advise it for use on footwear designed for lateral movement sports. While leather conditioning treatments (like saddle soap) are useful for breaking in leather gloves, they can overly soften shoe leather.

kswiss pickleball shoe for women

k swiss women’s pickleball shoes are very popular among the players in pickleball shoes for women.  K-Swiss is the first company to produce a court shoe and kswiss womens pickleball shoes particularly made for the activity. Players needed a shoe that supported on-court movement and performance required for the sport, therefore the k swiss express light women’s pickleball shoe was made. kswiss express light women’s pickleball shoes are famous for its light weight and comfortable fit. Kswiss has made its name on top of the list because of womens k swiss pickleball shoes.

Best Women pickleball sneakers

What kind of pickleball sneakers womens are most comfortable for pickleball, then? Which are the top choices in women’s pickleball sneakers? I chose to purchase, test on, investigate, and evaluate every pair of best women’s pickleball sneakers I could find in order to get the answer to that question. All in all, I heartily endorse the kswiss express light women’s pickleball shoes. It is excellent for people with broad feet since it is lightweight and has a large toe box. It is undoubtedly deserving the praise in best women’s sneakers for pickleball.

Best women’s indoor pickleball shoes

When comparing pickleball played inside and outdoors, there are noticeable differences between the courts where these games are often played. Practically speaking, knowing these fundamental distinctions can assist you in making the best shoes for indoor pickleball purchase for women.

In contrast to outdoor shoes, which need to give grip on rougher surfaces, women’s indoor pickleball shoes are made to be played on hardwood and smooth composite surfaces, and their bottoms are built differently. The main difference is the weight that must be added to the outside sole. Best women’s indoor pickleball shoes as per my choice would be Asics GEL Domain 3 and Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Z5. These two are without a doubt the best women’s shoes for indoor pickleball.

Best women’s pickleball shoes for wide feet

It takes a lot of trial and error to find the best women’s pickleball shoes for wide feet. Your game may improve, you can avoid injuries, and you can adhere to your plan of attack if you wear the appropriate shoes.

While searching for the women’s pickleball shoes for wide feet, I discovered that some manufacturers do a better job of accommodating broad feet than others. An illustration. Nike’s performance is lacking. They have always had that very slim shape, whilst the large toe box of New Balance makes them ideal for wide feet. My favourite all-around pickleball shoe in women’s pickleball shoes for wide feet is ASICS Women’s Gel Dedicate 6.  After a minor break-in period, I began to appreciate how comfortable the toe box was. It’s lightweight, comfortable, long-lasting, and reasonably priced.

fila women’s pickleball shoes

Pickleball was introduced by two companies earlier than others, and they currently control the market. Therefore, K-Swiss and Fila are the manufacturers of the top pickleball shoes for intermediate and advanced players in our opinion. Filla is particularly famous for Fila Pickleball Shoes, specifically fila pickleball shoes womens. According to below described are some of the fila women’s pickleball shoes:

  • Fila double bounce pickleball shoes

The finest entry-level pickleball shoes for both men and women are Fila Double Bounce. Pink/white and pure white are the two colour options for the women’s version. Strong grip and long-lasting rubber make up the outsole, which increases traction. The footwear is quite sturdy and cosy. Additionally, the cost is really cheap for fila women’s double bounce pickleball shoes.

  • Fila volley zone womens pickleball shoe

The brand’s first performance pickleball shoes are the fila women’s volley zone pickleball shoes. For optimal performance, they have a highly responsive Energized midsole cushioning system as well as strategically placed pivot points. The perforated vamp and mesh tongue provide outstanding comfort and breathability. For further protection, synthetic material envelops the toe and medial forefoot. An additional layer of cushioning around the ankle adds to comfort. The heel is supported, which improves stability.

Best pickleball shoes for women:

  1. ASICS Women’s Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoe
  2. K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express
  3. New Balance WC806 Tennis-W
  4. Saucony Women’s Grid Excursion TR12 Sneaker
  5. Asics Upcourt 4 Indoor
  6. Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 (Indoor)
  7. Asics Gel Resolution 8 (Outdoor)
  8. Asics Gel-Dedicate 7 (Outdoor)
  9. Adidas Barricade (Outdoor)
  10. ASICS Women’s Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball Shoes

ASICS Women’s Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis Shoe

The ASICS Gel-Resolution 8 Tennis shoe is our top recommendation for pickleball shoes for women. What does a volleyball shoe have to do with a list of recommended pickleball shoes, we hear you ask. There is an easy solution. One of the best indoor pickleball shoes for women is the ASICS Gel-Resolution 8, which has many attributes with a great tennis shoe.

The most crucial aspect of any indoor pickleball shoe is its traction, and the gummy rubber sole of this excellent shoe unquestionably provides the hold needed for a hardwood indoor court.

In addition to having a reasonable asking price, this indoor pickleball shoe’s forefoot GEL cushioning, which is Asics’s own proprietary technology, is one of its greatest characteristics. Your feet will experience less impact thanks to our cushioning technology, resulting in better comfort for longer periods of time.

It also has the stabilizing “Trusstic” technology from Asics. This is a fantastic feature that will support your stance stabilization and provide you with additional traction when performing quick lateral or forward-backward motions. In essence, it restricts the weight of the sole without compromising the overall structural integrity of the shoe.

Although this shoe is an excellent choice for pickleball players on a tight budget, it does so at a price. In other words, they won’t be as strong or have the same amount of lifespan as some other, more expensive solutions.

Despite this, they are still extremely well made and provide good value, making them a wonderful option for you if you’re new to playing pickleball or just want a great deal on a high-quality pair of best women’s pickleball shoes

[i2pc show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” heading_pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-up” heading_cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-down” ][i2pros]

Fits very well

Cost effective

Trusstic technology used[/i2pros][i2cons]

Shoe tongue slips[/i2cons][/i2pc]

K-Swiss Women’s Hypercourt Express

The K-Swiss Hypercourt Express tennis should live up to your expectations if you’re seeking for genuinely top-of-the-line k swiss pickleball shoes womens. Of course, top-notch quality comes at top-notch pricing, and these shoes are undoubtedly among the priciest of all the alternatives we provide.

Having said that, you get a lot for the high price. The best part is that you won’t need to replace them for a very long time. They are exceptionally strong and well-made. These will undoubtedly last you a very long time.

These tennis shoes’ drag guard rubber outsole makes them perfect for use on outdoor pickleball courts. They are ideally suited to endure the deterioration that concrete pickleball courts frequently experience.

Finding the ideal pair of  best women’s pickleball shoes  to suit your own style and taste won’t be difficult at all thanks to the ten distinct color and design options available. But whatsoever color scheme you decide on, each variation of these sneakers looks fantastic. In fact, we believe it to be among the most beautiful pickleball shoes available.

The only disadvantage of this amazing shoe is that some individuals may find it a tad bulky. The wide shape of the shoe, which may be beneficial to persons with larger feet, is the major cause of this.

But it’s the comfort and support that really sets them apart from the competition. Despite the shoes’ light weight, the cushioned footbed offers the sense of walking on air.

Overall, these pickleball shoes are fantastic and would be comfortable to wear for any serious player.


  • Comfortable
  • Size options for all
  • Looks very good


  • Durability issues

New Balance WC806 Tennis-W

Sure, these shoes aren’t going to win any fashion awards, but that doesn’t mean they’re not high-quality womens outdoor pickleball shoes. The New Balance WC806 tennis shoes, in fact, include a slew of amazing features and patented technology that make them an excellent choice for any serious pickleball player and is  in the best women’s pickleball shoes     .

To begin, the WC806s feature New Balance’s C-CAP midsoles. These compression-molded midsoles provide some of the finest cushioning and arch support we’ve seen in a pickleball shoe, all without losing flexibility or freedom of movement.

They also have New Balance’s revolutionary Abzorb technology in the insoles. The insoles, like the C-CAP midsole, are made of a compression-set foam cushioning combination.

But it’s not only the cutting-edge technology that makes these kicks stand out; they’re also composed of high-quality materials, particularly the full-grain leather uppers.

The New Balance WC806 tennis shoes, however, have a superb herringbone outsole for an outdoor pickleball shoe. This is the ideal shape for an outdoor pickleball shoe since it improves grip on outdoor court surfaces, making lateral courmovements and pivots easier—essential for any pickleball player.

Finally, the WC806’s updated version contains an improved toe tip material to assist prevent your toes from the harm caused by repeated blunt force and toe dragging.

Overall, this is an excellent pickleball shoe and one of the best women’s pickleball shoes . We simply wish it came in a variety of designs and colors to make it more aesthetically pleasant.


  • Aesthetic looks
  • Offers good balance
  • No heel slippage


  • A bit expensive

Saucony Women’s Grid Excursion TR12 Sneaker

Unlike the New Balance pickleball sneakers, which have a herringbone outsole design, the Saucony sneakers have an intriguing triangular lug pattern. We discovered that this style of outsole was just as capable of providing the essential grip for pickleball courts made of concrete or asphalt.

The Grid Excursion women’s pickleball shoe also includes a superb sole-based cushioning and stability mechanism, which Saucony has named “Grid.” This grid stability system will undoubtedly give you an advantage in your pickleball matches by providing a consistent and dependable sense of balance and control, even when moving laterally in quick back-and-forth bursts.

In terms of aesthetics, these shoes provide a wide range of design and color possibilities. They have a vintage vibe to them, which we really like.

Finally, the nicest feature of this shoe, like with every Saucony shoe, is its exceptional, glove-like fit. We are convinced that these fantastic shoes will fit you as well as or better than any other alternative, regardless of your foot shape or size.

Indeed, when you consider the clever grid technology, the quality cushioning and support of the soles, the design options, and, of course, the exceptional fit, the Saucony sneakers are more than a “worthy mention”; they’re an excellent choice in and of themselves.


Greatly designed

Fits very comfortably

Multiple color options


Not suitable for wide feet

Asics Upcourt 4 Indoor

Although the Asics Upcourt 4 is primarily designed for volleyball, it is also a good alternative for other indoor sports played on wood or similar gym floors. Many individuals have recounted wearing them for badminton, racquetball, squash, and even Zumba and aerobics classes at the gym.

We believe the shoes are a good complement for indoor pickleball because they are built for indoor gym floors. With a weight of under 9 oz, these are the lightest volleyball shoes in the Asics brand.

Although the majority of individuals say that the shoes fit as expected, approximately 15% mention that they were somewhat larger than expected, so if this is your first time purchasing Asics, it is recommended to consult the size chart before shopping online.


Perfect fit

Great traction

Excellent breathability


Not for outdoor

 Mizuno Wave Lightning Z6 (Indoor)

Moving away from Asics, the Mizuno Women’s Wave Lightning Volleyball Shoe is a good (though somewhat more expensive) alternative for indoor pickleball.

One characteristic of the lightning is the “Parallel Wave.” Each of these shoe brands, such as Wave, Gel, and others, has its unique marketing strategy. However, Mizuno uses a cushioning and shock-absorption system called “Wave” that is comparable to Asics’ “Gel.”

The Parallel Wave variant of the Wave technology, one of several, is used in the construction of this shoe to provide pickleball players the lateral stability they need on the court for fast movements during play.

It also absorbs impact and aligns the foot on contact to increase stability while reducing shock. Like most sneakers, the Wave Lightning has gone through multiple incarnations. We initially recommended the Z2 in 2017, which has since been replaced by the Z3 and, most recently, the Z4 in 2019.

In reality, these are quite comparable shoes, and we would suggest any of them. I’d take a look and see what’s in stock in your size, then compare prices. I don’t think any of the three models in the lineup can go wrong.


Parallel wave technology

Elegant looks



Asics Gel Resolution 8 (Outdoor)

Asics returns with the GEL-Resolution 8, their second shoe on our list. As the name suggests, this is Asics’ eighth upgrade to the Gel Resolution women’s tennis shoe. With new technology and features, this shoe is even more sturdy and comfy than previous generations.

GEL cushioning delivers all-over cushioning for optimal court reaction. Solyte Midsole Material provides support and stability while keeping the shoe light. The size 8 weighs 11.6 ounces.

When compared to the K-Swiss, this shoe may appear to be rather thin. Unless you have a small foot, these Asics may first feel snug throughout the mid-foot and toe. It is critical to gradually break in these shoes because they will require several hours on the court to fully break in.

If you’ve previously worn Asics, you’ll probably need to go up a half size when buying these shoes because they’re significantly narrower than the previous Gel Resolution model.

The majority of the issues we receive about the newer model are about the fit; knowing this and purchasing up a 1/2 size should solve the problem for most folks.

Because all of these surfaces are smooth and slippery, you need a shoe with a solid grip sole whether you’re playing on hardwood floors or indoor gym flooring, which is generally comprised of urethane, hard foam, or rubber. Natural gum rubber, which offers greater surface grip than most synthetic polymers, is used to make the finest soles.


  • Sturdy and comfy
  • Very durable
  • Weight is not the problem


  • A bit thin

Asics Gel-Dedicate 7 (Outdoor)

This is another of our favorites that has stood the test of time on the Pickleball fields. The synthetic leather components give a lot of stability, allowing your foot to stay put even while performing quick lateral movements. Once broken in, the TRUSSTICTM support is not so stiff that you cannot flex your feet. The shoe also has GEL technology, which absorbs shock from a heavy foot while remaining responsive.

If you intend to play hard in these shoes, order a half size larger than usual because your feet will swell while you play.

Because the insoles do not give a lot of arch support, we recommend replacing them with some super feet insoles or whichever orthotics you want. The sneakers are also not the most breathable choice, so keep that in mind if you’re playing in a hot region.


  • Offers great support
  • Synthetic leather is used


  • None as such

Adidas Barricade (Outdoor)

The Adidas Barricade has an extra soft knit material that gives greater comfort as it conforms to your foot shape naturally. This is especially advantageous for persons with broader feet in the toe box.

The Barricade is part of English fashion designer Stella Nina McCartney’s 2017 Adidas by Stella collection.

The exterior top of this shoe is comprised of Adituff, an Adidas patented abrasion-resistant textile used on the outside of the shoe around the toe box and midfoot to avoid excessive wear. This is a huge benefit for players who lag their feet after serving and during volleys. The innovation increases the durability and lifetime of the 2017 Barricade, making it one of the top ladies pickleball shoes on the market.

A smooth booty with a velvety inside around the ankle collar is included on the inside. The foam insoles are quite comfy and cushioned.

Another benefit is that the insoles of the shoes may be taken out and replaced with personalised orthotic inserts. However, if you have custom insoles, you don’t want to have to try to remove the shoe adhesive that holds the permanent insoles in place since it can turn into a sticky mess. The majority of shoes now include detachable inserts.


  • Extra soft material
  • Insoles removable
  • Very comfortable


  • Not any

ASICS Women’s Gel-Rocket 9 Volleyball Shoes

These shoes are made to provide players with lateral stability and rapid movements on the field. The ASICS gel cushioning technology is placed in regions that will benefit from the continuous foot motions necessary in various sports or activities. The GEL-Rocket 9 employs GEL at the front to assist decrease shock during the leap.

Rubber compound with natural rubber component that improves court grip and surface traction. The Trusstic System employs a built-in, purposefully positioned plastic shank on a rubber sole to offer support and strength while maintaining high stability and weight.

Large feet They are not high-performance shoes, but they are reasonably priced thanks to their durable build. These sneakers are ideal for both beginning and intermediate players. These sneakers are also incredibly sturdy and comfy.

The sneakers fit well. The bottom sole material is quite sturdy and long-lasting. However, I am concerned about the rest of the shoe’s material. If used frequently, the sides of the shoes and the shoelace holes are particularly vulnerable.

I think that because it isn’t thick enough, it will tear easily. The embossed ASICS trademark lines on one side are nice, but the interior of the pickleball womens shoes seems like it was merely painted on, which means it will probably get extremely easily marked. However, generally, it’s a really affordable and excellent shoe.


  • It fits very well
  • Looks great
  • Reasonably priced


  • Non as such

How to clean pickleball womens shoes?

Although it would sound quick and simple, I wouldn’t wash your shoes in the washing machine; instead, the ideal method is to use an old toothbrush or other tiny brush with soft bristles to remove extra dirt from the outsole. To clean the synthetic exterior layer, dab a moist towel with warm water and a light soap or detergent. With a soft towel, dry off outside and allow to air dry at room temperature.

Although some people use saddle soap on the leather portion of court shoes, major shoe makers (such as Nike) do not advise doing so on footwear designed for lateral movement-intensive sports. While useful for breaking in a leather glove, leather conditioning lotions (like saddle soap) can soften shoe leather excessively.

 Buying Guide

Having the greatest pickleball paddles, in the opinion of many, may make or break a player’s performance. I believe that a decent paddle may be helpful, but a good pair of pickleball womens shoes can assist you avoid being hurt. If you’re out with a sprain, stress fracture, tendinitis, or worse, you won’t be able to utilize that expensive paddle much. Following are the things that you should focus upon:

Focus on stability

It’s critical to pause a minute and keep in mind that the human body is built on the feet. Our entire bodily weight is supported by our feet. Your feet must be balanced and stable in order to support the weight of your entire body and cushion the shock of an impact, just like a building’s foundation gives it stability.

Your joints are put under a great deal of pressure by landing after a jump, heel strikes when running, and the lateral starts and stops in pickleball. The key to reducing the damage is to wear high-quality, properly fitted pickleball womens shoes. You’re balanced, stable, and upright thanks to your feet.

A decent pair of socks would help

Many people undervalue the importance of wearing decent tennis socks with their shoes; the added cushion provided by a good pair of socks may really help. Since I have severe Achilles tendinitis, I can attest that wearing comfortable socks helps me stay on the court longer.

Your range of motion is restricted if your shoes don’t give your heels and arches the support they need, which forces other areas of your body to overcompensate by changing your normal biomechanics. The consequences of your body overcompensating may be felt throughout your entire body.

You might have pain and discomfort in your knees, ankles, heels, hips, and lower back if your shoes are of poor quality or are not properly fitted. Further weakening, unbalance, and discomfort may result from the joint pain. Poor-quality footwear can cause a series of issues that may eventually result in injuries that prevent you from playing pickleball.

What to Look for in A Pair of Indoor Ladies Pickleball Shoes?

Because all of these surfaces are smooth and slippery, you need a shoe with a solid grip sole whether you’re playing on hardwood floors or indoor gym flooring, which is generally comprised of urethane, hard foam, or rubber. Natural gum rubber, which offers greater surface grip than most synthetic polymers, is used to make the finest soles.

As we just noted, there aren’t actually any “Volleyball shoes” on the market right now, but the finest indoor pickleball shoes originate from other sports that are played on the same court and need similar athletic motions, like volleyball. Pickleball and volleyball are two indoor sports that frequently use the same flooring and have comparable movement styles. Following are the things that you should be focusing upon while looking for Indoor pickleball shoes for women.

Comfortable Soles

In order to move well on the court and make as many shots as you can, pickleball shoes for women must offer the support required for lateral movements and have the proper kind of soles to prevent you from slipping and sliding around on indoor courts. The natural rubber soles, most importantly, give you sure footing and guard against injury.

Look for volleyball shoes as your greatest alternatives to wear on indoor courts if you play indoor pickleball. We must go to other sports that are comparable to pickleball in order to locate the best shoes to wear because there aren’t any pickleball-specific shoes available right now. We looked at shoes from related sports and examined those that most closely matched the qualities a good pickleball shoe should have.

Court surface

Court surface is very important in pickleball shoes for women. Tennis hard courts are frequently transformed onto outdoor courts, and volleyball and badminton are frequently played on indoor courts. Since the court surface and actions during play are similar to pickleball, indoor court shoes made for these games will perform well.

Pickleball’s fast direction changes and lateral mobility closely mirror other racket sports like squash and racquetball. Because of this, high-quality shoes made specifically for these sports make the most sense for pickleball.

Specifically made for indoor courts, volleyball shoes have natural gum rubber bottoms that will grip the slick gym floor and avoid injuries. The lateral movement and fast pauses that are common in volleyball movements provide the support required for racket sports.

Top Buying Tips for pickleball shoes for women

Following are the tips for best pickleball shoes for women:

Think about the shoe weight!

Your game can really benefit from wearing light pickleball shoes for women. While bulkier tennis shoes might weigh over a pound, lighter volleyball shoes can weigh 9 ounces or even less. Especially after spending a lot of time on the court, those additional pounds build up, contribute to tiredness, and can slow you down to the point where it affects your performance. Reaching that game-winning return or missing the shot might depend on it!

*Note: Average shoe weights are based on a woman’s size 8, although actual shoe weights vary by size (a size 6 might be several ounces lighter than a size 12).

Wear sturdy shoes

Tennis court shoes made exclusively for hard courts are the ideal footwear choice when playing pickleball outside. Due to the rougher surface of outdoor pickleball courts, you should wear sturdy shoes that can withstand the pounding.

Shoes are damaged much more quickly outdoors than they are indoors because of the increased friction that results from dragging them along an abrasive surface. In order to increase stability, outdoor players should look for shoes with a very durable outsole, a reinforced upper, and an overall sturdy construction.

Look for better soles

Choosing a sturdy synthetic rubber outsole that can take more wear and tear is preferred since while natural gum rubber soles are ideal for indoor courts, they will get damaged on the rough surface of outdoor courts. It’s essential to get court shoes with a sturdy outer sole that can resist the punishment of a hard court.

Because there is so little give compared to indoor courts, which are gentler to your knees, ankles, and feet, hard courts just feel “harder” on your feet. Therefore, you should search for shoes with lots of support, a solid sole, and maximum cushioning for outdoor pickleball.


Can you wear running shoes to play pickleball?

Because they provide stability for lateral movements and are made to support rapid starts and stops, tennis womens pickleball court shoes are perfect for pickleball. Since they are not made for multidirectional movement, running or walking shoes are not advised for pickleball.

what kind of shoes are good for pickleball?

Running shoes, which are made for forward motion, are not the greatest choice for the game because of this. Instead, choose a pair of sneakers with a wide, firm base and an ankle-stabilizing heel cup. For added stability, some court shoes also feature stiff frames on the sides.

Do you need special shoes for pickleball?

All womens pickleball court shoes are suitable. Tennis shoes are excellent for pickleball because they provide stability for lateral movements and reduce the possibility of accidents like sliding and rolling the ankle. Court shoes designed exclusively for pickleball have been offered by several firms, including FILA, K-Swiss, and Acacia.

What type of shoes are best for pickleball?

A womens pickleball court shoes or tennis shoe that offers excellent comfort, traction, ankle support, rubber soles, and a tread pattern suited to fast lateral movements is the ideal footwear for pickleball.

What is the best pickleball shoe for women?

Women’s pickleball shoes are equally fantastic and highly functional. fila women’s volley zone pickleball shoes and fila women’s double bounce pickleball shoes are the finest pickleball shoe for women due to its high-quality leather and synthetic materials, comfort, absorb cushioning, arch support, quick-dry lining, exceptional stability, support, and durability.

What are the benefits of Pickleball shoes?

If you play pickleball frequently, choosing the best shoe might be challenging. Shoes for pickleball need to be sturdy and supportive. By doing this, you can avoid having to buy new tennis shoes right away.

Pickleball shoes also provide higher midsole cushioning and support, which will shield you from harm. Additionally, good pickleball shoes should be breathable and cozy for extended play.


This article includes a list of the top pickleball shoes for women. You need to be aware of your playing style and foot features in order to get the ideal pickleball shoes.

You may then choose shoes that complement your own style and will help you get better at your sport. Pickleball shoes need to have the proper qualities and should offer the finest traction and stability on the court you choose.

How you wear your shoes has a big impact on how long they last. Your footwear will last longer and provide the performance you need if you wear it on the proper surface.

Your ability to play well is influenced by the caliber of your sporting goods. Improve your game and look for excellence.

Extra padding makes a significant effect. Similar to this, your range of motion will be restricted if you don’t have the proper shoes to support your heel, ankle, heel, and arches. Each pair of shoes listed in this article has unique qualities, advantages, and disadvantages.

Take the time to carefully read them before choosing. I hope you’ll find this review to be very thorough and beneficial.

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