Head Extreme Elite Pickleball Paddle


The Head Extreme Elite Pickleball Paddle is the most recent addition to our top lineup. The Elite is the same size as the other Extreme paddles, and it shares a diamond paddle with the Extreme Tour and Extreme Pro.


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The Elite is also well-liked. This paddle is suitable for all levels of players and comes at a lower price point with less advanced technology.

The Head Extreme Elite features a tubular core that has been tuned and a smooth fiberglass paddle face. The paddle measures sixteen inches long and seven and a half inches across the face.


It’s a very well-made paddle. It’s a beautiful and acceptable pop and control offering from the composite paddle face of fiberglass. This characteristic is due to the polymer core. The specs of this paddle really helped me in my game.

The Extreme Elite, weighing 7.8 ounces, is intended to be more durable than the Extreme Tour. As a result, when played, it creates a long and powerful impression. The grip size is retained at 4 14-inch, and the thickness is estimated to be 7/16-inch to 7/16-inch.


It gives me great control whenever I want it in my game. The paddle lacks extreme spin technology, such as that found in the Extreme Pro and Extreme Tour paddles, but it does have a Head’s Ergo Hold.

The Extreme Elite from Heads is meant to provide additional fun and versatility, much like the rest of the company’s products. The Extreme Elite is the penultimate paddle in the Extreme pickleball paddle range, designed to be used as a last option. With this option, drop-reach and control are maximized.

Extreme Elite is an excellent choice for those who are new to pickleball and need a decent starting paddle. The design, however, differs somewhat from that of Extreme Pro. You may customize your balustrades using Extreme Elite to fit your unique requirements.


The Extreme Elite paddle decreases wind resistance while also decreasing weight due to its distinctive taper. Furthermore, the paddle has a 5-inch long medium grip that is shock-absorbing. A black Head logo is in the center of its face, with an aqua green backdrop. The grip is among one of the many things that I like about this paddle.

The Head Extreme Elite is an excellent pick for core players and those just beginning in the game. This paddle is a good alternative if you have a budget of up to $70. The Extreme Tour and Extreme Pro paddles are suitable for basic and advanced players.


The Xtreme Elite Composite Paddle includes a 5″ long shock-dampening medium grip. The head of the paddle features a distinct taper, which helps to minimize wind resistance and paddle weight. The average weight of the Elite is 7.8 oz.  The paddle’s name and extra, attractive embellishments are beneath this. The weight of this paddle is average for me, I do not have any issues with that.

Players who seek maximum reach and control to keep one step ahead will love the Extreme Elite Composite Paddle.

Key features:

  • Paddle at a reasonable price of roughly $70.
  • The dimensions of the Extreme Pro and Extreme Tour paddles are the same.
  • Fiberglass paddle face with an optimized tubular core.

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In summary and in terms of size, the Xtreme Elite Composite Paddle is comparable to the HEAD Xtreme Pro, but it has a slightly different design. You’ll receive an extra soft grip with this paddle, as well as a smooth surface on the face. It is still possible to spin balls, but the emphasis is on technique rather than texture. With the control-oriented polymer core and optimized honeycomb structure, you’ll have amazing reach and touch.

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