HEAD Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle Review


This is widely considered another outstanding contribution from Head’s depths. This is due to the HEAD Radical Elite Pickleball Paddle being part of the Head Radical tennis racket range.


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One of the first things I notice is the graphite surface coupled with the polypropylene core. It is also the same size and shape. The Radical Elite offers somewhat greater control than the Head Radical Pro. Except for the surface material, it’s almost identical to the other paddle.


The graphite surface may provide me with an added level of grip. There is one notable difference that I noticed between the Elite paddle and the Tour paddle: the Elite paddle does not have the same harsh spin texture. Due to the extra texturing, the Elite lacks the same balance as the Tour model. If I don’t want to give up power but want more control, the Elite is the right choice. Actual grip sizes may vary by as much as 1/8 inch from those listed “If you’re interested in finding out more


I do not find any wrongs in the specs of this paddle. With a 16″ length and a 5″ medium grip handle, the Radical Elite Composite Paddle is sure to please. The weight ranges from 8.0 to 8.3 ounces, which gives you more force when you strike the target. Colors such as red, grey, and white dominate the design’s edgy palette. Along the paddle’s top, the HEAD emblem is arced, with the company name and other embellishments below it. Inches broad by inches tall, the face is 7-7/8 inches in diameter “There’s a lot

A high-performance paddle, the Radical Elite Composite Paddle is ideal for players who want to smash hard and hit accurately.

Key Features:

  • Improvements have been made to tubular.
  • This game will appeal to intermediate gamers.
  • Fiberglass is used to create a stunning surface.

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With the Radical Elite Composite Paddle, which has a considerable weight and superb control, you can play pickleball at your own pace. This is a versatile piece of equipment with an extended body and ergonomic handle that lets people cover large areas of the court. The shape is ideal for control professionals who wish to manage dinks near the net while still smashing balls on the serve.

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