Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle Review


On my list of the best Head pickleball paddles, the Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle is placed sixth. The Radical Pro is the heavier paddle in the Radical series, much as the Extreme Pro is the heavier paddle in the Extreme Tour series.



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The Head Radical Pro pickleball paddle is ideal for power players and I like this paddle. The Head Radical Pro Pickleball paddle is the same dimensions as the Radical Tour (16 inches long, 7 7/8 inches wide). The Radical Pro, on the other hand, weighs 8.1 ounces more. Furthermore, the paddle face of the Radical Pro is constructed of fiberglass, which causes more cracks when swung firmly from the back of the court.

Power & Control:

I enjoyed the power and control that this paddle offers. This is the HEAD Radical paddle with the most power. It is similar to the Radical Tour in terms of design, weight, and size. It weighs 8.1 ounces and has a polypropylene core. The material used for the surface is fiberglass.

This technologically advanced pickleball paddle also has Head’s Optimized Tubular Core, Extreme Spin Tech, and Head’s Comfort Grip system, making it perfect for power players looking for a comfortable paddle.

The Radical Pro Composite Paddle provides me with the power, control, and reach I need to succeed at pickleball. The textured face aids in the addition of spin, allowing you to easily modify the direction of balls. The large face allows you to reach long shots without having to run across the court, and the cushioned handle prevents “pickleball elbow” and other problems so you can enjoy the game.

The Radical Pro Series Composite Paddle includes a medium circumference, 5″ handle, and an extremely soft interior EVA. The paddle is a bright teal color with black accents and a black grip.

Core & Surface:

From HEAD comes one of the greatest Pickleball paddles. A strong feel is provided by the materials used in the construction of the paddle. Additionally, it features a cushioned comfort grip and a textured surface for an increased spin which helped me a lot in my game.

Excellent control and pop are provided by the lightweight surface. A honeycomb core and Improved Tubular Structure provide outstanding performance and feel at all levels of my game. The surface has been coated with an intense spin texture to increase ball spin and ball hit performance. A special EVA material has been included in the comfort grip to make it softer and more comfortable in my game. In addition to having a powerful design and vibrant color, this paddle also has a dynamic power form which is what I like the most.

Key Features:

  • Big-hitters who seek a good mix of power and comfort will like this.
  • The Radical Tour paddle has the same dimensions as the popular Radical Tour paddle, but it weighs 8.1 ounces more.
  • The Optimized Tubular Construction of the Head and the Extreme Spin Hitting Surface are also featured.

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Why you should choose Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle?

You have power, control, and reach with the Head Radical Pro Pickleball Paddle —everything you need to thrive in pickleball. You can easily modify the direction of balls thanks to the spin that the textured face helps to create. The cushioned handle is designed to avoid “pickleball elbow” and other problems so you can enjoy the game while the long face allows you to reach distance shots without having to sprint across the court.


As the ultimate power paddle, the Head Radical Pro Pickleball paddle comes in the new Radical color and has a fibreglass stunning surface and Dynamic Power Shape. If you’re looking for the ultimate power paddle, the Radical Pro is for you.

It combines HEAD’s newest technologies with a larger sweet spot, a thicker OTC honeycomb polymer core, and a Comfort grip for maximum power and comfort. Extreme Spin Technology is used on the striking surface of the fiberglass. You’ll stand out on the court thanks to the new Radical colorway.

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