Head Extreme Pro Pickleball Paddle


This is the second pickleball paddle in my list of the best Head paddles. In the Extreme series, you’ll find the Head Extreme Pro Pickleball Paddle to be the best choice. Particularly when I hit from the back of the court, this Head paddle is designed to deliver more force than the Extreme Tour paddle.


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In terms of specifications, the Head Extreme Pro Pickleball Paddle is equivalent to the Head Extreme Tour. Its paddle face, core, and grip are all made with the same technology as its predecessor. The main difference is that Extreme Pro paddle faces are composed of fiberglass, while Extreme Tour paddle faces are constructed of graphite carbon fiber.


I think the specs are well balanced on this paddle. A 0.2-ounce weight increase over the Extreme Tour gives me a little boost in power. A similar paddle to the Extreme Tour, this paddle is 16 inches in length and has a 7 7/8-inch blade width. The Extreme Pro’s design is fairly similar to the Tour’s, however, it features a bright red color scheme instead of the Tour’s neon and black color scheme.

In addition to providing a softer feel, the EVA material also gives me a comfortable grip. This characteristic dampens or cancels out the ball’s vibrations. Consequently, pickleball elbow and other overuse injuries are reduced.


The Extreme Pro’s inner honeycomb core was developed and tuned for a consistent feel and exceptional control. With a medium grip length of 5”, it is equipped with the Hydrosorb Pro. You will be a control freak in Pickleball with this paddle. This paddle undoubtedly offers me great control.

One of the most advanced paddles on the market, Heads Classic Extreme Pro is a high-end device. In addition to its lightweight design, it boasts remarkable elements that give it a vintage appeal.

The Extreme Pro Composite Paddle has a textured face and a polymer core, making it a lethal spin-centric paddle for opponents. Because it is approximately 16 inches long, it allows me to reach across the court.

Face & Core:

The face and core are phenomenal in this paddle. The textured face of the Xtreme Pro Series Composite Paddle is combined with a polymer core to create a spin-centric paddle that is hazardous to opponents. EVA material is integrated into the grip for a softer feel. Pickleball elbow and other overuse problems can be prevented by dampening the vibration generated by balls.

With its refined inner honeycomb core, the Xtreme Pro Series Composite Paddle offers me exceptional control. The medium grip has a face width of 7-7/8″ and a length of 5″. Because of its unusual head design, it has a larger sweet spot.

Key Features:

  • The Extreme Tour paddle is identical to the famous Extreme Tour paddle.
  • The Extreme Pro is 0.2 ounces heavier than the normal Extreme, making it suited for players with a lot of power.
  • Furthermore, the Extreme Tour paddle face is made of fiberglass rather than carbon graphite.

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The Head Extreme Pro Pickleball Paddle is the same as the Head Extreme Tour Pickleball Paddle. It uses the same technology as its predecessor for its paddle face, core, and grip. The main distinction is that Extreme Pro paddle faces are made of fiberglass, and Extreme Tour paddle faces are made of graphite carbon fiber.

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